Snow Gear 2.0 – A Snowboard Straight out of the Future

Why Would You Even Need the Snow Gear 2.0? It's simple. You need this board or rather, high tech wearable to raise the game for both you and your mates. In the past, you had to rely on monkey see monkey do methods but not anymore. The days of copying the pros and failing for hours or days on end are a thing of the past. The slick compact SG2.0 was designed to track the riders every adjustment, move and angle at a rate of 15 times per second. Here's [...]

They’ve Quit Their Jobs for ‘The Ride Side’

Here’s a story of how a couple quit their jobs for the ride side. But, what is the ride side really, and if it’s worth quitting over where could we sign up?  Where The Ride Side A decade ago the one half of our couple; Alex Hsu made a realization that changed his future. This […]

Sondre Norheim – The Father of Modern Skiing

Sondre Norheim and His Restless, Dreaming Nature Growing up, Sondre was a bit different from his peers. As often as he could, you'd catch him putting on his pine skis, which his father had made for him. Norheim made great use of these skis as he used them for as long [...]

Winter Olympic Games 2026 Hosts Announced

Yes, the Winter Olympic Games 2026 will once again be hosted by Italy! Italy received the majority vote over competing bidder, Sweden and according to the IOC (International Olympic Committee), there were a close 47 votes in favour of the Italian bid versus 34 votes for Sweden. The fashion capital can only stand proud as […]
off the grid

Living off the Grid as a Snowboard Legend

What's so Cool About This Supposedly off the Grid Crib? Firstly, let's just start off by mentioning that Basich at a time had a yearly income of $170 000 a year that he earned competing and filming around the world. With that kind of bucks floating around you're bound to [...]
2022 olympics

China Bags Former U.S. National Skiing Champ for the 2022 Olympics

Who's Eileen Gu? Firstly, let's just cover why she's able to choose between the U.S. and China. It's simple, her father's American and her Mother Chinese. Gu was born in San Francisco and according to CGTN, she's still in tune with her Chinese heritage as she can speak fluent Mandarin with an authentic Beijing accent. Even though movies and T.V. shows make it seem so easy to just strap on some skis and go. In reality, [...]
Nicole Capper

Survivor Star, Nicole Capper Climbing for a Cause

Survivor SA Island of Secrets participant, Nicole Capper has a number of titles to her name, with one being Mrs South Africa 2018. To name a few of her already defined titles, Nicole is a Functional Medicine pharmacist, businesswomen, model, speaker, presenter, ambassador for Rare Diseases SA and an advocate for women’s rights, but the title she holds closest to her heart would be, mom. The Climb She's conquered many climbs and even tried her luck with the ever so famous Mount Everest 2018. According to the local Cape Town Etc, Nicole had to be airlifted off Mount Everest in April 2018, after falling ill with altitude sickness. She was planning on summiting two nearby peaks at slightly higher altitudes after reaching Base [...]

Saray Khumalo Returns to South African Soil

Everesting Everest The first black woman from Africa to conquer Mount Everest returned to South African soil on Monday the 27th of May. On the morning of the 16th of May, Saray Khumalo made history when she reached the summit of Mount Everest. It was her fourth attempt to summit the mountain and this time she returned victoriously. "On the 16th of May 2019, I stood on top of Everest. I embarked on this journey to reach the seven summits in 2012, the seven highest summits in the world and so far I have done four. It was not just for a personal quest but it was something I embarked on an effort to educate the African child." - Saray Khumalo 47-year-old Saray has [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to Ski & Snowboard Lingo

If you’re that guy or gal who paid your snowboard friends a visit over the winter season and felt like they were speaking an alien language then this ski & snowboard lingo guide is just for you. So, make yourself comfy and have a quick read – guaranteed to make you more ski savvy the […]
Emission Free

Emission Free Grooming – Are We Finally in the Future?

Who's Behind This 100% Emission Free Beast of a Snow Groomer? PitsenBully has turned 50 this year and celebrated with their newborn model the 100 E. They've made the call to make this new revolutionary snow groomer public at Interalpin 2019 in Innsbruck. The leading international trade fair for alpine tech. Sustainability has been a key goal for Kässbohrer for a couple of years now with the introduction of the 600 E+ with [...]
Snowboarding Bears

What’s Next, Snowboarding Bears?

But Can They Snowboard? After a video emerged early in April on Youtube of a bear getting a bit too friendly with some snowboarders it's easy to believe that at least some of them are eager to learn. Brian Jordan's the guy behind the sharing of this video. He wrote on his Instagram that he believes the bear's "momma was on vacation or something but it was too cool not to say whaddup ". The [...]
Winterfest 2019

Your all in one info session on Winterfest 2019

Winterfest 2019 promises to be better than ever before. With the medical scheme for adventure seekers as Title Sponsor and South Africa’s biggest independent radio station as Media Partner, we're pretty sure you won't be left disappointed. Yup, you guessed right. It's the one and only CompCare and Jacaranda FM. Not too familiar with the name, CompCare? Well, don't take our word for the epic awesomeness coming your way. Director of Marketing at CompCare had this to say, "CompCare Wellness is one of the few medical schemes in South Africa that caters for all the adventure seekers out there. We’re big on life and on living life to the fullest. We share your taste for adventure, no matter what your [...]

Skijoring – Totally Bizarre or Next Level Extreme?

What is Skijoring Exactly? According to records the sport of skijoring can be traced back to the 1850s in Scandinavia, but the Americans have staked somewhat of a claim on the sport as most competitions take place in the USA. Well, it can be seen as insane, while at the same time exciting. It could even be seen as quite simple but yet also somewhat difficult. All you'll need is your Skis/Snowboard, rope, a course and something to pull you around with. In the past riders have used snowmobiles, cars, 4-wheelers and dealers choice a horse. The name of the game is; make your way [...]
Qparks Tour 2019

Qparks Tour 2019 Final Stop – The End Is Near

First More on the Qparks Tour 2019 Shred Poker On the 16th of March 2019, Shred Heads from all over had to compete once again with the goal of collecting as many chips as they could possibly carry. This year's top chip collector was freeskier Gottfried “Goffi” Gram. He managed to stack up an astounding 32  poker chips that ended up securing him the €500 prize money everyone's been eyeing. But not a [...]
QParks Tour 2019 Ranking

QParks Tour 2019 Ranking Leaders

But First, The Final Stop Our QParks Tour 2019 Final Stop will once again be held at Game of Diamonds in beautiful Obergurgl. After shredding up six stops across the Alps, 31 March will mark a momentous day. The day we finally see who the 2019 QParks winners are. At this stage of the battle, you should have qualified to compete in the final stop as Game of Diamonds is reserved only for the best of the best or the most devoted tour riders. When you're the best of the best it goes without saying that there are a few perks that [...]

Shred Poker Schöneben 2019

Shred Poker Schöneben 2019 Competition Info On the 16th of March 2019, Shred Heads from all over will compete once again with the goal of collecting as many chips as they can possibly carry. This competition puts the power back in the hands of our riders as their winnings are determined by themselves. Riders need to try and pull off the sickest, gnarliest jib runs of their lives to bag a whole lot of valuable chips.     Here's where things get interesting. You have 2 options of what you would like to do with your chips. Some might argue [...]


International Ski Federation (FIS) president Gian Franco Kasper went on-the-record denying human-caused climate change and the science that supports it. POW (Protect our winters) launched an open letter calling for his resignation...     It’s been just over a week since POW first launched this campaign, and Kasper not only remains at the helm of the FIS ship, but has also not backed down regarding his comments on climate change. Since then, however, more and more individuals and businesses have come out in support of POW's campaign. Leaders in the industry are being made aware that the snow-loving community will not tolerate those who dismiss science to remain in positions of leadership. Brave brand partners from inside and outside the snow sports industry joined to support [...]
Burton Hub Show 2019

The Burton Hub Show 2019

The Burton Hub Show 2019 is here and all eyes are back on Kelly Clark after her recent announcement that she was retiring from professional snowboarding. Why on Kelly, you ask? Let me tell you why, because she’ll be accompanying Burton Co-CEO Donna Carpenter as the stars of the event. You get to watch these phenomenal ladies discuss topics […]
Kelly Clark

One Final Bow for Kelly Clark

It’s said that whenever Kelly Clark straps on her board a new grom is born. If you’re part of the very small group of people who’ve never heard of Clark then surely after today you’ll fall just as in love with her as the rest of us. Why Celebrate Kelly Clark Today of All Days? […]

Greece, a Place Where Snow Meets Sand

The last thing you’d expect to do on your next ski holiday to Greece is chill next to the beach. Well, there’s always a first time for everything. Finally, there’s a place where skiers and surfers alike can head for a break from the hustle of the big city. One Doesn’t Merely Just Go and Shred up […]
QParks Tour 2019

QParks Tour 2019

What Is the Qparks Tour?                         QParks Tour 2019 is the place you want to be if you are planning on making it big in this sport. We’re once again clearing seven destinations in Austria, Italy and Switzerland in support of our young skiing […]
first big skiing trip

Essentials for Your First Big Skiing Trip

If you're planning on hitting the slopes hard the most important thing you'll need is decent gear. There are two routes that you can take when it comes to getting your gear. You could rent at the resort itself or you could go the bit pricier route and just buy it. Renting This option would be the most [...]

Roller Skiing Has Really Become Something

Roller Skiing is here and it seems like it’s not going anywhere any time soon. So, the first time you see someone gliding past you this summer don’t be like me and ask “I’ll have what he’s having”. Yes, it might seem silly at first glace and no, they haven’t had too much to drink. […]
Skiing Facts

Skiing Facts You Most Likely Didn’t Know

So, you think you know all there is to know when it comes to skiing facts? The sad reality is that you might go through life without ever having that kind of knowledge about this sport. From the introduction of skiing soldiers during the war to the most challenging slope in the world, skiing is […]

Mountainboarding – Your Ticket to Off-Season Training

Mountainboarding might sound a little bland at first but when it saves your life you might see it in a different light. It probably won’t carry you from a burning building but when you are at Afriski Mountain Resort during the summer season this board will without a doubt be your lifesaver. Even with all […]
Addicted 2 Adventure

Addicted 2 Adventure Final Call

Addicted 2 Adventure’s at it again and it’s easy to see where they got the name. Anyone who visits the oasis of addiction called Afriski Mountain Resort for 6 years in a row either has the sickest bucket list on earth or they are just plain gaga over the unexpected. When I say unexpected I […]

5 Skiing Health Benefits

If you’re keen on living a healthier lifestyle than what you currently are then these skiing health benefits might just make your day. There are two kinds of people who would probably be reading this article right now; an avid skier or someone who’s planning on making that first run into the addiction I call skiing. […]
Afriski events calendar

Snow Events This Winter Season

When you live in South Africa you need to take advantage of any opportunity you have with snow and there’s no better place to look for these opportunities than the Afriski events calendar. Before this winter season ends the Afriski events calendar still has a couple of surprises in store. After missing one of the biggest […]

Sick Snowboarding Tattoo Ideas

  Getting a sick snowboarding tattoo only makes sense after you’ve dedicated your life to this sport. To some, it’s more than just a fun past time but instead, seeing snowboarding as a way of life. Since receiving a snowboarding tattoo is an item on my bucket list, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a […]
Guinness Winter World Records

Guinness Winter World Records?

When you have a look at the current Olympic records it’s kind of easy to get discouraged. If that’s the case, then why not give the Guinness winter world records a shot? It might not seem as prestigious but in reality, it’s still kind of a huge deal. Just like your everyday Olympian, there are […]
Winterfest 2018

Get Ready for WinterFest 2018

We’re less than two weeks away from the WinterFest 2018 season opener. I hope that, you’ve got your festival and accommodation passes secured and that you are just as amped as we are. This year’s a proud one for the Gone skiing team as we will be in the middle of it all. That’s right […]
Basic Slope Etiquette

Basic Slope Etiquette

It’s time to get your basic slope etiquette down and dusted to assure that you are not that guy everyone loves to hate. Every now and again you come across the inexperienced rider when you visit your favourite ski resort. Key is to stay calm and take into account that this bloke’s only here […]

Qparks Has Come to an End

Don’t worry this wasn’t the final year of QParks but the 2018 QParks Tour Final has taken place and that concluded the 15th instalment of this legendary tournament. It feels like it’s taken us forever to get to this point. Finally, we get to announce the 2018 QParks Tour Final winners. It’s kind of a bittersweet situation […]
World rookie snowboarding championship

World Rookie Championship Final Results 2018

A Little more on the Finals Itself During this year’s World Rookie Snowboarding Championship Final, you could literally feel the tension heating in the air. It was the finals after all so, that meant riders had one final shot to make or break. The 18th instalment of the World rookie snowboarding championship had every spectator entertained from the very […]
Best Winter Sports Films

Best Winter Sports Films Ever

Our Best Winter Sports Films selection consists out of films we feel will motivate any average Joe into a winter-sports craving maniac. We all know that one guy who’s never game when you start planning the annual ski trip down to Lesotho. Use these films to convince him that snowboarding and skiing is life. 1. […]
Final QParks Stop

Final Stop Game of Diamonds

Our Final QParks Stop Game of diamonds might sound like something straight out of a 007 movie but in reality, this will be the stop that determines it all. This year’s final stop will be the first one shaped by an all-girl crew as we’re heading to Obergurgl. This means that not a single patch of powder […]
What is sandboarding

What’s the Deal with Sandboarding?

If the question you’re looking to answer is’ “What is sandboarding?” then you’ve come to the right place. There’s an endless debate on this new seemingly epic sport making its rounds. A clear undertone of hostility is in the air on what the ultimate boarding experience is. Is it snowboarding or could it even be […]
Burton U.S. Open Finals 2018

36th Burton U.S. Open Finals 2018 Results

Burton US Open Finals 2018 Winners The Burton U.S. Open Finals 2018 was one for the record books as scores were too close to call. Luckily Burton gathered some of the best judges imaginable to score on technique and style because the inexperienced wouldn’t have the ability to catch the detail it takes to separate 1st […]
PyeongChang Winter Paralympics

PyeongChang Winter Paralympics Medals

The first weekend of the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics was quite eventful. We’ve already seen 20 medal ceremonies being held to honour the first couple of athletes who outperformed fellow competitors and it doesn’t end here. We know that you want to stay informed on the winners of the games and therefore we’ll be your newsfeed on […]
Gold & Glory Recap

Gold & Glory Recap

Your Gold & Glory Recap kicks off with a bad weather report. Riders had their hopes set on having a sick day at the park, so they could nudge their league score up just a tad. Unfortunately, grey and gloomy skies crashed down on Golden Roofpark and the event couldn’t commence, but these riders found […]
Burton U.S. Open Halfpipe Semi-Finals

Burton U.S. Open Halfpipe Semi-Finals

After an epic slopestyle semi-final on Wednesday 7 March 2018 space had to be cleared for the Burton U.S. Open Halfpipe Semi-Finals. These riders set forward some of the most progressive runs imaginable under gorgeous skies in Vail’s 22-foot halfpipe. All of these riders are battling it out for the coveted title of U.S. Open halfpipe […]

Burton U.S. Open Slopestyle Semi-Finals

The Burton U.S. Open Slopestyle Semi-Finals kicked off without a hitch on Wednesday 7 March 2018. Vail Mountain Resort had some of the sickest conditions, with decent powder and bluebird skies throughout. Having riders of this calibre meant that we were in for a treat and trust me we’ve been treated with some of the gnarliest […]
2018 Burton U.S. Open

Let the 2018 Burton U.S. Open Begin

The 2018 Burton U.S. Open will be the 36th edition of this series, and the best of the best in the world will be present. If you’ve missed out on catching them at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, you’re getting one more shot. Winter Olympics Medalists at the 2018 Burton U.S. Open At this stage, 50 […]
Anna Gasser

Anna Gasser Earns the First Olympic Big Air Gold

Anna Gasser‘s Winter Olympics had an epic ending that any athlete would be stoked about. She wrote the first chapter on Big Air Snowboarding in the history books of the Winter Olympics. Going into the Games it was quite obvious that Gasser was one to look out for because she’s changing women’s snowboarding wherever she […]
Connor Wilson's PeyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

Connor Wilson’s PeyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

Connor Wilson’s PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics quest had a rough start, as he bombed out on his first Giant Slalom run. Wilson isn’t an athlete who needs to depend on luck, as he has a natural talent when it comes to skiing. This time around we can’t help but think that luck wasn’t on his […]
first medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Medals At the 2018 Winter Olympics: Part 12

The Winter Olympics has come to an end and athletes are heading back home as we speak. We’ve covered your snowboarding and skiing events on our daily post updates. For our loyal readers, we’ve made this blog post super easy to follow. How? The results of the previous day are always at the top of […]

Ski Trip with Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding in Macedonia

A ski trip with Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding in Macedonia is a deep snow adventure in the best European mountains. Eskimo Snowcat will take you to the peaks of exotic mountains with breathtaking scenery, where you can ride an average of more than 4000 vertical metres a day. Woah, now that’s EPIC! What is Eskimo Freeride? […]
Connor Wilson

South Africa’s Only Shot At Winter Olympic Gold

South African Entries at this Winter Olympics South Africa placed all its Olympic Gold dreams on the shoulders of Connor Wilson. PyeongChang, South Korea is hosting 2018’s Winter Games. You’d think it’s a bit unorthodox to only have one entry, but in reality, it’s quite a common practice. Some African countries never see snow and […]
Shred Poker 2018

