What is sandboarding

What’s the Deal with Sandboarding?

If the question you’re looking to answer is’ “What is sandboarding?” then you’ve come to the right place. There’s an endless debate on this new seemingly epic sport making its rounds. A clear undertone of hostility is in the air on what the ultimate boarding experience is. Is it snowboarding or could it even be sandboarding?

Who’s the Mastermind Behind Sandboarding?

In the never-ending search for the perfect powder, some riders need to improvise to experience the thrill of shredding. It’s an untapped craving every human being is born with. Some choose to live on the edge and fulfil this need and some just decide to bury it to never experience the greatest thrill life has to offer. You’ll come across sandboarders who claim that they’ve been boarding way before this sport was introduced to us all. These claims are fuelled by childhood memories of them sliding down sand dunes on any flat object they could think of, but can you classify this as sandboarding? If that’s what snowboarding is then surely the first elephant to slide down a muddy or sandy slope just for the thrill of the experience should be crowned the founding father of this sport.

Should all Praise be Awarded to the Majestic Elephant Then?

Elephants surely shouldn’t receive credit for sandboarding because we might as well just tip our hats to ancient Egypt as well. There are claims that 2000 years ago Egyptians used wooden sledges to slide down similar dunes we use for sandboarding today. In reality, it would be impossible to determine who made invented this sport as too many boarders with the need to shred took initiative when snow wasn’t available.

What Kind of Board Do I Need?

First thing’s first. If you’re planning on taking the board out for a sand-session, don’t take the board you’ve taken the liberty of naming as she will never be the same after this again. Most riders usually just take their oldest snowboards of little value and convert it for sand use. If that’s too much of a hassle, then just buy an already converted board and get to shredding. If you’re just out for some fun and don’t have an old board to wreck then use your ocean gear. Some riders make use of a bodyboard, wakeboard and sometimes just go down on their stomach.

 Forums are available to help you convert your board for sand but don’t be surprised to find that most of these writers prefer powder over dust. By the looks of things, most experiences were quite dull and that’s why these forums are so great. Waxing your board is a waste as most of these riders take their lemon pledge and go on their merry way. If you don’t feel like messing up your own gear then use someone else’. By that, I don’t mean steal a friend’s board or tricking them into taking their gear on your adventure. There are multiple groups on the internet, that will take you on a sandboarding trip for a fee. Google is your friend when you’re looking for someone to take you to the nearest dune for your first session.

If sandboarding isn’t for you, then give our “Get Good Gear: Once a Beginner Part 4” a read. I’m pretty sure it has you covered on everything you’ll need to gear up like a pro.

The next time a friend asks, “What is sandboarding”. Send him our link and help a mate out. Give one of these sandboarding groups a go and leave a comment on your experience.

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