Snowboarder Dave's Accessory Secrets

Snowboarder Dave’s Accessory Secrets: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Snowboarder Dave’s accessory secrets.

In our most recent catch up with Snowboarder Dave, he shared his shoe accessory secrets. He’s a particular fan of Hickies laceless shoe ties. What’s more, he can’t get enough of our anti-odour SmellWell packs.

In this week’s post, Dave adds a few more brand-new items to his accessory secrets list. Gone Skiing’s range of eyewear cuts the glare. It also keeps you looking cool – both on the slopes and outside the Gone Skiing store.

Snowboarder Dave's Accessory Secrets

This is Dave looking cool – naturally – outside the Gone Skiing store. He’s currently sporting Von Zipper googles. Find more of Snowboarder Dave’s favourite goggle brand in-store!

Sjoe! It's bright out there

It is another dazzling day in sunny, sunny Johannesburg. Give your eyes the care they need – head to the Gone Skiing store and check out our wide range of sunglasses. Go ahead and model a few… Snowboarder Dave is so excited about the store’s new eyewear ranges that he is trying on both googles and sunglasses simultaneously!

Snowboarder Dave's Accessory Secrets

A new range of googles are available – why not browse our Anon or Bolle google range? Even Snowboarder Dave is testing out a possible new look!

See You In-Store This Weekend!

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