Team Nitro Tackles The World’s Longest Rail

How do you go about breaking a world record? If you’re Red Bull’s Team Nitro and you’re after the ‘longest rail’ crown, then it’s all about repetition, patience and practise.

In the view above you’ll see the guys of Team Nitro hitting a custom rail over and over, hoping to pip the current world record of 78 metres. There are a couple of points that they had to be mindful about with the record – the rail needed to be rounded and the rider had to jump to the rail to start the record attempt.

So check it out – a three-day session on an 85 metre rail by riders Sam Taxwood, Ziga Rakovec, Basti Rittig, Marc Swoboda, and Seppi Scholler trying to break the record. Did they manage it? We happen to know, but you’ll have to find out on your own.

Source: Red Bull

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