Winter Games Results

New Zealand Audi Quattro Winter Games Results

Remember our recent post about the upcoming Audi Quattro Winter Games? The post is short, has a fabulous image gallery and even a quick video. It is well worth checking out before continuing on with this follow-up post. Ah, welcome back from the quick aside. Without further ado, here is this post’s punch line: this year’s winter games results are (mostly) out!

2017 Winter Games Results

From 25 August – 10 September some of the biggest names in winter sports flocked to New Zealand’s Southern Alps. With seven different sports, and more than one event per sport, giving the results of each event is unfortunately unrealistic. You can however, find them here. The complete list of results is not yet available so check this link regularly as the list is updated as results are released.

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Which of the seven sports’ results are you most excited about? Share your thoughts and comments about your favourite Winter Games event here. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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