Stinky shoes and horrible smelling sports equipment is something that everybody has experienced. SmellWell is a unique Swedish innovation that effectively removes bad smells by absorbing moisture and neutralizing the pH value in the area where the problem exists. Those colorful, cool little ”miracle bags” are environmentally friendly and last up to 3 months. Pack includes two units.

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Work shoes and casual shoes:
Simply put one SmellWell in each shoe when you get home from work or school and let them work overnight. The very next morning, your shoes will be dry, fresh and emit a pleasant smell. When it is time to put on your shoes, just transfer your SmellWell to another pair of shoes.  This way they are working on 2 pairs at the same time!


In extreme cases, it may take a few days before you feel the full effect but SmellWell continues to work as long as you have them in your shoes.

Sport footwear and sports equipment:
Let your SmellWell work at all times when you are not exercising. That way you always have a fresh pair of shoes to put on! Add an extra pair of SmellWell in your gym bag, shin guards, hockey pads or goalie gloves to keep them fresh too.

*SmellWell even works in your car, motorhome, camper, cabin, closet and clothes drawer.

SmellWell – a natural filter
Do your SmellWell feel a little tired after prolonged use in grungy, stinky shoes? Just leave them out  so that oxygen can rejuvenate them. If they have been in a really wet environment and you can feel that they bag contents have crystalized, simply squeeze the bags so that they regain their natural texture again as well as regaining their ability to absorb moisture and odor.




One day when Vincent came home from work, he was met by an unbearable stench in his house. After searching for the source, he found his daughter’s training bag with her wet, almost moldy shoes in the laundry room… together with all of the clean laundry.

Throwing out the shoes was the first thing that came to mind but then the reality set in that he would have to be done every time the shoes got damp and were left to dry. He went to the local sporting goods store to try to find out if there was some product they sold that could remedy the problem.

After testing several products that existed on the market and being completely unsatisfied, he decided to make his own solution. After all, how hard could it be to find a product that absorbed the moisture from the shoes and truly dealt with the problem, not to mention the overwhelming unpleasant smell that results from perfume and mold.

The result was SmellWell – a combination of old Indian secrets and science.

But how can you get kids and teenagers to use it? Its gotta be cool!

Vincent wanted an effective solution that would also be simple to use. A positive and fun thing that you actually look forward to! Turn negative to the positive. Most people find it embarrassing to use sprays clinical type solutions. Using SmellWell, however, is not embarrassing at all – on the contrary, says Vincent.

Born in Canada, Vincent has been living in Sweden since 1998 combining an exciting background of marketing and commercial experience from North America with the environmental awareness from Sweden and is really happy with the result and proud to have found a solution that really works.

SmellWell – Makes your stuff SmellWell

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