Shred Poker 2018 – Land Sick Tricks for Chips

The Lowdown on Shred Poker Shred Park 2018 is without a doubt the place you want to be. It’s more than just an event where the tree top riders of the event walk home with goodies. We’re throwing away your traditional 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and clearing the way for anyone with something […]
PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

Bringing Africa to PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

This year’s PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics will prove Africa’s a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully, this continent’s success in the snow will be written in gold. The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics will have 8 African countries in attendance with 13 athletes lined up to impress. This proves to be a record for our continent […]
DEEJAY Xmasters World Rookie Fest 2018

DEEJAY Xmasters World Rookie Fest 2018

What Went Down at DEEJAY Xmasters World Rookie Fest 2018? The 13th Livigno DEEJAY Xmasters World Rookie Fest 2018 event was, once again, spectacular. Mottolino Snowpark hosted riders from 11 different nations. On the day, 100 riders were warmly received and ready to showcase their sickest skills. Despite heavy snow fall and low hanging clouds dominating the park for two days, the snowboarding gods smiled upon the riders on the day and gave us some much needed sun. A rookies and groms training day went down on the Tuesday, which was then followed by a a double round final on Wednesday. Always expect the unexpected at these rookie events, because these riders aim to prove why they deserve a spot with [...]
QParks Blue Tomato Plan P

Celebrating Freestyle Showdowns at Blue Tomato Plan P

What Are We Celebrating at Blue Tomato Plan P? On the 13th of January the QParks Tour had their second event of the 2018 ski season: Blue Tomato Plan P. They didn’t just celebrate the New Year and the winners of the freestyle showdowns, but also took the chance to wish a happy 15th birthday to QParks. At the same time, Superpark Planai hit the milestone of 10 years. Blue Tomato redefined the definition of celebration when they gave every rider the gift of feasting on a mouth-watering BBQ and provided the riders with a refreshing tea while waiting for their next run. We truly had a day of endless celebration as the gifts didn’t stop there. Riders didn’t have [...]
Ski Training

Ski Training Articles That Answer Those Burning Questions

Although its a balmy summer in South Africa, this is no excuse not to keep in shape. Staying snow fit is hugely important for us winter lovers – particularly the skiers and snowboarders amongst us. As any professional skier knows “conditioning is an essential part of an overall ski training program.” ¹ However, if you’re not […]
QParks Tour Logo

QParks: Past, Present and Future

"Freestyle has given us so many incredible moments and it was our idea to make this feeling accessible to a lot more people" It was this that laid the foundations for what is now QParks. 15 years ago four friends aimed to shake up the alpine skiing scene by introducing kickers that gave decent air time. Back then, there were few freestyle opportunities and those available had the brave risking their neck each time they strapped on their boards or skis. The only alternative was to grab a spade and start digging - and that's precisely what the four founding fathers of QParks did. Getting approval and snow space wasn't easy, but the four "evangelists of freestyle" weren't quitters. They sought [...]
Snowboarder Dave's Christmas Gift Guide

Snowboarder Dave’s Christmas Gift Guide!

Can you believe it’s only 10 days to go until Christmas Day? To celebrate, Gone Skiing would like to introduce Snowboarder Dave’s *drum roll please*…  Christmas Gift Guide. Dave has picked out the hottest gifts for him, her and the kids. MIVISION A9 4K and MIVISION A8 ACTION CAMERA Snowboarder Dave loves capturing his epic […]
Love Distribution presents Santa Squad

Love Distribution Presents Santa Squad

The Austrian streetwear label, Love Distribution presents Santa Squad. While on a Colombian beach, writer and director, Seppi Scholler, first thought of the idea to create a high-action sports clip with a Christmas theme. After a year of planning, this video material was shot in spring 2017 in Obertauern, Austria. With help from a phenomenal team of snowboarders and videographers, Love Distribution has successfully created the Santa Squad. Saving Christmas When Santa realises he has put on just a little too much weight over the year and can't quite squeeze into that last chimney, he swiftly phones Miss Santa and her eager elves. They grab their snowboard gear and save Christmas by delivering the last of the presents. Phew! For more on Love Distribution [...]
World Rookie Tour 2018

World Rookie Tour 2018 Announced

What is the World Rookie Tour? The World Rookie Tour 2018 gives youth the opportunity to hone their riding skills. This contest is now in its thirteenth year. With more than 1000 entrants annually and 35 national teams competing in the rookie and grom divisions, this tour provides a wonderful experience for young snowboarders who […]
Burton Presents

Burton Presents: Fondue A Trick!

Burton Presents is a series of snapshots from life with the Burton Team as they traverse the globe in search of snow and good times. Imagine this: You've just spent a week riding in Saas Fee, Switzerland, with Mark McMorris, Anna Gasser, and Clemens Millauer. You have four days of freedom in Europe before the start of a national team training camp in Stubai, Austria. How would you spend the time? For Brock Crouch, Red Gerard and Mikey Ciccarelli, the decision was easy. They rode trains, hiked, skated, snowboarded, linked up with other Burton riders and tried, but failed, to eat fondue... They missed their chance in Switzerland, and it's totally not an Austrian thing, as it turns out. It's all caught [...]
Penken Park celebrates 20 years

Penken Park Celebrates 20 Years of Shredalicious Action

This year, Penken Park celebrates 20 years of shredalicious snow-based action. You may ask what this entails - it's 20 years of "the sickest shred action, chilled-out community sessions, top scene events, the finest freestyle contests and the sweetest after-shred parties one can ever imagine." Penken Park's new technical supervisor and park designer are both new to the staff - although not to the slopes of Mayrhofen. Bernd Mandlberger, the park's new technical supervisor, had this to say: “Obviously, we are totally stoked on the optimized pro line with two kickers – one massive jump for each decade, so to say. It also features a cool end section and various brand-new obstacles – an 8m step rail, a 10m quad kinked [...]
Bianca Gewer

Looking for a fantastic travel manager? Meet Bianca Gewer

Before embarking on a career in the travel industry, Bianca Gewer taught Zulu, practised as a school counsellor and as a registered psychology counsellor. Although she “landed up in travel” without having studied anything remotely related, she says she’ll “never look back”. In her eleven years at Flight Centre, specialising in all facets of travel, […]
Winter Games Results

New Zealand Audi Quattro Winter Games Results

Remember our recent post about the upcoming Audi Quattro Winter Games? The post is short, has a fabulous image gallery and even a quick video. It is well worth checking out before continuing on with this follow-up post. Ah, welcome back from the quick aside. Without further ado, here is this post’s punch line: this year’s […]
Pre-WinterFest Party

Pre-WinterFest Party @ Gone Skiing

This year’s Pre-WinterFest Party took place on the 29th July at the Gone Skiing store in Fourways. We look forward to welcoming everyone to Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho for the official WinterFest event. See you there!  At the Pre-WinterFest Party we had an incredible line up of DJs that kept the party going. A big […]
Perisher at Sunrise

It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes: Perisher

Welcome to the third post in the ‘It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes’ series. This time we’re off to the largest snow resort in the southern hemisphere: Perisher. Located in the Australian Snowy Mountains, Perisher combines four villages and their respective ski fields. With approximately twelve square kilometers of terrain, there is plenty […]

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip Champions Crowned

The Ultimate Ears Winter Whip Snowboard and Ski Jam took place on Saturday, 5 August 2017 at Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho. The event, which is organised annually by LW Mag, brings together snowboarders and skiers from all around South Africa and Lesotho to compete and promote snow sports on the continent. This year’s event also saw participating […]
Afriski website

Afriski Website Gets a Serious Face Lift

Check out the brand-new Afriski website It’s official. The brand-new, totally awesome Afriski website is LIVE! You can now plan your African skiing holiday, with ease, from the comfort of your couch. Whether its finding the perfect accommodation, planning your winter activities or checking the weather update just before you leave; you can do it […]

The Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 Announced

Africa’s top Snowboarders and Skiers set to compete at the 2017 #UltimateEarsWinterWhip at Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho. Southern Africa’s premier Snowboard and Ski Slopestyle competition is back for its fourth year, and ready to host the sports’ top athletes. Announcing the 2017 Ultimate Ears Winter Whip presented by LW Mag. This year’s event, which partners with Ultimate […]
Things to Do in Cardrona

It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes

Welcome to the first part of the ‘It’s Time to Ride the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes’ series. This post is dedicated to one of the best beginner ski resorts in New Zealand. Welcome to Cardrona Alpine Resort – ski. ride. sightsee. The Best of the Southern Hemisphere Ski Slopes – Cardrona, New Zealand In the […]
Queenstown Winter Festival

Queenstown Winter Festival: 22-25 June 2017

The Queenstown Winter Festival is New Zealand’s biggest celebration of winter. Held over four days in late June, more than 45,000 people converge on Queenstown to P-A-R-T-Y. Nothing is too crazy and no superlatives are left untested. The Festival includes live music, competitive mountain exploits, comedy, fireworks, culinary creativeness, and polar lake plunging. Think you […]
Gear Guide

Get Good Gear: Once a Beginner Part 4

AfriSki Mountain Resort has recently opened its doors to the shred heads. The Gin and Jazz Festival set the tone, with some of this past weekend’s guests rocking the slopes in style. A fall in that get up though is going to hurt – rather get the right gear. Great Snowboarding Begins with Great Gear […]
Gin & Jazz Festival @ AfriSki 2017

Gin & Jazz Festival @ AfriSki: 9-11 June

AfriSki Mountain Resort is officially open for the winter ski season. The festivities kicked off with AfriSki’s very own Gin & Jazz Festival this past weekend. The two-day party boasted the best in live music alongside amazing food, high-quality booze and awesome shred action. Gin… The festival opened in Gondola Cafe with the acoustics of […]
AfriSki Mountain Resort Logo

AfriSki Mountain Resort: Opens Tomorrow!

Let the Count Down Begin! In just 24 hours, AfriSki Mountain Resort in Lesotho will be welcoming in the winter. The ski and snowboarding season is about to begin. Yes, you read that correctly. You can once again get your snow fix right here in Africa. Don’t forget your passport! AfriSki Resort If you’ve never […]
Summer Shred

Summer Shred @ Superpark Dachstein

SUMMER shred, you say? A dozen motivated snowboarders swapped slops for snow boots and headed to the Dachstein glacier for a summer shred session. The Girls Shred Session, hosted by QParks, this past weekend was a blast. Ana Rumiha and Michaela Tiefenbacher, two of Blue Tomato’s team riders, joined in the fun. They provided valuable coaching to […]
Look Where You're Going: Icy Surface

Look Where You’re Going: Once a Beginner Part 3

Look Where You’re Going! Here is the beginner snowboarder’s next practical tip – look where you’re going. This may seem somewhat obvious, but it is the next step to bonding with your board. Say what? You’re right, we’re not discussing looking ahead and being careful of your footing here. We’re talking about the connection between […]

We’re Open: Californian Ski Resorts Extend Closing Dates

We’re Still Open! After unexpected levels of rainfall, many ski resorts in Northern California are extending their closing dates. The wet weather has left the area buried in snow. As a result, some resorts intend staying open until 4 July. Yes, you read that correctly: there is now another two and a half months of […]
Five Tips for Rookies - Escape Reality

Five Tips for Rookies: Once a Beginner Part 2

Welcome to the second post in the newly-launched Once a Beginner series. This one is video-based and covers five tips for rookie snowboarders. Sorry, reality got in the way… Eeek… Thursday came and went and alas, no post! It’s amazing how the demands of ‘the real world’ so often force our dreams to the bottom […]
Neff AKIN Tee

Association for Kids In Need: A Neff Said

Buy a Neff T-shirt and Help a Child in Need Buy one of these awesome t-shirts (see design below) and Neff will donate $10 to the AKIN charity. The money will go toward the purchasing of mandatory school uniforms for children in developing countries. Buy an AKIN tee today and give a child the opportunity […]
Beginner Snowboarder

New Weekly Post: Once a Beginner (Snowboarder)

Calling All Beginner Snowboarders It’s one thing having ambition and knowing your purpose in life, it’s quite another making it happen. For all those teens out there (and adults too – let’s not discriminate) who have always dreamed of becoming the next Shaun White or Hannah Teter, this is for you. Welcome to our brand-new […]
Schneetag 2017

Schneetag Returns to Aspen Snowmass

S… What’s That Word? Schneetag (pronounced sch-knee-tog) is a German word that translates, quite simply, as ‘snow day’. A rather uninspiring definition, no? Clearly you haven’t experienced a schneetag Aspen-style. There, the term has an … um, slightly different meaning. An Aspen schneetag entails “daredevils willing to propel themselves down a hill, over a jump […]
World Rookie Tour

The World Rookie Tour Finals: 4-9 April

This past week, the World Rookie Tour hosted their last event of the season. Yes, you guessed it – the FINALS! Over the previous twelve events, the top contenders have been systematically whittled down to the best in the field. 140 riders participated in this five-day event. What’s the World Rookie Tour? This is the […]

Staying Active While Living With A Disability

Photo via Pixabay by TPSDave Staying active and vital when you have a disability is extremely important, but it can be a challenge for many. Finding ways to participate in sports or engage in physical activity when your mobility is limited can be difficult, time consuming, and can take a toll on you mentally and […]
Oakley Roof Battle

QParks Tour: Oakley Roof Battle @ Superpark Dachstein

The Last QParks Tour Stop This Season It’s hard to believe that the QParks 2016/2017 season is nearly at an end. The Oakley Roof Battle is the last event of this season’s tour. The tour began in Superpark Dachstein with the Pleasure Jam contest. It seems only fitting that it should end there too… Oakley […]
Londonderry Sculpture

A Monumental Honour or a Monumental Waste?

Londonderry Plans to Host a New Public Sculpture Who knew that the construction of a cast-bronze sculpture celebrating the achievements of Jake Burton Carpenter could be quite so controversial? And yet the debate around erecting a 30-foot long, 16-foot high and 9-foot wide sculpture is fierce. Perhaps the outrage is in some way connected to […]
Snowpark Gastein's Tenth Birthday

Snowpark Gastein Celebrates it’s Tenth Anniversary

Ten Years and Still Going Strong @ Snowpark Gastein 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of Snowpark Gastein’s opening. It’s hard to believe that the Austrian-based park has been the centre of phenomenal shred action for quite so long. In 2007, the park had only a dozen obstacles and one or two shapers. These days, the […]
QParks Tour Badenova Masters

Ninth QParks Tour Stop Postponed: Badenova Masters

Relax! You haven’t Missed the Badenova Masters For those of you who are stressing because you thought the ninth QParks Tour stop had come and gone and you’d missed it, relax! The Badenova Masters was postponed and will now take place this Saturday. The crew of Snowpark Badenova, Germany have worked hard to ensure that […]
Roope Tonteri

Roope Tonteri – The Insider Perspective

Roope Tonteri – Snowboarder, Park Creator and Eater of Burgers Some dream of becoming knights and riding noble, proud horses when they are older. Not Roope Tonteri – he grew up on a skateboard. At the age of nine, he switched concrete for snow … and hasn’t looked back. When not competing in the big […]
FIS Ski World Cup Finals 2017

Aspen Hosts FIS Ski World Cup Finals 2017

For the first time in twenty years, the FIS Ski World Cup Finals will be returning to American soil. Aspen Snowmass will host the event over the next five days. The World Cup Finals will feature the world’s best alpine skiing athletes across five disciplines. Both men and women will compete in downhill, super-G, giant slalom […]
Los Angeles Air + Style Festival Results

Los Angeles Air + Style Festival Results 2017

Los Angeles Air + Style Festival results are OUT! It’s been nearly a month since Los Angeles hosted the last leg of the Air + Style Festival. We’ve waited patiently for the eventual release of the last leg’s results – and here they are: Los Angeles Air + Style Festival Results      Max Parrot (above left) […]
X-Games Norway 2017

X-Games Norway 2017 – Coming Soon!

X-Games Norway 2017 – 8-11 March For the second consecutive year, the X-Games will be hosted in Norway. The event is to take place at Hafjell ski resort on 8-11 March. X-Games Norway 2017 will feature snowboard and ski big air events for both men and women. New to the event is the men and women’s […]
Ladies Podium Winners Burton US Open Championships 2017

Burton US Open Championships 2017

As the enthusiasts amongst us know, Vail Mountain Resort recently hosted the Burton US Open Championships 2017. The event took place this past weekend and the final results are out.  Without further ado, here they are: Women’s Half Pipe Finalists: In the women’s half pipe semi-finals the top three contenders were Chloe Kim, Maddie Mastro and […]
Kelly Clark at the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships 2017

Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships 2017

Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships 2017 For the fifth year running, the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships 2017 return to Vail, Colorado. With thirty five years behind the name, this is the world’s longest-running snowboarding competition. Red Bull has described the Open as “the contest that really matters … and the true test of a […]
brand-new website

QParks Reshapes Their Website For a Brand-New Look

QParks Has A Brand-New Look QParks has shaped the Alps for the past fifteen years. Now they have turned their attention, and shaping prowess, towards their website. The site overhaul is complete and packs a punch – on mobile devices as well as laptops. Let’s review some of the additional features that makes this new […]
Fourth Phase - Russian Shoot

The Fourth Phase Leaves You Breathless

The Fourth Phase Hits Hard Travis Rice‘s film, The Fourth Phase, has been filmed entirely on Go Pro cameras. The perspectives and angles leave you breathless, with your heart in your mouth. Every single time. The trailer is enough to give you an adrenaline rush while still firmly slouching on your couch. The longer feature […]
Gold & Glory 2017

QParks Tour: Gold & Glory 2017 – 25 February

For Gold & Glory! Calling all slopestyle enthusiasts to the brand new QParks Tour stop! Gold & Glory, hosted by the Golden Roofpark in Axamer Lizum, Austria, is the seventh stop on this season’s QParks tour. This weekend, the 40 competitors can expect a slick contest setup and up to 2,400€ in prize money (for us […]
Penken Truth 3

Here’s to Some Monday Cheer!

