Shred Poker Schöneben 2019

Let’s make way for Shred Poker Schöneben 2019. The competition that puts you in control of your winnings.

Shred Poker Schöneben 2019 Competition Info

On the 16th of March 2019, Shred Heads from all over will compete once again with the goal of collecting as many chips as they can possibly carry. This competition puts the power back in the hands of our riders as their winnings are determined by themselves. Riders need to try and pull off the sickest, gnarliest jib runs of their lives to bag a whole lot of valuable chips.


Shred Poker Schöneben 2019

Photograph: Martin Herrmann


Here’s where things get interesting. You have 2 options of what you would like to do with your chips. Some might argue that there are 3 things you could do, but with prizes like these, you can’t afford to go with the third which is keeping the chips and taking them home. Your first option is that you get to exchange the chips you’ve earned for cold hard cash. Moola could be tempting but option two will have your mind made up. The second route you could take and one I’d definitely recommend is to exchange your chips for some premium goodies provided by the QParks sponsors. If you end up not performing too well on the day you still don’t go home empty-handed. QParks know how to take care of their competitors in a way only they know how. Everyone’s treated to some of the finest beats known to man accompanied by a free BBQ, making all competitors victorious.

Can’t make your way down to Shred Poker Schöneben 2019? Treat yourself to the ultimate early Christmas present and start shredding year round.   

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