The Team

Peter Peyper

Peter Peyper – Founder and GM

Peter graduated in Advanced Business Management at the University of Johannesburg.

He is a keen snowboarder with over 12 years snowboarding experience. He has been burning up many of the slopes in Europe and has a keen knowledge of the ski slopes all over Europe. He is married to Wiola. They have a lovely daughter Kayla and a son Jordan who can’t wait to put on a pair of skis.


Rueben Storbeck – Team Rider and Kapoko Park Designer

Rueben has been in the snowboarding industry for a long time now. He loves what he does; it’s his passion, his life…  He has years of experience and has worked with the grooming team in Park City in America, he was also working with the grooming team in New Zealand last year. He’ll be at Afriski this winter to represent the Boardriders Asylum and Gone Skiing team.

Matt Amoretti – Team Rider

Kayla Peyper

Kayla Peyper – THE BOSS

Next in line to run the family business and future snowboard pro.

Jordan Peyper


Will be Kayla’s assistant…

Michelle MacPherson- Marketing and PR

After completing her degree in Marketing Management, Michelle worked at Vail Resort in Colorado, and this is when her love for snow and snowboarding begun. She has a passion for snow sports and wants to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and experience skiing and snowboarding.

Greg Bertrand-  Shop Manager

Greg is the man in charge of overseeing sales in-store. He is an incredible artist and is a proud father of a beautiful baby girl. He has a passion for snowboarding and is clued up on all the Goneskiing brands.

Edmore Tshabalala- Shop Manager

Eddie has been in the ski and snowboarding industry for 10 years. He has been working at Goneskiing since 2009 and knows everything there is to know about all the brands.