Snowboarder Dave Visits Bounce

Snowboarder Dave Visits Bounce to Practise Some Tricks

Although it is a delightfully hot summer here in South Africa, this is no reason to slack off and lose your snow fitness. Snowboarder Dave visits Bounce to try out some new tricks. Whether it is your indy grabs, frontside 180 or backside 360 moves that need work, Bounce is the place to practise. You can get great air time and height with little trouble and the landings are soft. After his time at Bounce, Snowboarder Dave will be snow-ready come winter next year.

Are you brave enough to follow Snowboarder Dave’s example and visit Bounce too?

In the above video, Snowboarder Dave struts his stuff mid air. Unfortunately, the Bounce staff denied Snowboarder Dave entry with his snowboard in hand. Thankfully though the crew provided a Bounce board – a softer, shorter version of Dave’s beloved snowboard.


Welcome to the Free-Jumping Revolution

Bounce is a gravity-defying playground. Whether you are a sports fanatic or a three-year old, Bounce is for everyone. Originally used to train astronauts and athletes, trampolining has since become popular in its own right. Bounce even has an area dedicated exclusively to arial manoeuvres*. As snowboarders, we all know that arial awareness is key to getting those big air tricks correct.

Regardless of which of your snowboarding tricks need practice, Bounce is the place to go.

Tell us about your Bounce-ing experience

Visit the Gone Skiing store on your way back from the Fourways branch of Bounce and tell us about your Bounce-ing experiences. Alternatively, share your thrills and highs here in our comments.

* Content taken from a video interview with the Espresso Show.

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