Sick Snowboarding Tattoo Ideas

Snowboarding Tattoo Ideas

Snowboarding Tattoo Ideas


Getting a sick snowboarding tattoo only makes sense after you’ve dedicated your life to this sport. To some, it’s more than just a fun past time but instead, seeing snowboarding as a way of life. Since receiving a snowboarding tattoo is an item on my bucket list, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of some of the sickest ideas out there. 

1. Nice Cover Bro

This tattoo captures every snowboard obsessed, PlayStation loving kind’s favourite indoor past time perfectly. This tattoo is pretty well done but you can’t help but wonder if his girlfriend stuck around after finding out where this tattoo idea came from. Whoever said that you should set free what you love clearly never met this guy. He loved his Shaun White video game so much that he made sure its memory would never be forgotten.

2. Now This I Call Brain Freeze

Now, this I like. You get the best of both worlds with this tattoo as the mountain man gives you the rough and tough feel and the goggles give a subtle indication that this dude loves to shred. Sometimes trying to implement all the elements of a ski experience bombs your design as it becomes way too busy when you start adding your board, rider, slopes and lifts to the picture.

3. Bananas over Burton

First of all, if you promised me a Burton board to get this tattoo you’d have my indemnity form signed as soon as yesterday. This guy, on the other hand, didn’t need any convincing as he loves the brand enough to have it inked over his entire back. The reason I love this tattoo is that you get the slick design of the Burton logo accompanied by a slick scull finish. This tattoo artist clearly knew what he/she was doing yet I wouldn’t want this tattoo at this size.

4.Simple yet Sublime

Allow me to introduce to you my favourite design on the list. You can’t help but fall in love with the simple lines used to perfection. The best way I could probably describe this design is detailed simplicity. Having the snowboarder look out on the unshredded terrain adds more of a “to be continued…” vibe. I’d expect the same person on a separate part of his body actually shredding it out on the exact same terrain. This would just add to the story.

5. Is This the Icebreaker You’ve Been Looking For?

So, this isn’t my idea of a well rounded beautiful tattoo as the rider’s torso is kind of wack but I find the cracking ice kind of slick. Excuse my corny ways but to me, this could symbolise the inner rider jumping from your heart. I know that this tattoo’s on someone’s back but just for a second imagine it was above the person’s heart. Do you see it too? The broken ice effect was well executed and for that reason alone I’d use this design as a reference the day I get inked.

That concludes everything I found on snowboarding tattoo ideas. If you’ve got one that’s pretty sick we’d love to check it out. Leave a comment and share your art or even some of the worst attempts you’ve ever seen. That way we know what to avoid the day we take this leap.

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