Shred Poker 2018

Shred Poker 2018 – Land Sick Tricks for Chips

The Lowdown on Shred Poker

Shred Park 2018 is without a doubt the place you want to be. It’s more than just an event where the tree top riders of the event walk home with goodies. We’re throwing away your traditional 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and clearing the way for anyone with something to prove. Here you have the opportunity to leave it all on the table. Shred Poker 2018 caters for the park rats, beginners, freeskiers and snowboarders. Your skill level isn’t important here because you’ll be competing against yourself in breaking every boundary you’ve ever set yourself. The objective is to land the gnarliest tricks in your arsenal to impress the officials. Only the sickest tricks will earn you Shred Poker chips and trust me, you want as many chips as possible.

What Are Shred Poker 2018 Chips Worth?

To any rider looking for some fly new gear, these chips are worth its weight in gold. The chips you’ve earned throughout the day can be exchanged for cold hard cash. You don’t have to walk away with cash, as you have another reward option. I believe most riders would swing more in the direction of cashing in chips for goodies. QParks, Amplifi, Radix and Planet sport will provide the goods, making it a no-brainer when cashing in chips. You want these brands backing your events because then you’re always guaranteed top quality prizes.

5 Stops of Shred Poker 2018

Shred Poker 2018

Image: QParks, Shred Poker 2018

You’ve got nothing to lose. There will be no entry fee for these events and remarkable sounds will set the mood for the day. Free BBQ will be provided to ensure all riders’ bellies stay stuffed because staying well nourished is key. The next stop on the QParks Tour is already waiting for you and its called, Gold & Glory 2018.

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