Ho Ho Ho – No… It’s truly tragic. The results of the Air + Style Festival have yet to be released. It gets worse… The results of the Aspen Freeskiing Open aren’t available either. The ultimate horror… It’s STILL Monday. Don’t fret just yet! Penken Truth #3 Penken Park can still bring some Christmas cheer […]
Los Angeles Air + Style Festival Results

Los Angeles Air + Style Festival: 18-20 February 2017

Los Angeles Air + Style Festival The Los Angeles Air + Style Festival begins on Saturday. This is the festival’s last stop and, like the previous two stops, promises wild shredding action and an awesome music line up. The Air + Style Festival site streamed the Innsbruck action live. You can watch the nearly two-hour […]
Aspen Snowmass Freeskiing Open 2017

Aspen Snowmass Freeskiing Open 2017

Aspen Snowmass Freeskiing Open 2017 Buttermilk Mountain is home to the Aspen Snowmass Freeskiing Open, which will, once again, take place this season (16-18 February 2017). It opens up the Aspen Winter X Games course to professionals and amateurs alike. Superpipe, slopestyle, big air and rail jam obstacles are available to the two hundred or so […]
Girls Shred Sessions

QParks Promotes Girls Shred Sessions

Girls Shred Sessions: Where Girls Own the Park For five seasons, QParks has been proudly hosting female-only snowboarding and free ski events. This season, shred queens and beginners alike are invited to meet up with the pros to polish up some tricks and moves. There are five Girls Shred Sessions planned for this season. Check […]

QPark’s Tour: Nock ‘n Rock 2017 – 11 February

Nock ‘n Rock 2017 @ Snowpark Turracher Höhe Tomorrow morning, free skiers and snowboarders alike will be flocking to Snowpark Turracher Höhe, Austria for the fifth stop of the QPark’s Tour. Nock ‘n Rock 2017 promises some amazing shred action given the perfect balance between jib and jump obstacles. Nock ‘n Rock 2017 features the following […]

Skiing Trends and Fashion at ISPO Munich 2017: The World’s Largest Sports Trade Show.

Over 2,700 international exhibitors presented their newest products from the fields of: Outdoor, Ski, Action, Sportmode, Performance Sports, Textilien, Health & Fitness, and Sourcing for the annual ISPO sports trade show hosted in Munich. During the last four days (5th-8th Feb), more than 85,000 visitors and 2,732 exhibitors from around the world turned Munich into […]
Toyota U.S. Grand Prix

Toyota U.S. Grand Prix This Past Sunday

Toyota U.S. Grand Prix @ Mammoth Mountain, CA This past Sunday, Mammoth Mountain hosted the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix. This is one of the longest running winter action sports tours. The American snowboarders gave a stellar performance and took podium places in both the men’s and women’s categories. Red Gerard Wins in the Men’s Category […]
Innsbruck Air + Style Festival 2017

Innsbruck Air + Style Festival: 3-4 February 2017

Innsbruck Air + Style Festival 2107 This February, Innsbruck, Tirol is hosting the second stop of the 2017 Air + Style Festival. Although these big air festivities have been a winter highlight for the past two decades, it was only last year that Innsbruck first hosted one of the event’s stops. The Innsbruck Air + […]
Aspen Winter X Games 2017 Results

Aspen Winter X Games 2017 Results

Aspen Winter X Games  2017 Results The four days of Winter X Games have come to an end. But while the action may be over, the Aspen Winter X Games 2017 results are still very much a talking point. The team of athletes who participated in this year’s Games gave outstanding performances. Whether it was in […]

Snowboarding Movie of the Year: Bigger, Better … Stronger!

Movie of the Year – Stronger Union Building Company and Red Bull Media House have released the greatest snowboarding video yet. The short film features a top-notch rider line-up – including Travis Rice, Torstein Horgmo and Bryan Iguchi – among others, of course. Legendary former pro snowboarder, turned acclaimed filmmaker, Lukas Huffman, said it best when he […]
Chloe Kim X Games 2017

Aspen Winter X Games 2017: Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim? – You mean that teenage snowboarder champ? Although just sixteen-years-old, Chloe Kim has already built a solid reputation in the snowboarding world. In 2014, she won her first Aspen Winter X Games silver medal – since then it’s always been good ol’ gold. At last year’s Winter X Games, Chloe Kim became the […]
Avalanche Awareness is Key

National Alpine Safety Month: Avalanche Awareness is Key

January is National Safety Month @ Aspen Snowmass This month, Aspen Snowmass is promoting alpine safety across each of their four mountain ranges. Each range has dedicated a week to safety-related activities and events in honour of National Safety Month. Guests of the Aspen Snowmass resorts will have the opportunity to meet the crews that keep […]
QPark's Tour: Blue Tomato Plan P 2017

QPark’s Tour: Blue Tomato Plan P 2017

Blue Tomato Plan P 2017 @ Superpark Planai The fourth stop of the 2016/2017 QPark’s Tour is on its way to Superpark Planai this weekend (Saturday 28 January). The park will boast 22 obstacles for riders to show off their breath-taking tricks. Blue Tomato Plan P 2017 is guaranteed to leave your pulse racing! Get […]

The Snowy White Alps are Calling!

Looking for a snowy getaway this year? The snowy slopes in the Alps are calling. Pure Tours has some incredible packages available from January through to April 2017. Go on, treat yourself to an epic snowy escape at an affordable price. Visit to book an experience of a lifetime. Follow PureTours on Facebook:
Penken Battle 2017 at Vans Penken Park

QParks Tour: Penken Battle 2017 – 14 January

Penken Battle 2017 Starts Tomorrow With the Battle ROJal results out, it’s time to look forward to the next stop on the QParks Tour. Vans Penken Park, Austria is hosting the third stop this season. Are you ready for the Penken Battle 2017? Penken Truth Do you also doubt that anyone could – or would […]
QParks Tour: Battle ROJal 2017 Winners

QParks Tour: Battle ROJal 2017 Results

Battle ROJal 2017 Continues Despite Cyclone Axel This past Saturday, contestants from eight different nations hit the slopes despite the chilly weather. Each rider was competing for the coveted first place position, as well as cash prizes and various other goodies worth a total of 1.200€. Cyclone Axel joined in the fun, but sub-zero temperatures didn’t […]
Burton releases step-on strapless bindings

Burton Brings Back 1970s Bindings – But Built Better?

Burton‘s newly released step-on strapless bindings are making waves in the snowboarding community. Snowboarding Bindings: The Basics There are two common types of snowboarding bindings: step-in and strap-on. Strap-on bindings were the original design and are the most popular amongst snowboarders. The heel support and straps across the toes support the foot and allow for […]
Aspen Winter X Games 2017 Results

Aspen Winter X Games 2017: 26-29 January

Aspen Winter X Games @ Buttermilk Mountain Once again, the Aspen Winter X Games return to Buttermilk Mountain, Colorado. First hosted here in 2002, the Games have since become known as a premiere action sports competition. The event boasts the world’s top snowmobile, ski and snowboard athletes who compete in big air, slopestyle and superpipe style […]
QParks Tour: Battle ROJal 07/01/2017

QParks 2016/2017: Battle ROJal on 7 January 2017

What’s Next for This Season’s QParks Tour? It seems ages ago that the hype around this season’s QParks Tour first began. So long ago as to forget the tour’s format, to vote in the Best Trick Battle competition, the details of this post … but not long enough to forget the thrill that is the QParks […]

Only Oakley Can Outdo Your Expectations

Only Oakley Can Outdo Your Expectations With Christmas now behind us, it is time to get back into the swing of things. Whether it’s a quiet game of golf on a Sunday afternoon, the thrill of pulling in a monster trout or hitting the snow slopes, you’ll definitely need a pair of the best eyewear […]

Chasing Magic Moments are WHAT IT IS ABOUT

With the Christmas season just around the corner, it’s important to remember what it is all about. This short video is a reminder to celebrate the small things. For Mitch Toelderer, finding moments of happiness means “being out there in the mountains, snowboarding”. With a great soundtrack and some phenomenal photography, this is a feel-good way to […]
Skyline Snowpark Schilthorn

Skyline Snowpark Schilthorn has it all this season!

Skyline Snowpark Schilthorn is Rocking this December Skyline Snowpark Schilthorn proves that pink really is the new black. With all-natural snow and plenty of popping pink obstacles to conquer, this snowpark is the perfect Christmas get-away destination. “But it’s closed”, you may say… Well, technically, yes. The Skyline Snowpark itself is currently closed. However, the brand-new Early […]
QParks Tour 2016/2017

QParks Tour 2016/2017: 4 months, 9 events, 30 finalists

QParks Tour 2016/2017: 4 months, 9 events, 30 finalists Once again, QParks is hosting their international freestyle tour. With ten different tour stops, all of which are qualifiers for the final event, this contest is the biggest in the alpine region. The season-long contest is hosted by QParks and takes place in snowparks throughout Germany, […]

26 March 2017: Shred Poker @ Snowpark Gastein

Shred Poker, you say? In just three months time, Snowpark Gastein will be hosting its first shred poker experience. Combining the best snowboarding tricks with the bluff and bravado of poker, shred poker is not for the faint of heart. Trade your slickest tricks for poker chips at this unique event. If this sounds too good […]
2016 Pleasure Jam 2016 Winners

Norway Nabs To Honours in Pleasure Jam 2016

The suspense is over. The last few points have been tallied, the final results released – only the awards remain. And Pleasure Jam 2016 winners are… On the weekend of 20 November, Pleasure Jam 2016 returned to Dachstein glacier, Austria, for the fourteenth repeat of this annual event. Unfortunately, with wind and snowfall predicted on […]

Northern Hemisphere Snow Report

 Snow Headlines – First snow of 16-17 pre-season in New England, as Killington Vermont opens. – Most expensive single ski lift yet opens at Austrian glacier resort. – More than five feet of snow reported so far this autumn at some (unopen) ski areas in BC. – Ski areas in 5 countries (Austria, France, Italy, […]

We will be OPEN during the 947 Cycle Challenge

We will be OPEN during the 947 cycle challenge on Sunday. The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge is in its 20th year and is set to attract 35 000 cyclists on Sunday, 20 November 2016. Road closures are set for this Sunday, however, William Nicol and Leslie Avenue will remain open. You can use the Tom […]
Burton Presents Street Meat


Two of Burton’s top street riders, Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss, not only shred any street feature around America, but now have a killer food show to boot.  When they are not hitting the streets after dark, hitting some of the gnarliest rails and drop-offs, they take some time out to relax. Street Meat – […]
Pleasure Jam 2016

Pleasure Jam Vol. 14 – 19-20 November 2016

Pleasure Jam once again returns to the Dachstein glacier. It is now one of the biggest snowboarding events not only in Austria, but globally as well. The Back Story of Pleasure Jam It all began in October 2003 when a collection of creative minds first paired ‘party’ with ‘snow’. Now, Pleasure Jam events are as well-known […]

North Face Partners With Whistler For Epic Season Opening

The soft breezes of summer have slipped by and the winter chill is fast approaching. While many snuggle up before the warmth of a crackling fire, the more adventurous of us are eagerly counting down the days until the 2016/2017 season opens. Whistler Blackcomb, in partnership with The North Face, are kicking off this season […]

Volcom Outerwear 2017 Hits the Slopes

Volcom, an old dog in the alternative sports industry, has just announced the 2017 Volcom Outerwear Range. It looks SICK!  The products are slick and understated.  This new range has style and functionality.  You will definitely stand out on the slopes! About Volcom In 1991 two friends traveled the world riding whatever, whenever and wherever they […]

Skier & Snowboarder Guide to the Best Ski Resorts Abroad

We’ve got an awesome ski destination in mind to help you plan a holiday you will never forget. Fourth on our list in the Skier and Snowboarder guide to the best ski resorts abroad is a resort that offers everything and more as one of Austria’s favourite family friendly ski resorts. Village charm, atmosphere, convenience, […]
Trailer Full Moon

Trailer: Full Moon

  The trailer for “Full Moon” came out a couple days ago, and our bellies are now on fire. Seven female snowboarding legends — Annie Boulanger, Robin Van Gyn, Marie France Roy, Helen Schettini, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman and Jamie Anderson — have dedicated the past two years to the project, traveling everywhere from Canada and Alaska […]
Bury Peri Episode 2

Bury Peri: Episode 2

In “Bury Peri” episode two, the boys head into the eye of mega-storm and find epic conditions around Perisher. With some pow-filled night riding thrown into the mix, followed by days of sunny park laps on Front Valley, you could say it’s been a productive couple of weeks. Riders: Jared Short Jesse Kennedy, Beau Fisher, […]
The Fourth Phase

The Fourth Phase: Official Trailer

From the creators of “The Art of FLIGHT,” Red Bull Media House presents “The Fourth Phase,” which tells the story of iconic snowboarder Travis Rice embarking on a journey to dreamlike landscapes around the North Pacific, discovering more than new terrain. The highly anticipated film premieres globally on October 2 on Red Bull TV, and […]
Justin Phipps

14 Year Old Justin Phipps

The young ones are shredding harder and harder these days. Check out 14 year-old Justin Phipps’s “Go Fast Take Chances” reel and be amazed. Transworld Snowboarding recently had an interview Phipps, read it here. Source: savedByTheGnar
Pokemon Go On Snow Catching Pikachu

Pokemon Go On Snow: Catching Pikachu

Everyone is going crazy over the Pokemon Go game these days, can you imagine what it would be like trying to catch the pokemon in the snowboarding world? Well, olympic snowboarder Jamie Nicholls has created a hilarious video where that scenario is brought to life in the form of a giant snowboarding Pikachu. It’s really […]
Soggy Summer July

Soggy Summer July

  Summer humidity continues to toll in through the southeastern United States, but a little rising mercury isn’t enough to quell the urge to stand sideways for the No Names crew. In Lynchburg, Virginia, the Liberty Snowflex Centre never melts and stands in defiance of summer weather. It’s the place that the No Names have […]

It’s SNOWING in Lesotho!!

Afriski is covered in a thick blanket of snow, with approximately 70 – 80 cm of heavy snowfall since Sunday. The skiing and snowboarding conditions are top notch…What are you doing this weekend? Come for the day or book our midweek packages – there is still some space. The past few days have seen snow […]
snow horse

The snowboarding horse video game you never knew you needed

This might be the most ridiculous, weirdest and coolest idea you’ll ever come across in the world of snowboarding. However, it is something actually happening. Christopher Figueroa, a software test engineer from Seattle, saw it necessary to create the world’s first, and possibly last, snowboarding horse video game. Yes, horses will be doing the snowboarding […]
Ståle & Sven Episode 2

Ståle & Sven: Episode 2

From Snowboarder: In Episode Two of Stale and Sven our Scandinavian heroes set up camp in Colorado for the 2016 X Games at Aspen. It’s pretty easy to discern that X Games is an intimidating event, but Stale and Sven give a more comprehensive glimpse of the intensity that permeates the venue. Besides the antics, […]
Sunday In The Park 2016 Episode 10

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 10

This is another episode of the epic Sunday In The Park. It just keeps getting better. Check out the chilled session: Riders: @RobbieBlumpkin, Justin Mulford, Chase Webb, Anthony Mazzotti, Ian Sams, Will Kenne, Kevin Raksnis, Kyle Schafer, Zultan Strcula, Daniel Brown, Jonathan McDonald, Buzz Holbrook Film/Edit: Kyle Schafer @jupiterpeople
High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 1

High Cascade Snowboard Camp : Session 1 Video Recap 2016

From High Cascade Snowboard Camp: Session One at High Cascade had an abundance of awesome horsepower that only summer snowboarding at Timberline Lodge Resort at Mt. Hood can fuel! With 10 inches of new snow falling just before camp began, we had an inkling that the epic was at hand. We were so right. Signature Session™ […]
Bury Peri Episode 1

Bury Peri – Episode 1

BOARDWORLD presents “Bury Peri” — a new series based at Perisher Resort. Episode one delivers early season slides, slashes, and laps through the Perisher Parks.   Riders: Jake Shanahan, Shannon Stab, Bensen Frapiccini, Charles Mcconnell, Andrew Cook, Sam “Red Dog” Neumann, Alex Brookes and Beau Fisher. Film: Adam Harris, Gabe Ryan Edit: Adam Harris Music: […]


G-Form has the best base layer system on the market. Combining their cutting edge technology with low profile base layer protection, G-Form provides comfortable security and flexibility without broadcasting it.  If you are looking for protection from the bumps and bruises that come along with any ski and snowboarding outing but don’t want to wear clunky padding this […]
YES Team at Whistler

The YES. Team at Whistler

From Boardworld Vimeo: We say it time and time again: there’s nothing better than shredding with your homies! YES. is the embodiment of this statement — born out of a love for snowboarding, friendship and shared values. DCP and the international YES. team, including Australia’s Sam “Red Dog” Neumann, spent a few glorious days at […]
Klaudia Medlova Season Edit 2016

Klaudia Medlova Season Edit 2016

Klaudia Medlova, 21, had quite the season and even made history by stomping a double backside rodeo during the Nine Queens event in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria. Medlova stomped the trick on the massive castle-themed jump during the progressive event, invite-only event. While other lady riders have landed doubles in their day, no lady has landed a trick […]
Burton Presents 2016 Mark McMorris

