Valle Nevado

It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes: Valle Nevado

The ‘It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes’ series returns. Having previously visited Cardrona Alpine Resort in New Zealand, it’s now time to travel to South America. In this post, we visit one of the best ski resorts in Chile – Valle Nevado.

Welcome to Valle Nevado, Chile – Let’s Ski!

Valle Nevado

“Valle Nevado is South America’s premier ski resort, offering access to the largest amount of terrain and the most modern lift system on the continent. The Valle Nevado complex provides a complete experience … set to the breathtaking backdrop of the magnificent Andes” – Trip Advisor

Valle Nevado, pronounced va-ye nevado, translates as ‘snowy valley’ – which is apt given that the resort receives an average of 7m of snow annually. The resort’s orientation and its altitude of 9,924 feet, ensures that the Valle Nevado receives more snow, on average, than surrounding resorts in the three valleys area. After a snow storm, the only place to be is right in the middle of the powder…

valle nevado powder

The resort is just 67km from the city of Santiago and is deep in the Andes Mountains. It is part of the three valleys area, which covers nearly 7000 acres. The ski terrain is large and treeless, making it perfect for intermediate skiers. It is also home to a FIS-standard snowboard park. In addition, Valle Nevado is also one of the best off-piste sites. For the more experienced and adventurous skiers, there are numerous backcountry terrain options available. Alternatively, book a heli-skiing trip directly at the resort – “a truly spectacular experience with vertical drops of up to 5,000 feet in one run”.

Things to do at the Valle Nevado Resort Other Than Ski

For those not so keen to hit the slopes, the resort offers three hotels, private apartments, six restaurants, boutique shops, a full-service spa and fitness center, cinema, library, bars and lounges, a pub with live music, a kids entertainment center and a state-of-the-art events venue. This is also one of the few places were you can see the Andean condor soaring above the slopes.

Andean Condor above Valle Nevado

The 2017 season runs from June 23 to September 22. Join the resort for the 2nd Annual Chile Wine Festival from August 18 – 24.

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