Val d’Isere (France)

Ski Val d’Isere In Style with Club Med

Val d’Isere (France)

The Savoyard ski resort is set in a village rich in history, tradition and packed with slopes made for the world’s most enthusiastic skiers. The beautiful, pure white scenery has been haunting champions for generations and this is because of the addictive, energetic aura that lives in the Val d’lsere air. We don’t blame those affected, I mean, who wouldn’t want to ski down a 1 850m slope? Who wouldn’t want to experience a culture governed by authenticity yet remaining fresh? Heck, who wouldn’t want to wake up there?

The agricultural ways of the people in Val d’lsere has seen them through the rhythm of the seasons and it’s evident through the luxurious and stylish interiors; that they understand warmth and cater for everyone who graces their abode. The welcoming community is always willing to assist people arriving and eager to immerse themselves in their unique lifestyle.

There is something for everyone – skier or not. From indoor sports, holiday clubs for the kids, ice skating for the whole family to Alpine and nature activities, aerial action and motor sports, you will never run out of things to do. However, this is not just for adrenaline junkies – there is room to relax and reflect quietly while you experience the traditional spirit through gastronomic cuisine, museums, the raw biodiversity and watch the sun set behind the peaks of Bellevarde. This is a resort that continues to make history by hosting the world’s best skiing events.

So why not book for a 7-night sojourn for only R28,294 per adult?

The holiday package includes:

  • Accommodation to your level of comfort
  • Access to a variety of sporting action including ski passes
  • Leisurely activities like indoor pools and festive evenings
  • Food and drinks from the best restaurants/bars in town

The flights depart on April 9th, 2016 from Johannesburg. All inclusive by Club Med.

Prices were correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change as Club Med rates are adjusted weekly. Gone Skiing cannot be held liable for a change in prices.

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