Burton Presents 2016: Mark McMorris

From Youtube: Burton Presents is a web series showcasing Burton’s top riders. In this episode, Mark McMorris bucks the contest kid stereotype as he steps away from the scoreboards and bright lights to drop hammers from British Columbia to Australia, Aspen, Japan and Austria. From heavy corked rotations to pow turns, it was a season […]
Copper Chronicles Forth Edition

Copper Chronicles | Fourth Edition

From Woodward Youtube: Copper Chronicles is making it’s summer debut here at Camp! Week 1 of Summer Camp 2016 was all time. The Pipeline Park is bigger and better than ever and the footage is here to prove it. Torstein Horgmo, Brage Richenberg and the Shredbots crew threw down all week beside beside our campers. […]
The low-down on Skiing in South Africa

The low-down on Skiing in South Africa

Ever wondered: How long has Goneskiing been around? What do we sell? How did Afriski mountain resort come about? How relevant is skiing in South Africa? How do your prepare people for skiing and snowboarding in our country? Joburg Today visited us to find out all about skiing in South Africa, our shop, what we […]
Snowboarding in the Desert

Snowboarding in the Desert

Snowboarder,Wojtek Pawlusiak, has taken snowboarding to the desert (sandboarding) along with one of the top Polish rally racers, Kuba Przygoński for a freestyle collaboration in a picturesque desert in the United Arab Emirates. The video showcases Gniazdo’s breathtaking jump over the car, parallel descent from one the highest dunes of the Arabian Peninsula and a set of tricks on […]
Steep Game to be released in December 2016

Steep Game to be released in December 2016

An open world action sports game from Ubisoft Annecy (with help from Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubisoft Kiev), Steep for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, will be released in December 2016. Steep drops players onto the peaks of mountains, with exhilarating experiences that include skiing, wing suiting, snowboarding, and paragliding. These sports establish an incredible […]
Sunday In The Park 2016 Episode 9

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 9

From Transworld Snowboarding: A heavy crew rolled through Bear Mountain for this week’s episode of Sunday in the Park. When these dudes show up and start throwing down, you know it’s going to be good. Buckle up, this is one of the most creative and hammer-filled edits we’ve dropped this season. Riders: Johnny Miller, Robert […]
Views From the 7th Ladies

Views From the 7th: Ladies’ Session Takes Over Whistler

In an effort to create a platform to help elevate women’s riding, Spencer O’Brien recently hosted a women’s jump session at Whistler/Blackcomb in British Columbia. Dubbed ‘Views from the 7th,’ the session proved to be one of the most progressive women’s jump shoots of the season. The ladies were fired up and unleashed a fury […]
Snowing Lesotho

It’s Snowing In Lesotho And You Know What That Means…

As the temperature decreases each day in Lesotho, more excitement levitates as this means that the Winter Season is officially upon us. The past few days have seen snow making a tremendous comeback and resorts like AfriSki Mountain Resort are waiting for your arrival as they prepare the slopes for some amazing skiing and snowboarding. According to […]
Ståle & Sven Episode 1

Ståle & Sven: Episode 1

From Snowboarder: Scandinavian savants Stale Sandbech and Sven Thorgren usher in the season with a brand new web series Stale and Sven. In the first episode the Norse and the Swede partake in the Laax Open, a contest set in some of Switzerland’s most epic scenery. Although Stale and Sven are no strangers to the podium and […]
Ben Ferguson Snowboards Austria

Ben Ferguson Snowboards Through Austria

From Transworld Snowboarding: Imagine you’re halfway across the world. Immersed in a new culture, surrounded by the unfamiliar, and you have nothing but snowboarding on your agenda. Accompanied by his childhood friend and longtime snowboard companion, Ben Ferguson set out to travel Austria for some much needed mindless snowboarding. Only minutes from the door to the […]
Burton Presents 2016 Danny Davis

Burton Presents 2016: Danny Davis

From Youtube: Burton Presents is a web series showcasing Burton’s top riders. This segment focuses on Danny Davis as he prepares for X Games by exploring the snow-choked forests of Hokkaido, Japan, with Mark McMorris and Terje Haakonsen. Whether it’s in the pipe or some misty forest, few humans truly embody the concept of balance […]

The How To Use Outdoor Tech Chips Manual

Outdoor Tech’s “CHIPS” are a bluetooth audio and microphone that you can insert into almost any helmet with an audio liner. They make it possible to wirelessly listen to music or talk on the phone while wearing a helmet. This how-to guide will help you understand and remember all the functions of the headset. Step […]
Copper Chronicles Third Edition

Copper Chronicles | Third Edition

And that’s a wrap! The first season of Copper Chronicles has come to an end with this action-packed session. Check it out: Featuring: Sean Murphy, Sy Moran, Nate Haust, Hayden Tyler, Andrew Baker, Zach Soderholm, Chris Corning Filmed by Ryan Sheetz and Greg Bejian Edit by Ryan Sheetz Source: Transworld Snowboarding
Think Thank at The Loon Project

Think Thank at The Loon Project

Think Thank have been creating snowboarding videos with the motto “Progression through creativity” since 2004. From Think Thank: The Loon Project gave us a peak into the future of terrain parks through the eyes of Snowboy Productions and Scott Stevens…and the future looks good! Garrett Read filmed the mind blowing week and put together this […]
Decoded Full Movie from Cryptic Films

Decoded: Full Movie from Cryptic Films

Cryptic Films have made a full feature of their own staying true to the theme of promoting snowboarding, videography, music, and friendships, Decoded also adds elements of style, technique, and progression. Watch below: Featuring: Benny Milam, Drew Poganski, Jeffy Gabrick, Joey Peterson, Krister Ralles, Kyle Kennedy, Oliver Dixon, Shane Ruprecht, Cody Beiersdorf, and Brady Lem […]
Fat Furious Dark Park

Fat & Furious: Dark Park

This an episode shot in the dark, hence “Dark Park”. The Fat and Furious really brought the dark to life, and made it just a bit less scary. From Vimeo: Lowe called us and had this brilliant idea about filming a episode in totally darkness. Me and Theo has always wanted to, so we committed […]
Sunday In The Park Episode 8

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 8

Sunday In The Park’s 8th episode is here and yes, action and fun is all that is served. From YouTube: Think about the best day of the season you’ve had so far. What made it so rad? Was it the homies you were riding with? Probably. When your crew is dialed and everyone is on point […]
The Rambler Episode 8

The Rambler: Turning Into A Dune (Episode 8)

We have discovered a new snowboarding series called The Rambler and it is so great. This Deeluxe Snowboard Boots In-House production is now on episode 8 and you can peep the previous ones on their Vimeo channel. It is a trip to Mt. Hood Oregon feat. Brandon Cocard & Yusaku Horii. From Vimeo: Conquering the heat […]
SNOW Snowboarding

PC Game “SNOW” Now Has Snowboarding!

SNOW is a free-to-play, open-world winter sports game that gives players the chance to freely explore a massive mountain environment on skis or snowboard – alone or with friends. Poppermost Productions has announced that snowboards and snowmobiles are now available in Snow. This highly anticipated development marks a key milestone in SNOW’s promise of providing the […]

HOW YA DOIN’: The Movie

HOW YA DOIN The Movie is the 4th full length snowboarding video from the Ice Coast Kills Shit fam. Shot entirely in New York, HOW YA DOIN is a rollercoaster of emotions that follows the ICKS boys through the 2014/2015 east coast winter. It’s hollerable. It’s tolerable. It’ll make you wanna pop your collarable. You’ll […]
Drop-Outs Trailer

Trailer: Drop-Outs Teaser

The Drop-Outs movie is the brainchild of Tom ‘Smithy’ Smith and it features some of the finest and most underrated riders. From Vimeo: Drop Outs is a UK snowboard film project from snowdomes to mountains, dryslopes to street and everything inbetween. Drop outs is filmed entirely by the riders and friends on everyting from Iphones […]
Snowboarders Abandoned Winter Resort

[WATCH] Snowboarders Take Over Abandoned Winter Resort

Red Bull keeps pushing boundaries when it comes to snowboarding, earlier this year they created the snowmusement park where riders shredded the empty waterpark and now it’s an abandoned winter resort. It’s so great. From Red Bull: Imagine being a snowboarder and having a resort completely to yourself. Now imagine you invited a crew of […]
Jacob Legault Season Edit

12-Year-Old Jacob Legault’s Season Edit

The kids are the future! Jacob Legault’s culminating snowboarding career is one worth observing. At 12, the talented youngster is already landing doubles and has a bag full of tricks. He has been training at the Maximise facility in Quebec and shows his skills on a numerous jumps and jibs in his season edit. Check […]
Copper Chronicles Second Edition

Copper Chronicles | Second Edition

From Woodward Camp YouTube: As the season progresses, Central Park only gets better. The second installment of the series chronicles the inventive jibs, jumps and innovative riding that has gone down at Copper Mountain during the months of February and March. Featuring Asher Humphreys, Dillon Smidt, Connor Paulson, Silas Moran, Kyle Kelley, Greyson Clifford, Zach […]
Stinky x Trollhaugen

Stinky x Trollhaugen

The Stinky Socks crew had a great week at Trollhaugen, Mouse Mansion and the streets of Minesotta/Wisconsin. Check out that Troll Magic! Riders: Marcus Rand, Jake Schaible, Bob Abrams, Austin Young, Jeffy Gabrick, Jesse Paul, Tony Wagner, Logan Herber, Jared Mcdaniel, Walker Murphy, Krister Ralles and Tanner Seymour. Filmed by Dimo and Risto, edited by Dimo. Source: […]
Sunday In The Park 2016 Episode 7

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 7

Bear Mountain’s Sunday In The Park continues to be the source of crazy fun and action-packed episodes. Check out the 7th installation of the year in the video below: Riders: Drayden Gardner, Andrew Paine, Richie Conklin, Dimytry Koltcov, Denis Leontyev Film/Edit: Kyle Schafer @jupiterpeople Additional Film: Mark Thalaman Photo: Kyle Schafer Source: Bear Mountain Resort Youtube […]
Ski Dreams Italy

Go To Italy with Ski Dreams During The Festive Season

Not sure which holiday destination to go to for the festive season? Well we may have the answer for you. Cervinia, Italy may be the perfect resort for all your snowboarding or skiing needs. This beautiful resort has the best snow record in Italy! Cervinia is all about high-altitude skiing where you can feel the wind […]
Trash League Play'd

Trash League – Play’d

Mike Chmil, Mark Goodall and the Trash League have dropped their full Play’d video and it’s a snowboarding video about Ontario and slightly beyond. It will be available exclusively for viewing on the Stinky Family website for the first 24hours or you can watch directly from Vimeo by following the link below. Featuring: Mark Goodall, Gordon Birnie, […]
Heliskiing in Alaska

Ready for an insane ski run? Heliskiing in Alaska

Ready for an insane ski run? Heliskiing in Alaska, every skiers dream. Check it out! From Youtube: Tanner Hall looks back on the 2014-2015 season as we follow him through the battles of being in the Alaska Backcountry. From avalanches, spine lines, massive cliff drops, and rag dolls; see what skiers and snowboarders alike go […]
TomSki Tours

TomSki Tours

Are you planning a skiing holiday? TomSki Tours, founded in 1999, may have the best package for you. They are passionate about sharing the anticipation, thrill, excitement, romance and awe of a ski holiday with those have the experience and encouraging first-timers to feel these emotions. Collectively they have skied in the USA, Canada, Japan, […]
Airblaster Side Hit Social Stinky

Airblaster’s Side Hit Social x Stinky

In collaboration with Boreal Mountain Resort, Airblaster designed the Side Hit Social as a community building event. No contest, no podium, just a free flowing, fun loving, expression session with the local community and the Airblaster team. Another addition to the partnership is the Stinky Family and everyone is really hyped up about the future. […]
Copper Chronicles First Edition

Copper Chronicles | First Edition

The first edition of Copper Chronicles series was released by Woodward Copper earlier this year and it features a fiery of Colorado all-stars. These guys are shredding where the jumps are unmatched and the tricks are one of a kind. Watch Dillon Wilson, Sy Moran, Austin Julik-Heine, Tylor Berreth, Josh Boeser, Greyson Clifford, Zach Soderholm, Zach Rawles […]
Snowboarding The Fourth Phase

New Mobile Game: Snowboarding The Fourth Phase

Ever wondered what it’s like to be professional snowboarder? Well there is now a game that can give you that experience. Snowboarding The Fourth Phase is an interactive precursor to The Fourth Phase film which premieres globally on the 2nd of October 2016. This is the latest mobile game from Red Bull Media and it is available […]
Livigno Mottolino

Snow Fun with Livigno Mottolino

Mottolino Fun Mountain is renowned for its snowpark, among the best in Europe, built with passion taking in account obstacle quality as well as riders’ safety and fun. I has hosted some of the best snow contests including 3 editions of Burton European Open, 4 of Nine Knight, 7 of Burn River Jump and 11 of […]

Apres Ski Sale – Up to 70% Off

  The Gone Skiing Apres Ski Sale starts this Friday 1st April! Get in store early and be sure you don’t miss out on awesome deals with your favourite skiing & snowboarding brands including Burton, Oakley, Surfanic & Analog — UP TO 70% OFF SELECTED ITEMS — Call 0861 754 669 or email for more info. See more and shop […]
Sunday In The Park 2016 Episode 6

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 6

They say the best shred edits are the ones that make you want to drop everything, grab your snowboard and get out and ride or watch again and again. The latest Sunday In The Park from Bear Mountain might just do that with all the stunts and crazy moves pulled. Check it out! Riders: Sam […]
Neff, Hickies and SmellWell,

Know More About Neff, Hickies and SmellWell

Neff Headwear Inc. is a company that markets beanies, hats, tees, gloves and other accessories and it was launched in 2002 by Shaun and Joe Neff. The first products were hand-knit beanies tagged with Neff and at the time they were the first authentic core snow and skate headwear company in the world.  Neff is […]
Nine Queens

Nine Queens meets Girls Shred Session

In order to support all the up-and-coming female riders, the Girls Shred Session on the 12th of March gathered about 15 motivated girls to practice their skills at the Jib and Progression Circus in Serfaus. All participating freeskiers and snowboarders received helpful tips by Birgit Rofner during a relaxed session and improved their skills. A […]

Spring Skiing Trip Essentials

Packing for a trip is always difficult let alone a ski trip abroad and for the typical South African, well this can be a rather daunting task! We know we need heavy jackets and hand warmers, but what about those awesome Spring skiing pics when everyone is shooting around in nothing but bikinis and tank […]
G-Form History

What Is This G-Form You Talk Of?

G-Form was founded by avid athletes that shared in a common vision of using advanced polymer technology to revolutionise impact protection and vibration dampening for competition. The founding team included expertise in a wide variety of sports, but perhaps more importantly expertise in polymer chemistry, 3D design, photography, mold making, entrepreneurship, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. […]
Oakley Story

Oakley’s Story

Oakley designs, develops and manufactures sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces including sunglasses, sports visors, ski/snowboard goggles, watches, apparel, backpacks, shoes, optical frames, and other accessories. Founded in 1975 by James Jannard out of his garage, the name Oakley comes from the name of his dog. He began by selling what he called “The Oakley Grip” […]
Burton History

The History of Burton

  Burton was founded by Jake Burton in 1977 and specialises in product lines aimed at snowboarders; snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear and accessories. Not only did Burton build the world’s first snowboard factory, but they are the biggest snowboard brand in the world. In 2003, Burton allowed online companies to sell over the internet and […]

The Story Behind Gone Skiing

Gone Skiing was founded in 2008 by snowboarding enthusiast Peter Peyper who is armed with over 15 years’ experience in the game – he has been burning up many of the slopes in Europe and has a keen knowledge of the ski slopes all over Europe. He closely with works with Wiola Peyper, the financial […]
8-Year-Old Lands Double Backflip

New Record Alert: 8-Year-Old Lands Double Backflip!

It seems snowboarders are made young these days. We saw an 11-year-old ripping it  just a few days back and now the young’ns are breaking records, how amazing is this? 8-year-old Eli Bouchard, from Canada, may be the youngest snowboarder to have ever stomped a double backflip earning him some bragging rights. Check out the clip […]
Kael Hill

Kael Hill Pulls Off Extreme Stunts Without Snow

Kael Hill, 25, may have started what looks like a combination of snowboarding and parkour – boardkour – a sport not to be tried at home. He takes his board down stairs and over park benches – he even finds a way to ride through a playground. “People have seen skateboarding and snowboarding in some […]
Marianna Myer

11-Year-Old Ripper Marianna Myer

  New talent is always great to watch, especially when young. 11-year-old Marianna Myer, from Rhode Island, is one that looks like she will be taking over women’s snowboarding in just a few years to come. She is already turning headS with her moves and style. Check her in action in the video below: Source: […]
Sunday In The Park 2016 Episode 5

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 5

  Bear Mountain keeps the action coming. This is the 5th episode which was released during the Super Bowl weekend and its filled with nothing but fiery moves. Check out the action below and by the end you’ll probably want to shred it too!   Source: Transworld Snowboarding
FLAV Flip Flops and Stilettos

FLAV: Flip Flops and Stilettos

The FLAV (Feel Like A Virgin) series have released the fourth episode and it might just be the sexiest snowboarding video around. With flip flops on the snow and stilettos on poles and of course the comedic take to situations, the Rusty Toothbrush collective have produced yet another cool chapter. This is the description on […]
Sunday In The Park 2016 Episode 4

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 4

Bear Mountain is back with an on-point, action-packed episode of Sunday In The Park 2016. The riders showcased some awesome skills. Check out the footage below. Film/Edit: Kyle Schafer Riders: Denis Leontyev, Oshi Takuji, Richie Conklin, Kody Williams, Lenny Mazzotti, Braedon Wheeler, and more! Source: Transworld Snowboarding
Nock'n'Rock 2016

Nock ‘n Rock at the Snowpark Turracher Höhe

An action-packed day at Snowpark Turracher Höhe took place as this year’s Nock ‘n Rock slopestyle contest was underway. This was the the sixth QParks Tour Stop and everyone including the outstanding riders, and awesome crew looked forward to a spectacular event. The judges as well as the awe-filled spectators were super impressed with the moves […]
Skiing Packages for 2017

Book With Pure Skiing For 2017 and SAVE!

