QParks Tour 2019

QParks Tour 2019

What Is the Qparks Tour?

QParks Tour 2019

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QParks Tour 2019 is the place you want to be if you are planning on making it big in this sport. We’re once again clearing seven destinations in Austria, Italy and Switzerland in support of our young skiing and snowboarding talent. Here’s the place where rookies come out to play and for the 9th year in a row, you have the chance to shred up in some of the most breathtaking destinations you’ll ever encounter. It all starts right here. QParks Tour has helped pave the way for numerous rookies to kill it in their pro careers.

How Do I Win the QParks Tour?

The first and probably most important thing you need to remember at all times is that points matter. You might think that this was useless info but you’ll soon find out that it’s more valuable than you might have ever guessed. The Tour itself has 7 stops which means you have 7 chances to take the top spot at your stop. To win the Tour you’ll need a bit more than to just show up at a single event. You’ll need to score big at as many of these stops as possible and this is where our first thing you had to remember comes in. All your Tour progress will follow you up until the final tour stop, where all the points you’ve gathered gets tallied up to determine who gets the QParks Tour crown. All snowboarders can also win precious points for the World Snowboard Points List and the World Rookie Rank.

At every stop, riders will have a perfectly shaped setup in slopestyle format, where riders will need to impress the judges with the gnarliest tricks in their arsenal. Men, Women and Groms will need to represent as there are prizemoney and sick goodies to be won. When Amplifi, Pinetime, QParks and Oakley come together you are guaranteed of some epic prizes.

QParks Tour Stops

Need More Motivation to Compete?

Check out QParks Tour 2018 for all the motivation you could ever need.


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