Sapphire Hoverboard 01

Sapphire Hoverboard 01 Available Soon in SA

The future is here and it’s taken the shape of the Sapphire Hoverboard 01, but the question we’re all asking is, “Is it a skateboard or a longboard?”.

After riding one of these bad boys you’ll quickly see that this board is in a league of its own. But if you had to point a gun at me, I’d classify it as an electric longboard minus the length. The longboard style wheels allow you to hit the road with ease, making it the perfect short distance transport in beautiful sunny South Africa.

Who Would Need a Sapphire Hoverboard 01?

With the Sapphire’s slick design I’m pretty sure anyone who sees it at first will want to need one. But if you’re planning on hitting the gym, work or if you just feel like cruising the streets then this board is a must-have. Longboards have steadily made its way into the cities of South Africa as a means of transport but we all know that our surfers are the real trendsetters of this sport.  That’s why Sapphire had to make sure this board is waterproof for when you decide on hitting some gnarly waves or for those moments when you get stuck in the rain. Rumour has it that JoziX will soon have their own fleet of boards for you to test out before you make that big purchase.

The Tech Behind the Board

First thing’s first, they’ve removed the need for you to control the board with an external device. They’ve taken it to the next level, to a level I’ve never seen in any other electric skateboard. You’ll need to move your body a bit and by that, I don’t mean paddling with your feet like with your traditional boards as that would defeat the purpose of making it electrical. Your bodyweight is the master behind you steering this puppy. With the use of weight sensors, Sapphire has made you a pivotal element of this board. Imagine your little brother’s segway hoverboard combined with a skateboard.

Oh but Wait, There’s Also a Mobile App

Why would I need a mobile app, when I don’t even have one for my car? Well if you’re planning on spoiling the little ones with a sick ride like this, you’ll need to make sure that they are safe. The Sapphire Hoverboard 01 has you covered. This App has a full 360 personalized board control. In techy layman’s terms, you can calibrate the distance you ride, your top speed, adjust acceleration, breaking strength and so much more.

More Info on the Sapphire Hoverboard 01



  • Battery Life: 14 Minutes/22.5km
  • Hill Climbing: 20-25%
  • Board Weight: 6.8kg
  • Top Speed: 35.4kph



  • Battery Life: 14 Minutes/14 Miles
  • Hill Climbing: 20-25%
  • Board Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Top Speed: 22mph

If you’re interested in buying yourself or a loved one a Sapphire Hoverboard 01 you’ll have to order it on the official site. Or if you would rather wait for it to hit retailers make sure that you revisit the Goneskiing News page and social media pages for updates on when we’ll have our first stock.

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