Pure Skiing has amazing deals for early bookers, so you can start making plans for the next year – today! Check out the resorts below:   St Johann, Austria | 7-14 JAN 2017 | R9,310.00 For more info on what is included on the Pure Skiing package click the Book/ View button. Zell Am See, Austria […]
Air & Style LA 2016

Yuki Kadono wins Air & Style LA 2016

On the 20th and 21st of February, 44 000 people gathered to watch some of the best snowboarders in the world at the Air and Style LA 2016. With line-up of great artists like J. Cole and Action Bronson, among others, and free snowboarding zone for the public it was set to be one fun occasion. Day […]
Sunday In The Park 2016 Episode 3

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 3

Transworld Snowboarding presents Sunday In The Park’s third episode is here with all it’s magic. The riders are so good, you’ll want to watch repeatedly. Check out the action. Riders: Sean Black, Daniel Brown, Eli Weiner, Lenny Mazzotti, Justin Mulford Film/ Edit: Kyle Schafer @jupiterpeople Additional Film: Mark Thalman Photo: Jared Meyer Source: Transworld Snowboarding
Skiing Packages for Christmas 2016

10 Night Skiing Packages for Christmas 2016

It may be a little early in the year but you know about what they say about the earliest bird…and we have the fattest worm for you. Pure Skiing is offering 10 whole nights packages at an unbeatable price for Christmas – a chance to not only get away and relax/ unwind and experience the […]
Vans Penken Park App

The New Vans Penken Park App

The new Vans Penken Park (Mayrhofen) app was released along with other QParks apps and now has some new features. The park has 6 different areas and Freestyle fun for all different levels. In addition to knowing about the park status, the Shredweather, News, preview videos, looking at the gallery and getting notifications – there […]
Sunday In The Park 2016 Episode 2

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 2

The Bear Mountain/ Transworld Snowboarding team has been putting up more episodes for the series and this is the second one for the year. More action,more snow, more shredding and of course, more fun! Check it out below. Riders: Keoni Kaimuloa, Darrell Mathes, Lenny Mazzotti, Mike Gray, and Jordan Small Source: Transworld Snowboarding
Peace Park 2015

Throwback: Peace Park 2015

Check out this cool video – shows what happens when cool brands team up for some awesome shredding.   From Youtube description: Burton, Mountain Dew, and Danny Davis have teamed up once again to gather some of the world’s best snowboarders in the name of creativity and good times at Peace Park 2015. This year, […]


AND XL LINES ARE BACK IN MOTTOLINO SNOWPARK Freestyle is proudly back to Italy with the opening of bigger lines at Mottolino. Despite the lack of snow at the start of the season, now the ski area is working well thanks to shapers’ hard work as well as very advanced snowmaking plants efficiency.   February […]
Transworld Snowboarding's Riders' Poll Awards 2016

And The Winners Are…

We gave you the nominees and it’s only right that we follow up with the winners of the 17th Annual Transworld Snowboarding’s Riders’ Poll Awards. The event took place on the 29th of January at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado and over 1,100 pro snowboarders and industry members attended. The night was epic and truly […]

Stinky X Trollhaugen

Stinky X Trollhaugen from Stinky Socks on Vimeo.   Risotto from caught up with Jeffy Gabrick on the phone to talk what’s so different in the Trollhaugen aria and why these Troll kids are so damn good. Well it looks like it’s not the water they drink or the air they breath. We are […]
Rusty Toothbrush Snowboard Rugby

Rusty Toothbrush Presents Snowboard Rugby

FLAV (Feel Like A Virgin) series are back with another fun episode filled with action, slams, rugby, snowboarding and even more rugby. The description on Epic Tv is as follows: In the latest episode of FLAV the dudes from Rusty Toothbrush point their lens at the ancient sport of Snowboard Rugby. Ever heard of it? […]
Fingers Crossed Series Episode 2

Fingers Crossed Series: Episode 2

The second episode of fingers crossed is out! Claudia Avon and Taylor Godber have brought yet another production filled with action and adrenalin-infused excitement. This what Godber had to say about it:   Month 2 and episode 2 on the chopping block there was still not enough snow to film in the backcountry at home. […]
LAXX Open 2016

LAXX Open 2016: The Best Yet

Laxx, the best and biggest snowboard-friendly resort in Europe, hosted the Laxx Open 2016 and the stakes were higher with prize money amounting to $500K . That is not all, add the biggest and longest halfpipe in the world plus the most challenging and creative slopestyle course created – and you have the best contest of […]
Snowboarding With The NYPD

Snowboarding With The NYPD

The weekend blizzard that shut down New York City created a snowboarding rapture for a pair of enterprising filmmakers, Casey Neistat and Jesse Wellens. They created a viral video of them skiing and snowboarding through Manhattan’s near-empty streets and right through Times Square. Armed with several cameras, a GoPro and a drone to capture this […]
Craig McMorris Shredtopia

Watch Craig McMorris’ Shredtopia Part

Shred Bots’ Craig McMorris has released his part of the Shredtopia movie. It is full of street and backcountry action and of course, zero fear. The adrenaline rush is infectious and you are guaranteed to feel victorious after every successful shred, wallow in the utopia if you will. Check out the video, the full movie […]
Skier Pushes Snowboarder Off Lift in Aspen

Skier Pushes Snowboarder Off Lift in Aspen

Aggro much? Seth Beckton, a local Aspen snowboarder and budding photographer, found himself in a debacle when he was thrown off the Loje Chairlift at Aspen Highlands by an angry skier. The perpetrator was allegedly offended when Beckton made a few comments about getting “tits deep pow” and that’s when he was pushed. Fortunately, he was not […]
Sunday In The Park 2016

Sunday In The Park 2016: Episode 1

Bear Mountain presents Sunday In The Park is back with more action and more energy. This is 2016’s first episode, check out the video. Riders: Erik Leon, Ian Sams, Drayden Gardner, Jake Schaible, Bob Abrams, Richie Conklin, Jordan Small, Lenny Mazzotti Source: Transworld Snowboarding
Rusty Toothbrush And The Snowboard Boomerang

Rusty Toothbrush And The Snowboard Boomerang

FLAV (Feel Like A Virgin) is a four part series by Rusty Toothbrush, whose main aim is to present snowboarding in a way never before seen. “People can relate to fun, not to triple corks and time lapses” says the crew, so the fun of snowboarding is what they deliver! The second episode explores another story […]
Red Bull Snowmusement

Red Bull Snowmusement: Snowboarding An Empty Water Park

Red Bull has created a snowmusement park at Mountain Creek, an infamous New Jersey attraction that’s gone down in history as the world’s most extreme water park. This is place where fun is the order of the day and definitely the first of its kind. Red Bull description below: Water park? You mean snowboard park? […]
Affordable Ski Resorts In The US

Affordable Ski Resorts In The US

Want to go skiing in the US but the Rand/Dollar value is showing you flames? Well, we found a list with the most affordable resorts where skiers can stay in a hotel for $130 or less. Check it out below: Ogden, Utah Average cost of one night hotel stay: $91 Boasting 3 resorts, the charming town […]
Girls Shred Sessions by QParks

Girls, Get Ready To Shred!

  Girls Shred Sessions by QParks are back and as the motto goes, girls own the park! A host of motivated girls will start conquering the alpine snowparks on their freeskis and snowboards. Professional shredders will be there to help enhance your range of tricks and possibly tweak your skills set within a relaxed atmosphere. This […]
Rusty Toothbrush’s FLAV

Rusty Toothbrush’s FLAV Episode 1: Snowboard Shepherd

There is a new hilarious web series called FLAV created by Rusty Toothbrush. It has a comical plot and a crew of shredders. There is lots of action and of course, some storytelling mixed into a very great, quality experience. The description of the first episode on EpicTv is as follows: Episode 1 of Rusty Toothbrushe’s […]
Origins Transworld Snowboarding Feature Film

Origins: Transworld Snowboarding Feature Film

Transworld Snowboarding has created a fifth feature film, Origins, with the aim of finding the roots of freestyle snowboarding at five locations around the globe. The Alps, France; Hokkaido, Japan; Quebec, Canada; Whistler, Canada and Mammoth, USA were the places on the list for this exploration. Legends and pioneers of the sport were sought to dig […]
New QParks Mobile Apps

The New QParks Mobile Apps – Your Snowpark In Your Pocket

QParks has created 15 new mobile apps for snowboarders and freeskiers; aimed at providing you with information about your favourite snowpark directly on your smartphone. You can connect with your friends and other riders and share/ upload pictures on SHRAPIQ. Version 3.0 of the App has undergone a complete facelift and has been wrapped in a […]
Marcel Hirscher Wins Alpine Skiing World Cup

Marcel Hirscher Wins Alpine Skiing World Cup

  Austrian skier, Marcel Hirscher became the first man to win three successive giant slalom races at the Alta Badia venue, in Italy’s Dolomite mountains. He claimed the World Cup lead from Aksel Lund Svindal, who was 28th, and moved 20 points ahead of the Norwegian. This was his fourth victory this season and was 0.19 seconds […]
Dew Tour Breckenridge 2015

Mark McMorris Wins Snowboard Slopestyle In Dew Tour

The Dew Tour Breckenridge 2015 came to an end, at its peak, with the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final and for the third time in four years, Mark McMorris rode away with the victory. “To come into finals and be able to drop last, watch everybody ride their first run, then land the run I really wanted to do […]
skiing ad audi

Audi Makes A Cool Skiing Ad – With No Snow!

French professional skier, Candide Thovex, has done it again. Considered as one of the best skiers in the history of the sport, Thovex teamed up with German automobile company Audi to show off his skiing skills, except this time around he did it on downhill grassy mountain slope instead of snow. One of his videos, […]
Burton Presents 2016 Mark McMorris

Burton Presents 2016: Mark McMorris

Burton Presents is a web series showcasing Burton’s top riders. This segment focuses on Mark McMorris as he breaks the contest kid stereotype. He drops hammers from British Colombia to Australia, Aspen, Japan and Austria by stepping away from scoreboards and bright lights. Other snowboarders part of the series include Ethan Deiss & Zak Hale, Ben Ferguson, Mikey Rencz […]

Trailer: The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a snowboarder? What do they get up to? Well the answer, or at least a part of it has been produced in the form of a film called The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding. Jerome Tanon, a french snowboard photographer and cinematographer has spent years chasing snow and capturing the techniques of pro […]

Santas Ski And Snowboard For Charity

Ho, ho, ho! On the 6th of December 2015, a gang of Santas (150 to be exact) hit the ski slopes for charity and some holiday cheer.   It was the 16th annual Skiing Santas event at Sunday River ski resort in Maine, US. Described as a festive kickoff, this event is chaotic and unforgettable which […]
pleasure jam

Pleasure Jam 2015

The 13th Pleasure Jam took place in the Superpark Planai for the first time in history– and it was a success! On the 28th November 2015,  a magical winter wonderland and gleaming sunshine was welcoming to all the international snowboarders. The frosty temperatures of the last days and the backbreaking efforts of the QParks shapecrew resulted […]
snowboarding tutorial

Snowboarding Tutorial: Stance and Balance

Photos: David Beesley So you want to go skiing for the holidays and you have no idea how to even stand on the snowboards? Ninja Academy has put together this tutorial to help with your stance and balance. This is helpful to everyone, from beginner to the pro; balance is essential. Once you are able to […]
Pure Skiing

The Snow Is Falling And So Are Pure Skiing Prices

The Festive Season is upon us and with the new snow-fall across Europe, Pure Skiing is slashing Ski holiday prices! It’s a great idea to provide you with choices to some of the best ski resorts in the world for less. We know you have been saving the whole year for an snow experience and now we also […]

Upcoming Snowboarding Events

It’s the last month of 2015, can you believe it? While it’s blazing hot in South Africa, a variety of snowboarding events are upon us. Ski and snowboarding junkies are in for a treat of almost back-to-back events, all filled with non-stop action and record-breaking potential. The excitement and nerves will definately be catching up […]

This Is What Happens When You Get Outta’ The Kitchen

Got about fifteen minutes on your hands? Then you’d better get into Outta’ The Kitchen, a new feature from a group of very talented ladies. With guns. And snowboards. We promise that they’re not forcing us to say any of this. They really don’t have to. Spend your coffee break checking out some women who […]

Time To Go Backstage at Vans Penken Park

It’s hot, it’s sticky, it’s summer. Wouldn’t you rather be backstage at Vans Penken Park? We certainly would, which is why we’ve spend this Thursday morning watching Talkin’ Mayrhofen – Backstage at Vans Penken Park. What you’re going to see here is a lot of the park. The lines themselves look spectacular and that’s before […]

Too Hard Crew Presents Full Feature It’s Lit

We’ve seen the Too Hard Crew going hard all over the place and they’ve got a new full feature out showing them going harder than before. This is It’s Lit and it’s… well… lit. These girls are not afraid of anything, as their occasional bails are testament to, but they’re also hitting features well enough […]

Gone Skiing Sales Assistants Wanted

Gone Skiing Sales Assistants Wanted ~ temporary and full time positions available.   We’re looking for young and engaging sales persons with a passion for snow sports and retail. Preference will be given to those that can demonstrate experience working in this industry and work dynamically in a team.   If you’d like to get […]

Cowboy-Slash-Snowboarder Mark Carter’s Full Part

What happens when you put a cowboy on a snowboard? The results are better than you’d think as Mark Carter’s section reveals. There’s a lot of carving, a lot of downhill and a lot of forgetting-that-it’s-Monday-today. At least for a few minutes. Unfortunately we’re no able to embed this one locally so you’re going to […]

Burton’s Danny Davis On Gear And Snowboarding

Danny Davis, Burton team rider, is one of the best snowboarders alive so when he stops for a minute to talk about his gear and about the sport in general, it’s time to stop doing what you’re doing and pay attention. As it happens, it’s time to pay attention. Listen in on Danny talking about […]

Snowpark Kreischberg Is A Good Starting Point For Austrian Trips

Planning a trip to Austria? You should be. Specifically to Snowpark Kreischberg, because they’re trying really hard to get your attention. That and the preview that they’ve got online, plus the various awesome amenities, the various features and all… that… space… From the video description: “Speed course, tubing and international freestyle events: Kreischberg is THE […]

THE X In Sölden Will Haunt Your Dreams

THE X in Sölden is actually spelled that way. The THE uses all capital letters and, really, in this making-of and boarding video of the unique feature, it justifies the all-caps naming. You’ve probably never seen anything like THE X. Sölden has, and that’s a good reason to hit up Area 47 in itself. In […]

Skier Ian McIntosh Takes A Crazy 1600 Foot Fall

What happens to skier Ian McIntosh in the video above is just what you don’t want to have happen on the slopes. But it also ends the way that you would want a potentially terrible event to end – with little to no damage. Ian drops into a line that he had scouted beforehand and […]

Burton Presents 2016 – Danny Davis

Another week, another Burton Presents. And this one, Burton Presents 2016 – Danny Davis, is a welcome one because it is hot as balls in Johannesburg (and most of the rest of SA). We could do with something to cool us down. As usual, Davis is having a lot of fun in the backcountry and […]

Marcus Kleveland Hits His Backside Quad 1800

Marcus Kleveland has become the third person to land a backside quad-core 18 – following on the heels of Max Parrot and Billy Morgan. In case you were wondering, the build-up to his run and the trick itself are in the video above. Kleveland has become the youngest person to hit the quad 18, which […]

Here Are Your Details On The Aspen X Games 2016

Would you believe, it’s that time of the year already? No, the Winter X Games 2016 aren’t quite upon us but they’re looming large enough to be on our radar again. ESPN have detailed what will be involved in 2016’s edition (a 20th anniversary event, just by the way), inviting 2015’s medal winners to hit […]

Burton Girls Presents – Episode 3: All Time

It’s time for another Burton Girls Presents and this time around it’s Episode 3: All Time. But somehow we managed to miss Episode 2, something that we plan to rectify while you’re reading this. While we will come back to the last episode, in the meantime you can see Kelly, Anna, Miyabi, Haily and friends […]

The Manboys Are Back – This Is Their 2015 Teaser

The Manboys, whose madcap antics so entertained us at the end of last year (and the beginning of this one), are back for another round. And it looks as though they’re going to be discarding respectability all over again. We’re okay with that. So expect to see, in the coming weeks, everything from underwear and […]

Snark Attack At Killington

It’s terrible when a Snark Attack happens. There’s so much fun, and snow, and air. Nothing like that whole ocean thing with the similar, which is a very scary experience. Snark Attack takes place at Killington, with Mike Rev and Skylar Brent taking to the run in the pre-season. Killington is one of the first […]

