World rookie snowboarding championship

World Rookie Championship Final Results 2018

A Little more on the Finals Itself

During this year’s World Rookie Snowboarding Championship Final, you could literally feel the tension heating in the air. It was the finals after all so, that meant riders had one final shot to make or break.

The 18th instalment of the World rookie snowboarding championship had every spectator entertained from the very first round. This year’s tour will surely be one to remember as most rookies raised the bar for future riders. The 141 riders from 24 different countries arrived in Kaprun, Austria with stars in their eyes and they seemed more than just a little ready for their final stop.

When choosing a venue for an event of this magnitude you can’t go wrong in choosing Kitzsteinhorn Snowpark. With a halfpipe shaped to perfection that will make any snowboarder’s mouth water. The insightful afternoon workshops and relax sessions at the Jufa Hotel had riders in snowboarder heaven. Accompanied by perfect weather conditions riders had everyone in awe during the halfpipe qualifiers.

World Rookie Snowboarding Championship Final

Halfpipe – Rookie Boys

Hironori Nagata, Joonsik Lee and Jack Coyne on the halfpipe rookie podium. Photograph:

The rookie boys showed once again that the future of snowboarding is far from bleak as these riders perform far above what is expected of them. Japan attended this event guns a blazing as they had an impressive number of finalists. Hironori Nagata impressed with his trick set and made every move reflect his level of commitment when it comes to precision. Nagata showed off a massive frontside air indy, backside 540 stalefish, frontside 1080 melon, hakon 720 mute and frontside 720 melon to conclude. This earned him the title of 2018 Halfpipe World Rookie Champion. Korea’s Joonsik Lee and USA’s Jack Coyne fought till the very last trick to improve their scores. Their efforts earned them the 2nd and 3rd spot on the podium.

Halfpipe – Rookie Girls

Misaki Kakubari, Iina Puhakka and Makayla Kellogg on the Rookie Girls podium. Photograph:

Japan took home both halfpipe rookie titles at this year’s championship. Misaki Kakubari finished first on the log when she excelled during her halfpipe run. She earned her 2018 Halfpipe World Rookie Girl Champion title after she finished a run most rookies would describe as their dream set. A frontside 720 melon, cab 360, frontside 540 melon, backside 540 mute and to finish it up a frontside 360 indy is to thank for her success. Finland’s Iina Puhakka and USA’s Makayla Kellogg shared the podium with Kakubari.

Slopestyle – Rookie Boys

Takeru Otsuka, Okubo Yuri and Ryuma Kimata on the Slopestyle Rookie Boys podium. Photograph:

Japan made sure that they force down their presence in this comp and managed to do so by taking all three spots on the slopestyle podium. Takeru Otsuka took the lead when he pulled of an epic run. He showcased his skill by hitting a backside double 1260 mute, cab double 1260 indy on the jumps, and a frontside 270 back lip to fakie and switch boardslide 270 out on the jib line. Japan’s Okubo Yuri and Ryuma Kimata joined Takeru on the podium to claim this event for their country.

Slopestyle – Rookie Girls

Ariane Burri, Iina Puhakka and Eveliina Taka on the Slopestyle Rookie Girls podium. Photograph:

Switzerland had reason to be tremendously proud due to the fact that they are one Slopestyle World Rookie Snowboarding Championship title richer. She earned this title after showing the judges her abilities with a cab 540 tail, backside 720 mute, frontside noseslide, boardslide and to conclude a backside boardslide. Iina Puhakka and Eveliina Taka from Finland shared the podium with Burri.

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