Summer Shred

Summer Shred @ Superpark Dachstein

SUMMER shred, you say?

A dozen motivated snowboarders swapped slops for snow boots and headed to the Dachstein glacier for a summer shred session. The Girls Shred Session, hosted by QParks, this past weekend was a blast. Ana Rumiha and Michaela Tiefenbacher, two of Blue Tomato’s team riders, joined in the fun. They provided valuable coaching to the enthusiastic group of girls, who improved their technique as well as learnt new tricks. According to one of the participants, “by lunch time, I’d already added five new tricks to my skill set”.

Summer Shred with Ana

Ana Rumiha takes a break on the slopes


Half way through the day, the girls settled down to a hot lunch and a discussion on riding technique. With renewed vigor, the girls then headed back out onto the slopes. The team riders upped the ante and challenged the girls to the advanced line and highest ollie.

Summer Shred - Lunch Time!

After lunch the girls discuss riding technique


After a full day of hard riding, the participants received a bag of goodies complements of Blue Tomato, Oakley and Golden Ride. A newbie to the Girls Shred Sessions had this to say of the day: “I enjoyed riding the park and [that] I could concentrate on my technique”.

Summer Shred Goodie Bag

The best shredding ends with a goodie bag

Check out the highlights of this Girls Shred Session


All photographs curtesy of Roland Haschka, QParks

Main image: Michaela Tiefenbacher struts her stuff


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