Burton Presents 2016 – Mikkel Bang and Mikey Rencz

It’s that time of the week again and we’re really pleased about that. This is Burton Presents 2016 – Mikkel Bang and Mikey Rencz. What? Oh, you need a little more? Ten minutes of some of Burton’s finest footage, hand crafted by their team riders isn’t enough for you any more? We can tell it’s […]

It’s Tuesday, Time For Turn & Burn Part One

It’s Tuesday. That means that the week has only just started and there’s no end in sight. Yet. But Turn & Burn Part One will help make it all better. That’s because Turn & Burn Part One follows riders Trevan Salmon and Beau Bishop around British Columbia as they search for the deepest powder. And […]

Get A Standing Ovation With Brian Iguchi and Jamie Lynn

It’s Monday and we really don’t want to be anywhere except in some fresh powder – but we can’t be so this is the next best thing – watching Brian Iguchi and Jamie Lynn shredding up a mountain in Alaska in Standing Ovation. The jealously factor aside, the mountain, the riding and even the helicopter […]

Backcountry On Snowmobiles With Travis Rice And Dan Adams

A convergence is a chance combination of events that make a certain outcome possible, or certain. Convergence is a video showing two riders cruising around the backcountry looking for places to snowboard. Sounds about right. Travis Rice And Dan Adams are two very lucky guys, having what looks like the time of their lives just […]

Get A Free Thursday With Full Film Honyos

It’s almost time for the weekend, which means that it’s taken far too long for the weekend to arrive. Happily, Honyos is here to help. Honyos is a free, full film intended for mass consumption and that’s just what we’re going to do with it. Instead of working. From the video description: “High definition snowboarding […]
Saalbach: Christmas Beds to Clear with Pure Skiing

Saalbach: Christmas Beds to Clear with Pure Skiing

You heard us! Pure Skiing is offering awesome Christmas Ski Package Deals to Saalbach starting from only R 13, 995.00 Saalbach offers 270 kilometres of piste and 70 modern lifts make hearts skip a beat! Standing on the peak, a crystal clear breeze of winter air, sunbeams are tickeling your nose. A wide expanse of snow […]

Use The Force In Gnar Wars

Just in time to capitalise on the massive outpouring of love for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer comes Gnar Wars, which is kinda the same thing. Except on snowboards. And older. Okay, we know it’s a bunch of guys in Star Wars kit snowboarding with some special effects in place but it’s no […]

Just Like The First Time Again – This Is Eversince

There’s a description for Eversince, from Absinthe Films, below. But before you read it, watch the trailer above. Then and only then will you see just how accurate it is. It’s all about a feeling. A very specific feeling, one that you’ve felt before and will probably feel again. One that you hunt for, long […]

Christian Haller Brings Japan Home In Miyago

If you’re going to go, it’s best to go big. Or deep, as the case may be. Christian Haller has gone to Japan and brought back a whole lot of memories (as well as video footage). This is Miyago. And in Miyago there’s powder. A lot of very, very deep powder. But that’s neither here […]

Burton Presents: Ben Ferguson Full Part

This is going to be a long one so we hope you have about ten minutes to spare. Burton Presents is back this week and this week they’re presenting Ben Ferguson – specifically, his full part. With a guest spot by Danny Davis. Ferguson’s section goes from new school and kinda strange to old school […]

Beyond Compare Is Your Midweek Movie

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means, right? You don’t? We’re going to be trying something new and that’s a full movie for the mid-week. This week is Beyond Compare. Filmed entirely in Ontario (the South, if you’re interested), Beyond Compare is “…composed of the best people and the greatest times we’ve ever had […]

From Russia, With Love – This Is TURN / ПОВОРОТ

Russia’s a pretty cold place. So why isn’t it in the front of our minds when it comes to picking locations to ride? There’s probably a reason (we blame the Cold War) but TURN / ПОВОРОТ will put Russia in the forefront where it absolutely should be. You can thank Quicksilver Russia and Andrey Pirumov […]

Nate Powers Drops His (Possibly Last) Season Edit

Nate Powers has just dropped his latest season edit and it’s good. An awesome look at the Nashoba Valley where Nate hangs out, the edit shows a bit of his skill. And then some (especially that fence-post spin in the first minute). But it might be the last time that we see Nate dropping a […]

Chris Grenier Goes Sideways – Scientifically

What goes into making a snowboard? It really varies from person to person so if you were asked to create your own ideal board, you’d have certain elements in mind. Chris Grenier certainly did. Check out Sideways Science, here Chris explains just how he put his own personal board together. Which bindings were chosen and […]
Chamonix Mont Blanc

Chamonix Mont Blanc – An Adventurous Home Away From Home

Regarded as a legendary ski resort with a breathtaking view of the highest mountain in the Alps, Chamonix Mont-Blanc is a home away from home for adventurists. With the annual cross-country ski race taking place every Spring, ski racing enthusiasts gather in Chamonix every year to take part in the 3 day competition event. Dubbed […]

adidas Shows Off With Superstar Snow

There are ways of promoting your product and adidas have picked a winner with Superstar Snow. We say this because you won’t really know what they’re showing off unless you’ve been told – the company has launched their Superstar boot and this is how they’re showing it off. And it’s a good way to show […]

Your Monday Morning Teaser – This Is Origins

Let’s start this Monday off right. Origins follows a bunch of riders who have been collected by TransWorld to go around the world and talk to the folks who basically started exploring some iconic locations. Hence the name, really. And this little teaser just makes the full-fat feature all that much more enticing. Watch it […]

Burton Presents 2016 – Ethan Deiss and Zak Hale

Burton Presents 2016 – Ethan Deiss and Zak Hale. What, you need to know more? All right, here goes – this pair are known for their rail skills, though they’re no slouches elsewhere, but for now you’re going to see them destroying features in their search for awesome. And by the end of it all […]

Burton’s Sy Moran Spends Some Time In The Parks

If we could use the words that we wanted to to describe Sy Moran’s life, we wouldn’t be able to display them here. This is a family website (I think), after all. Sy is one lucky… bugger, though, since the Burton Colorado rider is… well, a Burton Colorado rider. Let’s leave it at that. Except […]

Trip To Perisher With Mikey Ciccarelli

Australia’s Perisher Resort is having all the fun this year, with folks coming from all over to rip up the slopes. One of those folks is Mikey Ciccarelli, who has dropped a brief season edit of his time at Perisher. It can be a little jarring seeing un-snowed Australian climate in the background and Mikey […]

Party Like It’s 1999 With Technical Difficulties

Here’s a history lesson for you, stretching back around 16 years. You know, back before DVDs were a serious thing and streaming was something that you did in a river? The year was 1999 and Technical Difficulties was the name – a very old snowboarding vid from TransWorld and Mack Dawg Productions. The full film […]

This Is Mark McMorris – In Motion

Mark McMorris is more than just a contest winner, Burton team rider and Olympian, though he’s gained a bit of a name as someone who performs best in a contest setting. But he’s about to change all that so set your calendar. Come 15 October you’ll be able to catch Mark’s newest film, In Motion, […]

Seb Toots Roams Perisher With A GoPro

All right, that’s far enough. We’re going to have to boot that trip to Perisher sooner rather than later because all of the video footage coming from the Aussie park is looking amazing. We’re not sure whether they’ve got a mad marketing team or if the deluge of video, like this clip from Seb Toots, […]
Val d’Isere (France)

Ski Val d’Isere In Style with Club Med

The Savoyard ski resort is set in a village rich in history, tradition and packed with slopes made for the world’s most enthusiastic skiers. The beautiful, pure white scenery has been haunting champions for generations and this is because of the addictive, energetic aura that lives in the Val d’lsere air. We don’t blame those […]

Burton Teasing Burton Presents 2016

Aww, yeah, Burton Presents is on the way back, kicking off the 2016 season of their webseries at the end of September. In the meantime, they’ve dropped a teaser to prepare us all for the lineup (which they’ve also revealed, by the way). As usual, the excellent talents of team riders Mark McMorris, Danny Davis, […]

When snowboarding meets the Rugby World Cup

There has to be a way to combine snowboarding with the Rugby World Cup, right? There’s a way to mash-up everything with everything else, if you try hard enough, after all. Sure enough, someone has gone and done it. Unfortunately the great idea was executed by the Kiwis and an Aussie, so there’s a definite […]

There’s A Lot Of Cheese In These Snowboarding Fails

It’s Friday and you know what that means. A 20% drop in office productivity, regardless of what’s actually going on anywhere. So since you’re going to be wasting time anyway, there’s 12 minutes of cheese. And by cheese we mean snowboarding bails, bend, crashes and general spills, compiled with what sounds like a late 90s […]

Take Another Trip to Oz With Up In The Valley 3

That trip to Australia can’t come soon enough if Up In The Valley 3, another presentation revolving around Oz’s Perisher resort, is any indication. Geographically, Australia is just around the corner so we’re far less inclined to be wowed by the admittedly skilful displays on show and more likely to put ourselves in their place. […]

Start Your Mid-Week With One Jump By Rome

How do you get over that hump-day? You could just use a One Jump, as is the case with this video by Rome Snowboards. It’s a full film, though it clocks in at just over five minutes. That can be a full film if they want it to be. Especially when it’s as clean as […]

Aussies Are Crazy – Here’s Alex Stewart At Mt Hotham

The South African and Australian sense of humour are quite alike in many ways and this video from Alex Stewart, which explored the Aussie resort Mt Hotham, just seals it. It does mean that we’re both… kinda crazy, though. It’s also a pretty good way to start a Monday, with humour, hand-puppets (see: humour) and […]

Grab A Glimpse Of This Year’s Xperia Winter Whip Event

Earlier this year the Xperia Winter Whip snowboarding and skiing event was held at the Afriski resort in Lesotho, where there’s quite often some snow in South Africa during the colder months. And it’s taken a while for video of the event, in any sort of official capacity, to surface but it’s finally here. Footage […]

This is Jamie Nicholls’ Hemelrun 2 (And It’s Awesome)

Creating your own lines is something that might take time but it’s definitely do-able, especially if you’re in the back-country. At an indoor snow and ski park… perhaps that’s a bit more challenging. But British snowboarder Jamie Nicholls has done it before, with his Hemelrun, and now we have his Hemelrun 2 to marvel over. […]

Time To Tick Something Else Off Your Bucket List

Everyone needs to have a bucket list and this teaser for Bucket List is a perfect illustration of why you need to have one. Erik and Bjorn Leines have taken a bunch of pros, grabbed hold of their bucket lists and just started ticking off boxes. With the cameras rolling, of course. The results are […]

50 Years of Going Beyond At Whistler

It’s time for a bit of a history lesson, folks. Not that you’ll need one but 50 Years of Going Beyond, which is launching on 13 October 2015, is all about Whistler Blackcomb going back… well… fifty years. The resort has come a long way from its roots back in the day and now it’s […]

Going Back In Time With Burton Backcountry

Our German is a little rusty but this is an older, lengthier video that Burton used to kick off their Burton Backcountry series. At least we think that’s what this is… In action are Jussi Oksanen, Terje Haakonsen, Jeremy Jones, Nicolas Müller, Mikey Rencz, and Mark Sollors. They’re spending some time in British Columbia, Switzerland […]

In The Future, Everyone Will Snowboard

In the future, everyone will snowboard. Sounds nice and apocalyptic, right? In the event of another Ice Age, it will be the literal truth but for now this is a teaser from ThirtyTwo, who are going to be premiering their new new movie, 2032, from 1 October 2015. ThirtyTwo said: “The ThirtyTwo team celebrated its […]

Burton’s 2015 US Open Highlight Reel

Burton is the main sponsor of the 2015 US Open so they (and other main sponsor Mini) can do what they like with the event. Now we’re not too concerned with what the car maker does but when Burton posts a highlight reel of their event, we pay attention. If you missed the main event […]

Thredisodes Episode 2 – Sidecountry Slashes

What on earth is Sidecountry? Not that it matters a whole lot, when guys can perform like this on the powder then they can call it whatever they like. This is Thredisodes Episode 2, titled Sidecountry Slashes, and they’ve got the name spot-on. If you want to find out why, you’re going to have to […]

Start The Week Down Under With We Are Frameless

What happens when you get a bunch of the Dragon crew, send them to Australia and let them play? You get We Are Frameless, or #weareframeless if you’re the Twitter sort. The Dragon folks are spending some time at Thredbo, as well as at Perisher, and its readily apparent that they’re enjoying the very best […]
Xperia Winter Whip 2015

GoPro: Snowboarding in Africa – Xperia Winter Whip 2015

GoPro: Snowboarding in Africa. LW mag presents the Xperia Winter Whip 2015 snowboard and ski contest at Afriski in Lesotho. Here’s the highlights video shot 100% on the GoPro HERO4 black and HERO4 session. Filmed and edited by Chris Rogers: YouTube: Snapchat: chrisrogersza Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Follow World of Heroes (GoPro South Africa) Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: […]

Seasoned Is Going To Make You Hungry For More

If you want something to taste great, you season it. That’s the case with this teaser trailer for Seasoned, the upcoming flick from Will Film For Food. You’re obviously not getting the full meal here but the taster is more than enough to leave you wanting more. Especially when you see who will be featuring […]

This Is Burton’s Jye Kearney’s Full 2014/2015 Edit

Aussie Jye Kearney is a Burton rider so we’re not going to be holding his country of origin against him. This time. But Burton have just dropped his 2014/2015 season edit, filmed in the States (around New York and Boston) and Canada (Montreal), and the Antipodean snowboarder has some serious skills on offer. There’s little […]

projectDETOUR Is On The Way

Now this is how you do a holiday. The guys behind projectDETOUR, a short series that will be debuting soon, have set the bar on how to spend your free time. They seem to have all of it waxed. Literally, in one case. See the guys roaming the slopes, the ocean and the hills as […]

Kyle Mack In Just Another Day

Just another day for snowboarder Kyle Mack is the perfect day for the rest of the snowboarding world. Which is our way of saying that we’d dearly love to live Kyle’s life for a couple of weeks – or at least the parts that get captured on video. Kyle makes everything looks easy as hell. […]

Young Kasper de Zoete Hitting Some Indoor Lines

Man, we have got to book some time in Europe for some snowboarding. In winter, for preference, but it looks as though winter’s no longer a requirement for a really good time. That’s the idea we get from this video by young Kasper de Zoete and his mate, who live in South Holland. They’ve got […]

Let’s Go (Urban) Snowboarding In Slovenia

Here’s something a bit more mainstream than we usually look at, with a peek in at some urban snowboarding in Slovenia. Rather than having a snowboarder narrating the snow, this is more conventional. But you can turn the sound off if it bugs you, the visuals are what are important here. Slovenia’s Marko Grilc and […]

Up In The Valley Down Under

When you think of Australian, you tend to think of sweltering heat, sheep, beer and surfing – not in that order. What doesn’t jump straight to mind is powder, rails and snowboarding but with Up in the Valley (Season 2), that’s just what you’re getting from Oz. This is footage from Perisher Resort, one of […]

The Too Hard Crew Hits Camp Of Champions – Hard

Don’t judge a video by its thumbnail or preview image. Because as much as we like the antics of the Too Hard Crew, their choice of stills doesn’t really explain the sort of awesome you’re going to see once the video starts playing. We’ve seen the THC ladies kicking ass before this and this time […]

Everything’s RAD At Zermatt In Glacier Days

Zermatt in Switzerland looks like a pretty cool place. Cool enough for Glacier Days, at the very least. Glacier Days is a short from Rad Movie Productions and shows off the park to its full advantage. In action are Levi Luggen, Markus Stoffel, Francesco Traverso, Loris Framarin, Oliviero Pool, Pierre Clivaz, Valentin Zimmermann, William Arnold, […]

Youngster Nick Daniello Is Tearing It Up In New York

When he’s not boarding (i.e, when it’s not snowing), then he’s skating. But mostly 16-year-old Nick Daniello is out on the powder, as this season edit for 2015 shows. And he’s put in a lot of hours getting this edit together, by the look of things. Whether he’s hitting rails or grabbing air in the […]

Road to Xtreme Verbier Part 2 – Bec des Rosses

First up, what do you think of YouTube’s new look? Snazzy, right? Anyway, moving on… It’s time to look in on Xavier de Le Rue, who is gearing up to take on the Swatch Xtreme Verbier in 2015. Red Bull has been following Xavier around and finding out what scares the man who has won […]

See The Skiing Video GoPro Reckons Is Worth $20,000

Perhaps you know, perhaps you don’t but GoPro and TransWorld were running a little competition called Line of the Winter, where skiers and boarders submit their best line – as filmed with a GoPro, obviously. The prize for the final winner was a cool $20,000, which is at least one trip to a resort of […]

The End Of The Season At Woodward Copper

All good things have to come to an end and in the age of video cameras on everything, we usually get to see them happen. So when we say that we have the end of the season at Woodward Copper, that’s exactly what we’re going to get. Bryan Watson, Brandon Davis, Spencer Whiting, Sy Moran, […]

You Might Want To Take Friday Off

So much for us getting any work done today. Or tomorrow, come to that. There’s a cone of cold on the way inland, as the folks in Jozi can attest to (wimps) and snow expected to show itself from the Western Cape all the way through to Lesotho, stopping in at the Northern and Eastern […]

Time For A Little Mid-Week Sol Food (Teaser)

Damn are we sorry that we missed the original online premier of Sol Food, the latest from WillFilmForFood. Never fear though, the teaser is still out there and is snagging the filmers and riders a few sales each time it is viewed. Why? Because it just looks so damned relaxing, pretty and just… amazing. Screw […]

