Snowpark Obergurgl

Snowpark Obergurgl: Reaching Another Dimension

Snowpark Obergurgl is pushing the limits to this upcoming season.

With the park newly opened on 16 November, the shape crew of Snowpark Obergurgl are in a flurry of activity. Four brand-new alternatives to the main slopes are under construction. These are called Funslope, Funcross, Familypark and Snowpark. The family park is suitable for younger shred heads and freestyle beginners, introducing newbies to the delights of Snowpark Obergurgl. The extended Snowpark has moved to Steinmannbahn. In addition, a new head shaperess has joined the team – Francine Boer from the Netherlands.

Coming up in 2018

Snowpark Obergurgl is already preparing to host its first three events: a Girls Shred Session, the SnowHow Kids’ Day and the QParks Snowboard Tour Finale, Game of Diamonds. This last event is the final and most celebrated contest of the 2017/2018 season. For the very first time the tour will visit a park shaped only by girls and we are proud to host this historic event.

“The most recent info on the Snowpark Obergurgl can be found via www.snowpark– as well as on Facebook. Details about the set-up and the events will be leaked during the upcoming weeks and months. We are super stoked about an exciting season with you at the Snowpark Obergurgl.”

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