Qparks Tour 2019

Qparks Tour 2019 Final Stop – The End Is Near

It’s that time again where we all sit up straight to see who will be crowned the ultimate winner of the QParks Tour 2019. And after an extremely successful Shred Poker stop with a record number of 55 participants on the day we’re predicting that this final will most definitely not disappoint.

First More on the Qparks Tour 2019 Shred Poker

On the 16th of March 2019, Shred Heads from all over had to compete once again with the goal of collecting as many chips as they could possibly carry. This year’s top chip collector was freeskier Gottfried “Goffi” Gram. He managed to stack up an astounding 32  poker chips that ended up securing him the €500 prize money everyone’s been eyeing.

But not a single person left this stop empty-handed. All the riders were treated to sick beats and a BBQ fit for a king. Oh yea, riders even had a shot at winning goodies from Amplifi, TSG, POW, Pinetime and QParks. For the full story on what went down on the day, give this article a read.

Finally, Your Qparks Tour 2019 Final Stop

Our QParks Tour 2019 Final Stop will once again be held at Game of Diamonds in beautiful Obergurgl. After shredding up six stops across the Alps, 31 March will mark a momentous day. The day we finally see who the 2019 QParks winners are. At this stage of the battle, you should have qualified to compete in the finals of the final stop as Game of Diamonds is reserved only for the best of the best or the most devoted tour riders.

When you’re the best of the best it goes without saying that there are a few perks that come with the title. The first perk is that you don’t have to worry about any registration fee on the day as you’ve earned your spot throughout the tour. Perk number two would be that all riders have access to one of the coolest spots of the day, the chill area where riders get to go to cool down and focus on runs to come. And the final perk would be the prizes up for grabs. Prize Money of 1.240€ is without a doubt worth fighting for and if your points couldn’t land you the big prize, make sure your tricks do as the best trick wins you 100€.

For more info on the day or to register, visit the official QParks site here.

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