Forget Tuesday – E-Gal Eye Full Movie Is Here

Monday probably sucked. Ours definitely did, but that’s because it was Monday. No other special reason is needed for general suckitude. But we can perk up your Tuesday, if you’ve got about 30 minutes or so on your hands. This is E-Gal Eye, featuring “…Austin Young, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Shane Ruprecht, Yusaku Horii, Matthew […]

News24 On Afriski Xperia Winter Whip 2015

Snowboarding is something that doesn’t often get mainstream coverage in this country. It’s probably the lack of snow and the extreme localisation of pow when it does pitch up but coverage is… expanding. 2014 Women’s Pro winner Mawa Jekot and 2014 Men’s Amateur winner Jason Lammers appeared last week on News24 with Nick Pawson, speaking […]

Summershred 2015 With Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer

Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer, Burton riders both, have got the right idea about how to spend summer in Summershred 2015. And the right idea is to leave the heat behind and go somewhere where there’s snow. If that snow happens to be located in the Superpark Dachstein in Austria, then all the better. You’ll […]

Scott Stevens In Defenders of Awesome 2 – Full Part

Scott Stevens is now officially our hero, based only on his full part from Defenders of Awesome 2. And if you can get past the very slow start (involving a trampoline) then you’ll see just why that is. Scott spends more time with his bindings off than he does with them on. That’s remarkable enough […]

Off To Japan for STONP Or Die 2015

These Japanese snowboarders are crazy. As in, fully-fledged completely nuts. And we wouldn’t have it any other with. It’s time for STONP or Die 2015, the fifth release from the STONP crew and it’s looking absolutely mental. Some of it might be the thumping metal soundtrack to this teaser but you could set their antics, […]

Francis Jobin – COC Season Edit 2015

Ah, to be young again. Then our antics might be something close to youngster Francis Jobin’s, like this season edit from this year’s COC (Camp Of Champions) outing at Whistler. This 16-year-old rider has got a bright future ahead of him. The Quebec native has qualified for Canada Snowboard’s Next Gen program, according to TransWorld, […]

On The Road To Xtreme Verbier – Part 1

Called Tackling Freeride Snowboarding’s Greatest Contest – Road to Xtreme Verbier , this is Red Bull’s first part on a short series on Xavier De Le Rue’s preparation for the Verbier contest. In between Xavier talking about what he does to get ready for the event and what it means to snowboard the way that […]

2015 Xperia Winter Whip at Afriski, Lesotho

Lesotho to showcase Africa’s top Snowboarders and Skiers     Snow and snow sports in Africa? Indeed. After the success of LW Mag’s inaugural Winter Whip Snowboard and Ski Slopestyle competition held at the Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho in 2014, the organisers are proud to announce that this Action Sports event is back for […]

Start Planning Your Weekend, There’s Snow Afoot

It’s going to be a good weekend for local snowboarders and skiers, with snowfall being projected for a decent-sized section of the country. There’s nothing slated for Johannesburg, though if a surprise snowfall does turn up over this weekend we’ll be boarding on the N1, but that doesn’t mean that a trip to Lesotho isn’t […]

This Is How Brit Jamie Nicholls Spends Summer

It must be good being Jamie Nicholls. Sent to the Winter Olympics to snowboard, where he made the finals in Sochi, and this is how he spends summer. Snowboarding in summer isn’t as hard in the UK as it is here in South Africa but even so, this clip from a single session at The […]

Five Days In Detroit – Done Dirt Cheap

What happens when you take a road trip with no real idea of what it’s going to turn into? Five days in an unexpected location sounds about right – This is Detroit Done Cheap. Detroit Done Cheap is the result of snowboarders Skyler Gallardo, Ryland West, Jack Harris, Matt Ruhle and Nathan Vetter going off […]

A New Record – This Is Now The World’s Longest Rail

There’s no screwing around with this one, no dramatic tension or waiting around. Right up front, you’ll see the world record longest rail in the world, on a snowboard obviously. A skateboard video would be a little out of place. The new record holder – Basti Rittig. The distance cleared – 84 metres. The place […]

Bacon Dinner For Sinners – Meet Johan Rosen’s 2015 Edit

When your season edit is called Bacon Dinner For Sinners, that’s enough reason to watch it. But Johan Rosen’s 2015 splicing is awesome in itself. Just like bacon. In Rosen’s own words (and from the description): “This piece of video is stuffed full of bacon and tasty snowboarding, baked together with fabulous landscapes and finally […]

Get Environmental With Northern Grease

You know you’re serious about the environment when you travel around in a vegetable-powered bus looking at energy alternatives. That’s the idea behind Northern Grease, which follows a bunch of folks around Canada. The group, who surf and snowboard, have a vested interest in keeping their home locations functional and that means not wrecking them […]

Whistler Girl Power With The Too Hard Crew

This is something we don’t see nearly enough of – The all-female Too Hard Crew tearing it up at Whistler in this Whistler Girl Power edit. In action? Alexa Wel, Darrah Reid-McLean, Danyale Patterson, Jess Kimura, Marjorie Couturier, Joanie Robichaud, and Maria Bertram Thomsen. And they’re not going small either. There’s one stomach-thumping sequence that […]

Fun In The Slush At A-Basin This June

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you slush, you ride on it anyway. At high speed. Over almost pure water. That’s what the closing weekend at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado looked like last month, at any rate. There was still boarding and skiing going on, only some folks chose to do […]

Shaun Murphy Hits The Park With A Season Edit

Shaun Murphy plus a snowboard park plus… Kenny Rodgers, of all things, makes for a surprisingly pleasant combination. Especially if you’re a fan of The Big Lebowski, but that’s besides the point. Shaun’s season edit of his time at the Carinthia Park leaves no doubt that he knows the place like the back of his […]

Burton Riders Tackle Woodward Copper

Burton riders Asher Humphries and Sy Moran, as well as Tylor Berreth, Connor Paulson, and Carlos Knight, all star in this short exploring the amenities that Woodward Copper has to offer. If you thought that there was just a slope and park (there is one, and it’s awesome) then you were very much mistaken. There’s […]

Andre Strazzu’s (Injured) Season Edit Is Here

This is how you deal with a shoulder injury, though Andre Strazzu’s doctors might disagree. His season edit, despite his injuries, worked out pretty damned well. There’s little in the way of air to be seen, understandable as that could have resulted in hospital time. But Strazzu knows how to work a rail, with some […]

Some Friday Super Slow-Mo

It’s Friday (at bloody last), there’s likely to be some snow in SA and it’s time for something different – super slow-mo footage of a snowboarder in action. This doesn’t come by way of the usual channels though, this is a promotional video from Sony’s camera division showing off the features of their RX100 IV […]

We Cant’ Wait For This To Be – Decoded

There’s a new film on the way out from Cryptic Films, featuring a collection of riders from Minnesota in the States, called Decoded. And, though there’s only this brief teaser available so far, we can’t wait for it to land. And land it will, in September or October this year. With riders Benny Milam, Drew […]

What Do You Mean, You Haven’t Seen Supervention Yet?

What do you mean, you haven’t seen Supervention yet? It’s been out since 2013. This Norwegian ski and snowboarding film counts as essential viewing for anyone who spends any time on the slopes at all. The trailer for the film is above, though it doesn’t hold a candle to the full presentation. In action in […]
pure skiing tours competition

Pure Skiing Competition Time!

      26-02 JAN 2016 Zell am See New Year! Enjoy our ski guarantee on the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier! Superb skiing for intermediate & advanced skiers and an excellent night life. This is a great village for non-skiers as well and a great time will be had by all.         02-09 JAN 2016 Skiing […]

What A Way To End The Season At Whistler

All good things have to come to an end. And in the case of Whistler Blackcomb, situated in British Columbia, the final weekend was quite the impressive outing. You can tell that the resort is ready to call it a season but we daresay that there would be a few days life left in it […]

Training Camp Edit In Livigno – 2015

Man, how on earth do we sign up for a snowboarding team? The lucky buggers team riders for FatBomb got to spend a few days in the park at Livigno in Italy recently and they also got to call riding and filming there ‘training’. Where can we get some training like that? We probably shouldn’t […]

TranWorld’s In Color Is Now Available Online

TransWorld SNOWboarding is an institution in the sport and they’ve added another milestone for you and for themselves with the release of In Color, a snowboarding documentary that is now available online. From the video description: “From the Canadian backcountry to the streets of the east coast to Scandinavian park sessions, the riding is heavy. […]

Winter Olympics Could Get More Events

Sadly, there’s no impressive video to accompany this one. Just a spot of actual news concerning the events being considered for the upcoming Winter Olympics. There are several new events being considered for inclusion into the 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in Pyeongchang in South Korea by the International Olympic Committee. And we’re more […]

Eco-Snowboarding? Giving The Bird The Bird

Skiing or boarding the backcountry isn’t remarkable. Just expensive (unless you live there) and sometimes hazardous. We’ve yet to meet anyone not willing to take the risk if they got the chance. But how do you get there? A helicopter is favourite but that’s not very eco-friendly. National Geographic’s Giving the Bird the Bird film […]

“Here’s Ya F’n Weekend Guy… Again”

This is how a weekend is supposed to go – a few friends, a couple of utterly insane locations (and equally crazy mates) and a whole lot of fun. This is “Here’s Ya F’n Weekend Guy… Again”. Words can’t really do the above video, from Gnu / Lib Tech, justice so we’re going to have […]

You Don’t Need Much Snow To Exit Through The Terrain Park

We’re not really sure if there’s a point to the Trash League’s Exit Through The Terrain Park video. They don’t have to have one, certainly, it’d just be interesting to know whether one was intended. No matter though, there’s enough skilled snowboarding to make you forget about that whole having-a-point thing. Some of the stunts […]

No One Knows What Victor Delerue Is Up To

Why on earth would anyone go snowboarding while wearing a fuzzy pink pig-suit? That sentence make a lot more sense when you’ve watched the above video and the clip also provides the answer. When you can ride as well as Victor Delerue, you can dress however you like. This is Victor Delerue’s full part from […]

See Janne Lipsanen’s Full Part From King Cobra

This segment starts out with one of the best bails we’ve seen in a while – tame enough to non-lethal, yet impressive enough to be jarring. Which is what we like in a crash. But that’s not really setting the tone for the rest of Janne Lapsanen’s full part in King Cobra, which sees the […]

We Don’t Need Snow Where We’re Going

We can’t help but feel that we’re playing into the hands of Happy Socks, a website that creates and sells designer items. But it’s a cool concept all the same as far as promotional material goes – get a snowboarder, suspending him from a helicopter and (somehow) film him riding on clouds. We’re not exactly […]

In Case You Missed It: This Is Foreword

What do you mean you haven’t seen Foreword yet? It’s only the first movie in about a decade and a half by Snowboarder Magazine. This flick, which has secured a lot of glowing reviews, is all bout the future of the sport and features all manner of upcoming riders. That’s why you’ve committed a grievous […]

This Is Who Blew Away Windells Camp In 2014

Windells Camp is one place to spend your summer, if you happen to be in it. Located on a glacier, there’s snowboarding all over the place. And we have proof. Impressive proof. Proof in the form of an edit from last year’s summer season at Windells, featuring an extremely long rosters of riders tearing it […]

Watch Chris Rasman Bail (And Be Glad It’s Not You)

So you think your Monday sucks? It probably still does, even compared to the bail experienced by snowboarder Chris Rasman. At least his crappy day happened on a snowboard and not in traffic somewhere. Still, it’s nice to know that you’re not alone. Chris Rasman, while filming part of a new movie called Origins for […]

Off To France For The Hidden Track

What is the hidden track? According to The Hidden Track, it’s riding anywhere and everywhere, as long as it has been layered in snow and nobody’s in your way. At least, we think that’s what The Hidden Track is saying. All we could get from the vid description is: “When snow falls in crazy amounts, […]

Tech Time: Take Lily Along On Your Next Trip

Getting footage of your time on the slopes isn’t hard to achieve. As long as you have money, friends and/or a GoPro. But the folks giving you options for recording your ride are being creative. Meet Lily, the throwable drone that’ll just follow you while you’re doing… anything, really. Lily consists of a wrist-mounted tracking […]

BYND X MDLS 2015 Recap – Laax

This is the BYND X MDLS 2015 Recap, filmed at Laax in Switzerland, featuring one of the best (and goofiest) intros we’ve ever seen for a snowboarding video. Seriously, it’s either going to put you in mind of James Bond or, far more likely, Austin Powers. Don’t let the intro fool you though, Kevin Backstrom […]

Winter Season Stateside Has Gotten An Extension

We’re in May already. That means that here in SA we’re just entering the winter season but overseas and in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is winding down. That’s the theory, anyway. But storms in the States, in California, Utah, Whistler, and Colorado, over the past weekend have prompted several locations to stay open for business […]

Track Your Sessions With Trace

How much time have you spent on the mountainside, looking for that line that’ll give you the most enjoyment for your distance? If you’re a serious rider, or just an enthusiastic amateur, then chances are you’ve spent a lot of time just experimenting. What if there was a way to collect, track and analyse your […]

Take A Trip Through Austria With VorAmArlberg

We’ve been spending an awful lot of time in the American states of late, but that’s because they have snow. And competitions. And team riders. And a lot of things, really but now it’s time to head over the ocean and check out a few European locations. VorAmArlberg is a trip though Vorarlberg by a […]

Team Nitro Tackles The World’s Longest Rail

How do you go about breaking a world record? If you’re Red Bull’s Team Nitro and you’re after the ‘longest rail’ crown, then it’s all about repetition, patience and practise. In the view above you’ll see the guys of Team Nitro hitting a custom rail over and over, hoping to pip the current world record […]

Mammoth Mountain Hot Laps Ep 4 Has Landed

Cali’s Mammoth Mountain is an awesome place to board and their fledgling Hot Laps series makes sure that you know all about it. And it’s working. We’re thinking of booking a trip just as soon as we finish fishing change out of the couch. In the meantime, Episode 4 of this promotional series has just […]

Like A Lot Of Awesome Stuff, This Is Made In Japan

If you were going to spend a week in Japan filming a team of snowboarders doing what they do best (including some interior riding down the stairs), what would you call that video? Made In Japan, of course. The opportunity is too good to pass up. What can you expect from this particular outing? Well, […]

Burton Colorado Goes To The Winter Park

It’s good that winter’s almost here. We’re just about done with watching videos of people off having large amounts of fun in the snow while waiting for some to fall on South Africa. Still, the crew of Burton Colorado are a treat to watch. This is Winter Park (and we’re so jealous right now. Featuring […]

GoPro Is Winching The Mid-West With Dan Brisse

Just when you think that snowboarding can’t get much more creative, the crazy folks who make up and/or support the sport go and do something like this. The video above is a snippet of the recent riding done by Dan Brisse, with GoPro tagging along for the ride. You could be forgiven for thinking that […]

Complimentary Pre-Season Base Clean & Wax

Come into Gone Skiing for your COMPLIMENTARY Pre-Season base clean & wax! Heck, we’ll even throw in a coffee or beer on the house while you wait too. It’s almost time to start shredding here in the African winter so why not come into your local spot to a little pre-season prep work, on us?   […]

More Sexual Snowboarding? This Is Never Been Done

We’ve been keeping tabs on Sexual Snowboarding for a while, because their This Just Happened series is… pretty funny. But they’ve just dropped something new, with no explanation. This is Sexual Snowboarding’s Never Been Done Tricks with Halldor, Sage and Eric. At first glance it looks as though they’re just screwing around, bouncing around, off […]

The Impaler – Men Of Iron 2R – Part 1 Is What It Is

Okay, you’re expecting to see some snowboarding and that’s what you’re going to get. But there’s also a fair bit of what looks like… hung-over snowboarding? Yeah, that’s probably fun. Actually, it probably is quite fun. More entertaining than being hung-over and not snowboarding, anyway. Try and look past the song (we did) in this […]

Let’s Look In On The Volcom PBRJ 2015 Championships

Volcom’s PBRJ (Peanut Butter and Rail Jam) event is in its fifteenth year and the finals for the Championships went down this past weekend at Mammoth Mountain in California. This is an event that sees young, up-and-coming riders battle it out for a part of the pot, some eternal fame and, of course, to have […]

Boxzilla Makes A Reappearance At Canyons Resort, Utah

What’s that noise? That rumbling? Why is the ground shaking? Oh no, it’s Boxzilla! Actually, Boxzilla is a massive box that has been set up at Canyons Resort in Utah and, as was previously the case, riders are being challenged to ride all of it. “Two hundred and forty(ish) feet of a behemoth box feature. […]

Big Air Bag Competition – Luke Dutton

In January I took part in one of my most entertaining competitions to date. It was held at Sannenmoser Ski Resort in Gstaad, Switzerland. What with it being an Air Bag everybody sent it with people trying everything from doubles to 1080s. In my first run I went for a double front flip nose grab but […]
All girls freestyle camp

All Girls Freestyle Camp at Afriski

  Bookings for the Girls on Boards (GOB) Freestyle Camp at Afriski Mountain Resort are now open.   This first of a kind all girls freestyle camp caters for beginners looking to learn  more about snowboard freestyle. This 7 day package covers everything from travel expenses, to food an lodging as well as the snowboard […]
Open X Snow Camp at Afriski

