Your Ultimate Guide to Ski & Snowboard Lingo

If you’re that guy or gal who paid your snowboard friends a visit over the winter season and felt like they were speaking an alien language then this ski & snowboard lingo guide is just for you.
So, make yourself comfy and have a quick read – guaranteed to make you more ski savvy the next time you hit the slopes.

But, Before you can walk the walk, you’ll need to talk the talk, right?

Whether you are a beginner, friend of a ski fanatic or just want to sharpen up on the jargon… dig in!


According to the French translation, Après means “after”. This phrase can refer to what you’ll be doing after you’ve hit the slopes.
Enjoying the view, sipping on something nice to nurse those bruises or dancing in your ski gear, they all count.

Q: “Where are you going for après today?”
A: “Checking out sick deals at the Gone Skiing shop, are you joining?”

Bail or Bailing

If you bail, you’ve probably had a hard hit to the ground, eating some snow or just losing your balance which leads into a tumble with your board.

Example: “Hard bail man but, aren’t you happy Gone Skiing had us covered with protective gear?


Clear blue skies with freshly fallen snow on a day of skiing or snowboarding.

Example: “Yea, we’ve picked the best day ever – bluebird skies all around!”

snowboard lingoBum or Bumming

A ski bum is someone who most resort staff members hate but at the same time also wish they were one of them. These bums do odd jobs around ski resorts with the goal of getting to ski without paying for a ski-pass

Example: “It’s way too expensive to ski here. Hopefully, management will allow me to bum if I do some work around the park”.

Dump or Dumping

Whatever meaning may have come to mind, it actually refers to an epic snowfall. The kind of epic snowfall every skier and snowboarder dreams about.

Example: “I am stoked to hear that we’re expecting a huge dump tomorrow”.


Freestyle is a style of skiing or snowboarding that involves landing tricks! Flatland freestyle refers to tricks on the snow, but freestyle tricks can also be achieved on rails, jumps and other features of a freestyle park.

Example: “Your freestyle skills are rad, man! You should totally enter the freestyle event ”.

Gnarly, Sick & Rad

Describe those cool, extreme, awesome, dangerous and hardcore things you do and see when you’re on the slopes. Gnarly, sick & rad are used in a variety of contexts which could be confusing, so check out the examples and use them like a boss!

Example 1: “That jump was so gnarly” (dangerous/hardcore/rough/risky).
Example 2: “How gnarly/sick/rad was that trick?” (awesome).

Why not add a sick addition to your already rad collection of skiing & snowboarding accessories?

Jib or Jibbing

When you ‘jib’ or are ‘jibbing’, it describes jumps and tricks – whether you are messing around or having a fun jump on the slopes.
It can also be used as an adjective, verb, or noun.

Example 1: “That run was so jibby” (playful).
Example 2: “Today’s little jib session was gnarly”.

snowboard lingoKicker

The other word for ‘jump’. It’s basically a pile of shaped snow that allows freestyle skiers or snowboarders to jib from it – from performing a trick or two to enjoying some time in the air. Keep in mind, phrases like ‘getting air’ and ‘air time’ are often used, so stay cool.

Example: “Are you ready to try some advanced kickers with us?”.

Park Rat

A park rat is a steezy person who will spend the majority of their day on the mountains jibbing and doing tricks in the park. These guys are way too invested in just chilling around the park and trying to be cool.

Example: “You never join us on the slopes… you’re such a park rat!”


Fresh, fluffy and untouched snow. Most skiers and snowboarders will agree that a powder day, is the best day any rider could have. It’s the one day where not even hangovers could keep you off the slopes.

Example: “With powpow this pristine we’d be insane not to shred it out!”


The ultimate feeling after a jib. Yes, I’m talking about that smooth landing.

Example: “Did you see that? I had my first proper stomp”.


A quirky combination of style and easy = steezy. To be steezy is to be effortlessly cool.

Example: “Check out this steezy jacket, I’ve purchased from Gone Skiing”.


Finally, your wipe-out. Yep, it’s the synonym for bail. It usually describes a dramatic fall.

Example: “I wiped out on that last run, it was pretty scary”.

Ski & Snowboard Lingo Sorted!

So, whether you’re blessed with bluebird skies or dump, freestyling on pristine powpow while jibbing a red kicker or having no luck getting a stomp but wiping-out. Stay steezy with a rad new look when you visit us for Après. Don’t bail or be a park rat, see what we have in store for you!

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