They’ve Quit Their Jobs for ‘The Ride Side’

Here’s a story of how a couple quit their jobs for the ride side. But, what is the ride side really, and if it’s worth quitting over where could we sign up? 

Where The Ride Side

Photograph: The Ride Side

A decade ago the one half of our couple; Alex Hsu made a realization that changed his future. This realization came along on a visit to his friend in Canada where he met the beauty we know as snowboarding. Since that visit, it all changed. Hsu kept the flame going by making sure that he takes a snowboarding trip at least once a year.

According to Hsu, he was scrolling on Facebook one day, when this happened…

“Hey, does anyone else want to come?” ignited Hsu’s interest. This was only an acquaintance so you’d expect him to be a little hesitant but, nope not Hsu. He told Vulcan Post that the idea of snowboarding with a group of acquaintances was pretty new to him, but that trip turned out to be one of the best trips he’s ever made. Whenever a friend goes on a skiing trip you are almost guaranteed an abundance of images on their social media pages. Hsu did the same without expecting too many likes on his photos. He was met with surprise when people started responding on his posts where most of the responses showed that people have a real urge to snowboard overseas.

Finally, we meet the final half of our couple, Daphne Goh

When we last left Hsu he was busy reading some interesting posts of people wanting to snowboard overseas. These responses showed Hsu an opportunity he just couldn’t ignore. It’s then when Hsu grabbed this business opportunity with both hands and discussed it with his girlfriend, Daphne Goh. They soon realised that more and more people were looking for other adventure seekers to ski and snowboard with, but didn’t know where to start but now they do. With a  business plan in place, they’ve decided to give it a shot and now they run Singapore’s only travel agency that specialises in snowboarding and skiing trips.

“That’s how The Ride Side started.” – Alex Hsu & Daphne Goh

The Ride Side

Photograph: The Ride Side Facebook

They’ve created a platform for snowboard enthusiasts to connect with the rest of the snow community in Singapore and be in the loop on relevant events and deals. This couple really has a special kind of love for snow sport and highlights the fact that anyone’s welcome to use their platform. Even if you haven’t travelled with them you should still feel free to share and spread the love by sharing your trip with them.

BRB – Gone snowsurfing with Powder Week crew. 16 powder boards on a day out at Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort – have you seen these many beauties altogether? ??

Gepostet von The Ride Side am Montag, 22. Januar 2018

The love spread like a wildfire when friends and enthusiasts started posting more and more about their experience at The Ride Side on social. The community loved it! Alex and Daphne also encourage the community to come and experience it all from; travel tips, gear recommendations, techniques or even drool-worthy pow shots. They want you to join their remarkable team to create a home for snowboarding and skiing in Singapore. All of this came together when a chemical engineering graduate, with no professional snowboarding or skiing background, saw an opportunity and took it.

So, what will you create? Check out some of our previous articles to see how snowboarding is changing as a whole and be inspired.

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