Open-X Snow Camp at Afriski

  Bookings for Open-X Snow Camp 2015 hosted by Afriski Mountain Resort are now open!   Get you spot now at one of a kind snowboarding experience. Learn more about Snowboard freestyle with this 4 day camp at Kopoko Park, Afriski MountainResort.   For booking enquiries, contact Carmen (she’s really awesome):   Like Open X on […]

Marcel Hirscher Paints The Slopes Of Austria

This is how you take some downtime. Marcel Hirscher recently took to the slopes of Austria (Reiteralm, to be specific) in order to celebrate taking his fourth overall World Cup title win. What he does next will amaze you. Actually, it won’t. Actually, it might. Hirscher heads downhill after a greyscale intro to the video […]

Marcus Kleveland Goes Backcountry For The First Time

We think you’re allowed to be at least a little jealous of young snowboarder Marcus Kleveland. Why? Well, because he’s just so ridiculously good at what he does, of course. In the video above, you’re about to see 15-year-old Marcus’ first trip into deep powder in the backcountry. While the folks who took him there […]

This Is Pro-Boarder Mike Basich’s California Home

Technically speaking, this video is more architecture and technology than it is snowboarding but it’s also all about the powder. This place you’ll see in the video above is the home… the very tiny home of pro-snowboarder Mike Basich. Mike lives on a 40 acre location at Truckee in California and his home on this […]

Take A Look At The Nine Knights Course

Now would be a good time to check out the Suzuki Nine Knights course. Not for any particular reason, just because it’s awesome. Thankfully, some of the contenders have strapped on GoPro cams and given us a decent look at it, without going too wild on the very impressive setup. From the video description: “The […]

One Day Perhaps We’ll Rip Like 8-Year-Old Neko Reimer

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you… the future of snowboarding. The video above, taken from Vimeo, is 8-year-old shredder Neko Reimer, who rides as though he was born with bindings on. Not that his mom would have been happy about that. Young Neko is kicking down at the Red Mountain and Big White Ski […]

It’s Time To Get Jealous Of @REDSBACKYARD Ep 2

Every skater dreams of being able to afford (as well as have the space for) their very own skatepark in their back yard and it seems that goal may be stretching to avid snowboarders soon as well. Witness @REDSBACKYARD Ep 2, which features a bunch of guys chilling out at home and getting a whole […]
early bird special from pure skiing

Early Bird Special from Pure Skiing Extended

Early Bird Special from Pure Skiing means you only pay 2014/2015 rates if you book before end of April 2015. Massive savings on your next ski trip!   Contact them now for more information!   Website: Twitter: @PureSportSkiing Facebook: Pure Skiing

Suzuki Nine Knights To Kick Off 5 April

The Suzuki Nine Knights event will be kicking off extremely soon. Now, just in case you’ve been living under a rock: “For those who still don’t know about it, the Nine Knights is a media event created in 2010 from an idea of the ​​German freeskier Nico Zacek who wanted to gather for a whole […]

How Lucky Can One Guy Be: Solar Eclipse Snowboarding

We don’t care how good you are, chances are that you’re not going to ever be in the same position that snowboarder and possible crazy person Stian Aaland was in just recently. Either that or Aaland has pioneered something new: solar eclipse snowboarding. Stian Aaland wandered into Svalbard, a Norwegian location in the Arctic Ocean, […]

Snowboarding’s Dead Episode 3 Heads To North Carolina

This is Snowboarding’s Dead Episode 3, the third part (duh) of a series that takes a much more localised look at the snowboarding scene in America. Local riders, spots and stores are the focus of the series and this time around they’re in North Carolina. From the video description: “The local’s took us in with […]

RideOn Hopes To Bring AR To The Slopes

Augmented Reality, otherwise known as AR, is coming and there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop it. Not that you’d want to, as AR is looking pretty damned awesome. RideOn is one of the items headed to market, and the company is currently accepting pre-orders for the goggles, and RideOn is special in that […]

And Now, A Display Of Trick Skiing

It’s amazing what you can do with a few shovels, a bunch of bungee cord, some space, imagination and, of course, a handful of talented skiers. The result? Trick skiing. Take the guys from RealSkiFi, who’ve got a video posted online of their antics on the flat, in parts and near buildings. The video, embedded […]

Klaudia Medlova Stomps A Double Backside Rodeo

Klaudia Medlova has made history by becoming the first woman to stomp a double backside rodeo in competition, a stunt pulled off during the Suzuki Nine Queens event that took place at Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Austria recently. Medlova was matched up against Jamie Anderson at the event and while Anderson’s own trick, a front 1080 mute, […]

At Long Last, The TransAM Results From Bear Mountain

It’s taken long enough, right? It’s been a pretty long road for the TransAM event that has been touring the States, scooping up the best three riders in each location before moving onto the next. All in preparation for the TranAM finals, which were held at Bear Mountain in California this past week. Conditions for […]

10 Best Ski Resorts For Late Season Skiing

Afraid you might have missed you’re chance to hit the slopes this year? Fear not! There are plenty of resorts still open if you’re looking for some late season ski action. So don’t pack those skis and snowboards away yet. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your spring skiing […]
burton learn to ride

Burton Learn To Ride (LTR) Programme

As we all know very well, Burton is always really excited to share their passion for snowboarding. That’s why they came up with the Burton Learn To Ride (LTR) programs. Special boards and special trainings shall turn kids into little shredders and adults into bigger ones. Check out this clip and see what LTR Kids is all about: […]

Here are your results for TransAM Schweitzer

It’s been a bit of a long road but the final region event in the runup to the TransAM finals taking place later this week has finally happened. TransAM Schweitzer saw over 50 riders hit the slopes at Schweitzer park, showing their stuff in what look to be near-perfect conditions. At least it wasn’t so […]

And The Burton US Open Halfpipe Winners Are…

We did mention a little earlier that we have all the winners from this year’s Burton US Open. We’ve already seen who took home the Slopestyle events, now it’s time to peek in on the Burton US Open Halfpipe victors are. Taku Hiraoka took the Men’s final in his second run, with a score of […]

And The Burton US Open Slopestyle Winners Are…

Burton’s US Open event for 2015 has come and gone and there are winners all round. First up are the winners of the Burton US Open Slopestyle event, in the Men’s and Women’s categories. Taking first place for the Men’s event this year was Yuki Kadono and his run was… something special. Kanodo managed to […]

Stale Sandbech in: Snowboarding: For Me – Full Part

It’s almost Friday! To celebrate, here’s the full part for Stale Sandbech from the Snowboarding: For Me. You’ll see the man himself talking in between some pretty awesome footage and you might just be prompted to go out and get your hands on the full flick. From the video description, as posted by Oakley: “In […]

Spring Ski Specials to Get You Excited, From

Maybe you missed that White Christmas, but don’t stress, there’s still time to plan that awesome Spring Skiing trip that you’ve always wanted too! With longer days and regular powder dumps, you just can’t beat Spring Skiing! Why don’t you book an Easter weekend on quiet slopes at one of these great European skiing destinations… […]

TransAM Brighton Resort Highlights Are Here

The next stop on Transworld’s amateur snowboarding event is TransAM Brighton Resort, a leg that has come and gone but that was, by all accounts, a fantastic event. If you want to know just how fantastic, then the highlight reel above should give you some idea. The purpose, aside from the fun and competition, is […]

Burton US Open To Kick Off Beginning March 2015

2015 has been wandering away quite quickly and we’re just about to hit March. And the best part of March is the start of the Burton US Open, the 33rd such event to take place in the States. And Burton has a great crop of riders competing this year, including “…2015 X Games gold medalists […]

Switch Backside Triple Cork 1620 Wins Air & Style

How do you bust out huge and win the first appearance of the Air & Style competition on American soil. If you’re Yuki Kanodo, then you do it with an SSX-worthy Switch Backside Triple Cork 1620, the first move of its type to be stomped in competition. If taking the win wasn’t enough, the eighteen-year-old […]

Here are your results for TransAM Buck Hill

It’s about time that we checked in on the status of the TransAM and this time we’re at the TransAM Buck Hill, which took place in… er, Buck Hill in Minnesota, the fifth stop on the tour that culminates at Bear Mountain in Cali in just under a month’s time. Based on the highlight reel […]

Meet Ride’s Global AM Team

A warm welcome is always nice and snowboard company Ride has decided to welcome their 2015 Global AM team in the best way possible. Ride’s new er… riders are being greeted with video footage. And chocolate milk. Hell yeah. In the welcome video you see above the new guys are hitting up some street. Well, […]

Look Inside with Introspect And Wolfgang Nyvelt

Starting off in a shaping room that looks a lot like the sort of place where surfboards (you know, snowboarding but in the ocean. With sharks) are created, in the video above we get to meet Austrian Wolfgang Nyvelt – who has a pretty strange attitude towards snowboarding. From the video description: “In this episode […]

Eric Beauchemin Takes Mammoth GP Slopestyle Final

Mammoth Mountain. What a cool name. Almost as cool as the Mammoth Grand Prix which takes places every year. And this year, in the Men’s Slopestyle Finals, Eric Beauchemin took the gold with a stylish and short little run that you can see above. Coming in second was Yuki Kadono, while Seb Toots snagged third […]

Here Are Your Results For The Keystone TransAM Event

March is creeping ever closer and that can only mean that another stop on the TranAM tour has completed, on the road to the finals being held in Bear Mountain on 14 March. This time around we’re looking at the recap from TransAM Keystone and as usual we have all of the results (“borrowed” from […]

Winter X Games: Catch The Best Of Big Air At Aspen

Usually we’d be doing a roundup of all the Winter X Games events and their results but then we found the video that you see above. And that suddenly seemed like a much better proposition. Why? Because this short clip (seriously, it’s there. Click the blank spot if it’s not showing up) is just a […]

Mark McMorris Claims Big Air Gold At Aspen 2015

Like the Highlander, in the end there can be only one. But that’s the Big Air contest at the Winter X Games for you and this year the survivor of the Quickening is none other that Mark McMorris, who hit a huge air to claim the title. Here are the podium finishers for the Big […]

Afriski Winter Count-Down Ski Special

    What You Waiting For? It’s the Afriski winter count-down ski special with Afriski Mountain Resort and the Snow Addicts package discounts!     WINTER COUNT-DOWN SKI SPECIAL Summer holidays are sadly over but winter is around the corner. It’s time to organise your winter season at Afriski Mountain Resort. Book any of Afriskis Ski Packages […]

Winter X Games In Aspen To Kick Off Later Today

Okay, that headline isn’t entirely accurate. According to the schedule on ESPN, the Winter X Games for 2015 in Aspen actually started broadcasting last night. In the States, which means that if you leave work right now you might still catch the opening event, the Women’s Ski SuperPipe Final. The rest of us in the […]

World Snowboarding Championships Kick Off In Austria

Is it that time already? That’s right, the FIS World Snowboarding Championships, which are held every two years, has just kicked off in Kreischberg in Austria. Starting, officially, as of 15 January, the event runs from the start day through to payday (for most of us). That’s the 25th of January for the folks who get paid […]

Do Not Try This At Home – Near-Death Experience

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you scout your line before you head on out and attempt to do something that could put you into hospital during the normal course of events. Not because it makes you look like you know what you’re doing but because it can save your life. A well-placed construction […]

Here Are Your Results For The Big Boulder TransAM Event

That’s two stops down for the TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM event that is touring the hottest cold spots in the States at the moment. First on the list was Waterville, and we’ve already covered the results there but it’s the Big Boulder TransAM instalment that is the star of the show this week. As with every […]

The Manboys Get Their Photobalm On

What does Adam West’s portrayal of Batman have to do with snowboarding? We’ve got no flipping idea but that’s that way that The Manboys’ Photobalm snippet kicks off. With a dude in a Batman(ish) outfit running around with a large cartoon-like bomb in his hands. Not to worry if that’s not your thing though, it’s […]

Ralph Backstrom And Ryland Bell Hit Hakuba In Japandem Tandem Ep. 1

Skiing or boarding in Japan is one thing, hitting the slopes of Hakuba is another thing entirely. But that’s the premise of Japandem Tandem Ep. 1, which sees riders Ralph Backstrom and Ryland Bell hitting the Japanese Alps together for something altogether different. Nothing less than knee-deep powder, just about no-one else in sight and perfect conditions […]

Ski in Verbier, Switzerland

  The ski area of Verbier is consistently rated within the top five ski resorts in the world! Verbier lies at the heart of the Bagnes Valley, in the Southern Swiss Alps. Le Chable is the picturesque capital of the Commune de Bagnes. Your stay in Le Chable will cost you probably less than half of the prices in Verbier. The local community of Le Chable welcomes […]
Grilisodes: Season 4 Episode 4 - Colorado

Grilisodes: Season 4 Episode 4 – Colorado

  Grilisodes: Season 4 Episode 4 – Colorado Grilo: My New Year’s resolutions Did you make any resolutions for 2015? Marko Grilc did… Plus here’s the latest Grilosodes episode featuring Roope Tonteri and Mark McMorris in snowy Breckinridge, Colorado. One problem with New Year’s resolutions is we make them for ourselves, and we’re usually the last […]

Hit The Back Country With Days Of My Youth

A trip down Memory Lane doesn’t sound all that great, to be honest, unless that lane happens to be covered in powder and sitting on a very steep incline. In which case, watch us set off a few car alarms on the way down. But since those locations are in short supply (and we’d have […]

Reminder: SSX is now free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers

The year is winding down here in South Africa and that usually means free time, in between fighting crowds, travelling to holiday destinations and getting some stuff done around the house. But if you’re staying at home this Festive Season, you can at least get some virtual snowboarding in. And, if you own an Xbox […]

We Are Open: Reconciliation Day

  As the holiday’s approach Reconciliation Day (Tuesday 16th December) is also the de facto start of the South African summer holiday period being the first of four public holidays to fall in a sixteen-day period at the height of summer. If you just can’t find those darn base layers that Aunt Caroline borrowed for her […]

Ones to watch: Level 1’s Tatum Monod hits the slopes

We’ve been having a look at ESPN’s young and upcoming skiers, the folks who are expected to kick large amounts of bottom at the Winter X Games in Aspen in January in 2015. Meet Tatum Monod, the 23-year-old woman who will make you, and everyone else, look bad. On the slopes, anyway. Whether it’s weaving […]

Celebrate Thursday by going Into NoWhere

You saw it here first, unless you haunt YouTube looking for snowboarding of any and all snowboarding footage (and there’s a lot of it). Meet a bunch of young riders from Wisconsin who go by the name of Chair49 Productions and film a collection of locals doing some mighty impressive urban snowboarding. Their latest film, […]

Winter X Games Ones To Watch: Nick McNutt

We’re another week closer to the Winter X Games, which are set to kick off in Aspen again in January 2015. So it’s time to take a look at another skier who is going to be turning heads at the upcoming event. And we mean that literally, because 25-year-old Nick McNutt might be causing more […]

The Making Of An X Games Course

The Winter X Games is an annual event that we look forward to every year, if only to live vicariously though the actions of the action-sports superstars who are out there tearing it up on the slopes in a very competitive kind of way. But something that we’ve almost never given any thought to is […]
Audi Series

Audi Series – Glacier 3000

  The journey to Switzerland begins. Slopes are looking amazing and the Glacier 3000 snow park is up and ready for the start of the Audi Series. After 2 days of riding i started to find my feet again and get everything together. The day of the competition it started in the worst way, the […]
Greg Hope Conquers San Joaquin Couloir in Telluride: Through Our Eyes

Through Our Eyes

Greg Hope Conquers San Joaquin Couloir in Telluride: Through Our Eyes Okaley Team Rider Greg Hope skis the legendary San Joaquin Couloir in Telluride, hitting speeds of 64mph. Just Unpacked: Oakley Winter Collectionin store now!

Burton Presents: Kimmi Fasani Full Part

What do you do when you’re injured or hurt? It’s quite simple, you do everything you can to get up to full strength and then you get back to doing whatever it is that you love. That’s especially the case with Kimmy Fasani, a Burton rider who was recovering from an injury and who has, […]

Burton and Danny Davis invite you to Peace Park

Man are we sorry that we missed this one. Never fear though, we’ll get a much closer look at the Peace Park, a joint venture between pro snowboarder Danny Davis and two of his sponsors, Mountain Dew and Burton Snowboard, when the 44-minute film revolving around this year’s event is broadcast at the end of […]

Surfanic Drops Some Trial And Error In Your General Direction

Life is all about making mistakes, which leads to important lesson learned through the hardship of the day, week or month that has past. Which isn’t our way to make things seem all philosophical, it’s more about introducing Trial and Error, a new skiing film from high-end gear brand Surfanic as well as Whiteroom Productions. […]

Far From Home – Africa’s First Olympic Snowboarder

Meet Brolin Mawejje.  Far From Home is a documentary that Brolin and two friends put together showcasing Brolin’s talent and determination to be the first African Snowboarding to represent at the Winter Olympics in Korea, 2018.  It only took two years and 400 hours of footage to get it all together, but this is a […]

Fourth Annual Burton Rail Days 2014 Results

That’s it, it’s done and Burton’s fourth annual Burton Rail Days 2014 event, held in Japan over the weekend, has come to a close. If you’re keen on just snatching a quick look at the highlights of the event, you’ll find the official Burton highlight reel above. If you’re more of a take-your-time kinda person, […]
94.7 Cycle Challenge Road Closures

Business As Usual – 94.7 Cycle Challenge Road Closures

Don’t stress, you won’t be left out in the cold this weekend! Gone Skiing will be open for business as usual during the course of the annual  Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge that finds it’s way around the city streets of Johannesburg. That’s right, we will open our doors this Sunday 16th November from 9am to 1pm during […]