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Skiing Facts You Most Likely Didn’t Know

So, you think you know all there is to know when it comes to skiing facts? The sad reality is that you might go through life without ever having that kind of knowledge about this sport. From the introduction of skiing soldiers during the war to the most challenging slope in the world, skiing is an ever-evolving sport that could surprise you at any moment. This entry is driven by these surprising facts and serve as the ultimate platform to share my top 5 most epic skiing facts.

1. Skiing’s Battlefield Debut

Battling the enemy on snowy mountainous terrain was kind of a losing battle and something had to be done. Well, something has been done to aid these soldiers and that thing is called skis. Troops have been using skis for over a hundred year as a means of transport in these hard to manoeuvre regions. The year was 1721, it was a simpler time back then. Norway needed the upper hand and who would have guessed their answer to possible victory would be two wooden boards attached to their feet. This was the year Norway introduced the battlefield’s first ever specialised ski unit. The rest is history as many countries followed their lead and formed their own ski troops.

Photograph: Grendel Report

2. Snowboarding Was the Real Threat

Can you remember a simpler time when the only means of shredding we knew about was the kind where you had two planks strapped to your feet? Then all of a sudden you see people speeding past you on the slopes and landing the sickest gravity-defying tricks you’ve ever seen. Those tricks were made possible by the introduction of snowboards in 1965.

At the time it might have seemed pretty harmless but little did we know that the real trouble would only arise in the year 2000 as this was the year that snowboarding became the fastest growing sport in the United States. Snowboarding’s popularity showed a decline in skiers and the skiing community had to do something about it. A huge evolution took place all of a sudden in the way manufacturers design their boards. Finally, they launched an entirely new range of skis that were both shorter and more manoeuvrable. For that reason, it’s only fair to tip our hat to snowboarding as they lit the fire that revolutionised the sport we know as skiing.

Photograph: Matthew Kane

3. Introducing Skiing to the Moon

The name Harrison Schmitt might not ring a bell to a lot of people but he’s actually one of the lucky few that can say that he went to the moon. He’s also the last living crew member from Apollo 17. You might be asking, “How does this have anything to do with skiing?”. Well, while they were up there he noticed that the mountainous rim of the Sea of Serenity could, in reality, be the perfect spot to start a “Lunar skiing resort”. If you think that this fact isn’t good enough for a spot on our list of skiing facts, then I’ve got another one for you.

Schmitt still holds the record for the fastest man to ever walk on the moon. He set the moonwalking speed record by using the sliding toe-push technique you see in cross-country skiing. He added by saying that this was the most ideal way of moving across the moon’s surface.

Photograph: Zan Douglas

4. When Traveling by Car Just Isn’t Fast Enough

If you’re looking to feed your hunger for speed, your everyday car most likely won’t do the trick compared to skiing. Car manufacturers are to thank for this as they pre-program your motor to only reach roughly 190km an hour. But that’s pretty fast, isn’t it? Not really when you compare it to what speed skiers cover. These skiers throw themselves down super steep slopes with the goal to reach maximum speeds. Some skiers manage to reach terrifying speeds of 250km an hour. If that doesn’t satisfy your hunger for speed then your only other option would be a fighter jet.

Photograph: Adventure Sports Network

5. The Perfect Ski and Sunbathing Destination

The next time you hit up Dubai for that family holiday, don’t set the bar at shopping and sunbathing. Ski Dubai is the first ever Snow Resort and park in the Middle East. With a breathtaking 3,000 square meter, real snow wonderland you can’t ask for more than Ski Dubai.

If there are any skiing facts you feel no one know, feel free to share them in the comment section.

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