Perisher at Sunrise

It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes: Perisher

Welcome to the third post in the ‘It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes’ series. This time we’re off to the largest snow resort in the southern hemisphere: Perisher. Located in the Australian Snowy Mountains, Perisher combines four villages and their respective ski fields. With approximately twelve square kilometers of terrain, there is plenty of space to play in the snow!

Perisher Resort Australia

The terrain at Perisher is as varied as the guests it receives from across the globe. 22% of the park’s runs are best suited to beginners. The resort employs over 400 qualified, professional instructors to get slightly nervous beginners up on their feet and down the slopes with confidence. In contrast, intermediate-level skiers have 60% of the park’s terrain to themselves. The remaining 18% is dedicated to the advanced riders amongst us. With 113 runs and seven peaks, how can one resist?

Perisher at Sunrise

Perisher Skitube

A ride on the skitube is a must. This Swiss-designed rack-rail train carries skiers and snow enthusiasts to the Perisher resort. The train travels through Australia’s longest transport tunnel. At its deepest point the tunnel is 550m below the surface. It first opened in 1987 and continues to carry passengers safely and in comfort.

It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes

If you missed out on this series’ previous posts you can still read them here and here. Keep your eyes peeled for the next post in the ‘It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes’ series. If you have visited any of our featured resorts, we’d love to hear about your trip! Alternatively, send us suggestions for further southern hemisphere ski slopes posts.




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