WinterFest 2018 Season Opener

A Recap on WinterFest 2018 Season Opener

Afriski WinterFest 2018 Season Opener and Its Jaw-Dropping Sessions

It would be wise to write home to mother because this year’s Afriski WinterFest 2018 Season Opener Recap will have you begging for more. Don’t be surprised when after this you’re suffering from a serious case of FOMO. If you were one of the unlucky ones who thought there will always be next year then you’ll surely be kicking yourself soon. We rewrote the book on epic festivals in stone as this opener will be pretty difficult to top.

It was clear that festival goers came out to play and took full advantage of their gear included packages. Pro riders as far as the eye could see or at least their skillset resembled that of a pro. It was a rare sight to see someone on their behind and the ones who struggled on the first day had some decent skill down by the final day. At the end of the day, it’s the snow experience that makes this festival that much more unique. You’d be nuts not to take full advantage of the sprinkle across the breathtaking Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.

The Fun Doesn’t Have to End as Soon as the Gear’s Packed Away

There’s nothing better than killing it on the sickest powder, but shredding wasn’t the only thing keeping festival goers going. A stellar lineup of South Africa and Lesotho’s finest artists kept the crowd going. The final day was somewhat colder than the first two but Rubber Duc, Albert Frost, Gunshot Blue and headline act, Jack Parow kept it all going. If the beats couldn’t get everyone warm Parow had a pretty sound alternative “Jägermeister and brandy… lots of it!”. First of all, I wasn’t planning on going against that kind of logic because it was clearly working. Everywhere you could see people dripping with sweat due to excessive dancing and the Parow’s secret to staying warm.

Time to End It All in Glorious Flames

A champagne drenched stage accompanied by an epic ski sacrifice ceremony closed this season opener in style. Everyone would gather around and watch skis burn in a massive fire. A couple of festival goers rocked up in Basotho gear and made the experience that much greater. You’d think seeing skis being burnt would be an awful site but when you are part of the action you can’t help but cheer on the madness. Today is your lucky day, you’ve got one more shot at attending WinterFest 2018. There will be a second round of WinterFest 2018 at the end of the season. Don’t miss out on this time around as it will be your final shot. Afriski will once again be your host of the end of season WinterFest on the 23rd to the 26th of August 2018. So this time around pen in the date today and make it your end of season goal to attend.

Need More Info on WinterFest 2018 Season Opener?

Read “Get Ready for WinterFest 2018” and if you don’t have anything to wear in Lesotho’s chilly conditions you could find the sickest gear out there right here.

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