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QParks: Past, Present and Future

“Freestyle has given us so many incredible moments and it was our idea to make this feeling accessible to a lot more people”

It was this that laid the foundations for what is now QParks. 15 years ago four friends aimed to shake up the alpine skiing scene by introducing kickers that gave decent air time. Back then, there were few freestyle opportunities and those available had the brave risking their neck each time they strapped on their boards or skis. The only alternative was to grab a spade and start digging – and that’s precisely what the four founding fathers of QParks did. Getting approval and snow space wasn’t easy, but the four “evangelists of freestyle” weren’t quitters. They sought out those few adventuresome supporters and were eventually granted approval to build “hazardous” jumps that would only appeal to the “wild ones” of the snow sport world. In 1994-1995, the foursome found the perfect spot in Austria to build jumps of different shapes and sizes. This was the beginning of QParks. The four founding fathers could never have predicted just how much the freestyle scene would thrive and grow.

QParks – 15 Years On

Today, there are 39 QParks in 5 different countries. In the larger of the QParks, riders can throw down 10 000 runs in a single day. Now calculate the number of runs put down across more than 25 seasonal events and 1 100 riders. The numbers are staggering.

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