Snowboarder Dave Brags about Burton Boards

Snowboarder Dave Brags About Burton Boards

In this week’s post, Snowboarder Dave brags about Burton boards. He plans to treat himself to a brand-new board as an early Christmas present. He recently received a Gone Skiing gift card as a secret Santa gift … and it’s loaded with the big bucks!

Gone Skiing Gift Card
Gone Skiing Gift Card Text

Three Brand-New Burton Boards Just Unwrapped

Decisions ... Decisions ...

Snowboarder Dave Brags about Burton Boards

Brand-New Boards in Store

Click on any of the three images below, choose your desired size, add it to your shopping cart and voilà! You’re instantly enviable… Remember there’s limited stock available so get down to Gone Skiing, Fourways this weekend!

- Burton Presents -

Built on Boards

Kelly Clark Rides the Feelgood

“Originally developed in 1996, the Feelgood was the result of a one-woman protest inside Burton HQ. Shannon Dunn-Downing, a Burton team rider and pioneer in women’s competitive snowboarding, was one of the driving forces behind early women’s product development. In 1995, Burton released our first-ever women’s board. It was called the Dolphin, and was basically just a sized-down version of the Burton Custom™.

Shannon didn’t approve. In fact, she protested the whole idea of simply downsizing a men’s board, and didn’t budge until Burton produced an all-terrain board designed 100% for women. As you might have guessed, the result was the Feelgood.”

Original Source: Burton Blog: Built on Boards

Brag About Your Brand-New Burton Board

Go on… follow Snowboarder Dave’s example. Get that Burton board that you’ve secretly always wanted. Better yet, convince your best bud to get you a gift card (or two) and buy the board that will make your friends envious.

Then, once you’ve sufficiently bragged about your brand-new Burton board, lovingly waxed it and taken it everywhere possible in Johannesburg (Snowboarder Dave would heartily approve of this move) – take it up to Afriski in June. There’s nothing better than riding new powder on a new Burton board!

We look forward to seeing you, your best bud and your best bud’s credit card [wink] in store this weekend – remember winter (and Christmas) is coming!

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