Afriski events calendar

Snow Events This Winter Season

When you live in South Africa you need to take advantage of any opportunity you have with snow and there’s no better place to look for these opportunities than the Afriski events calendar.

Afriski events calendar

Before this winter season ends the Afriski events calendar still has a couple of surprises in store. After missing one of the biggest events on the Afriski calendar you can’t afford to miss out on events that are still to come. When the Afriski mountain resort in Lesotho plans a social event they always pull out all the stops to guarantee that every event goer has an epic time. Don’t believe me? Check out some of their past events if you need a little more convincing. Finally, if I’ve managed to convince you then you are in luck. Afriski has three sick events still heading your way this winter season.

Still to Come on Your 2018 Afriski Events Calendar

Winter Whip

4-5 August 2018

Afriski has made a name for themselves on the snowboarding competition grid in the form of Winter Whip. This year will be the fifth season that Afriski mountain resort will be hosting this event and I’ve got a feeling that this competition’s popularity will only grow from here. This competition is scheduled to start on Saturday, 4 August and will be hosted on Afriski’s main slope. The jam-style snowboarding and skiing competition brings together some of the continent’s best riders and provides a fun-filled weekend for those participating.

Afriski events calendar

The competition categories include Pro Mens, Amateur Mens, Ladies, Juniors and Ski. Competitors will have a newly designed and laid out Kapoko Park course that consists of rails, kickers and boxes.  When it comes to scoring, style and use of the course will be taken into consideration. Podium finishers stand a chance to head home with extra cash in their pockets and some epic merchandise.

Maluti Ski Challenge

5-9 August 2018

As the one competition ends another start. The evening of the Winter Whip competition is where it all starts. This 5-day event will kick off with an information Evening that will take place at the Sky Restaurant. This is the part where all riders have to register and where they are presented with the rules and the program of the competition.

Afriski events calendar

The Maluti Ski Challenge consists of a combined Giant Slalom and Slalom Ski & Snowboarding Race. First thing’s first, do not miss out on this event over the fact that might you feel that you are not good enough. This competition is open to riders of all skiing abilities. The winners of the Maluti Ski Challenge will be determined by combining the fastest run for Giant Slalom and Slalom. The winner of the Snowboarder Giant Slalom will be determined by combining the times of the two Giant Slalom runs.

WinterFest Music Festival Season Closer

23-26 August 2018

We’ve just recovered from the WinterFerst season opener that took place just a couple of weeks ago. You’ve asked for another shot at attending WinterFest and we’ve finally finalised all the planning. When I say we, I mean that Gone Skiing will once again be proud sponsors of this killer festival. You do get some time to rest the bones after the Maluti Ski Challenge as WinterFest will only kick off on the 23 of August 2018.

Some of SA and Lesotho’s hottest acts will be there to entertain once again. You can find the entire lineup on the official WinterFest site. Finally, if you feel like staying the night at Afriski where all the action takes place. You can reserve your bed for your stay and you get the bonus of having your ski rental and pass included in your price. Check out the Afriski Winterfest accommodation packages and you will see that they’ve catered for everyone’s pockets.

If you’re interested in everything on this Afriski events calendar, you’ll have to make sure that you’ve got the best gear money can buy. Gone Skiing made it pretty easy for you as we only stock the best. With that said the best money can buy won’t send you into bankruptcy as we are known for our competitive prices. You could also visit our Afriski store if you didn’t have time to pop in at our Fourways branch.

Finally, do yourself a favour and read these articles covering some of the Afriski past events and start psyching yourself up for the time of your life.

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