Snow Gear 2.0 – A Snowboard Straight out of the Future

The Snow Gear 2.0 (SG2.0) is here and ready to help any rider step up their game. No matter what your skill levels are, this board is for you.

Why Would You Even Need the Snow Gear 2.0?

It’s simple. You need this board or rather, high tech wearable to raise the game for both you and your mates. In the past, you had to rely on monkey see monkey do methods but not anymore. The days of copying the pros and failing for hours or days on end are a thing of the past. The slick compact SG2.0 was designed to track the riders every adjustment, move and angle at a rate of 15 times per second. Here’s the cool part, the 15 times per second gets translated to high-resolution graphics and accurate details on what you’re doing correctly and where you’ll need to improve.

Snow Gear 2.0

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But Wait There’s More

Imagine being a beginner and having your very own professional snowboarder at your disposal. Once again it’s possible, as users have the opportunity to learn new tricks from friends and celeb riders who have the Snow Gear 2.0 anywhere around the world. They are busy building a database of riders who knows their stuff. The type of rider you’d want tips from. Within this database, proficient riders like you and I can rank high if you have the votes to get you to the top. Your data will then get stored in their advanced skilled libraries. Owning a Snow Gear 2.0 could mean some serious moola for your wallet. If you are good enough and there’s an interest from other riders to learn your riding style you could receive a bit of payment for your contribution.

Finally, the Selling Point for Advanced Riders

Okay, maybe this feature isn’t exclusively reserved for our advanced riders but more for the competitive ones. The SG2.0 allows you to have some friendly competition among you and friend or even with any person around the world who have the device. You can basically use the device as a referee. A referee connected to social media platforms that you can use to challenge any rider from anywhere around the world at any time.

Snow Gear 2.0

Source: Youtube

How to Climb the Ranks and Earn Some Cash with You Snow Gear 2.0

If you perform well against other riders and have enough interest in you riding-style you’ll start accumulating point that will result in a rase in your ranking. The higher you rank and the more popular you become, the better your status will become. After all, you’ll want to become a pro rider. As soon as you become a pro rider, SG2.0 will start paying you for the people you assist through the app. No, we’re not talking some useless virtual money you can only use in the app. We’re talking cold hard cash.

Let’s Talk, Navigation and Safety

By now we’ve come to the conclusion that the device supports some pretty serious internet capabilities. Capabilities that work hand in hand with geolocations. The SG2.0 system makes use of live data to lay out any riding characteristics you’d need to be aware of on your riding surface. Any hidden patches of ice/dirt, slope conditions and unsafe areas will be recorded on the spot and will get saved on the app. If you drift off to some dangerous areas you’ll receive a warning on your smartwatch or SG2.0 bracelet. You’ll even receive warnings when there are traffic jams or obstacles ahead that are out of sight.

Snow Gear 2.0

The Only Thing Left to Do Is Make the Purchase

You won’t be able to purchase this device at your local ski shop yet as the device still in its development phase but and this is a but worth checking out. You have the opportunity to assist in the final tweaks they still need to make before the anticipated launch of December 2019. The team of SG2.0 will need your feedback before they can move to the final design and production.

You could receive a 50% discount if you jump in and assist before launch. Vist the Snow Gear 2.0 site and get your hand on one ASAP.

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