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Mountainboarding might sound a little bland at first but when it saves your life you might see it in a different light. It probably won’t carry you from a burning building but when you are at Afriski Mountain Resort during the summer season this board will without a doubt be your lifesaver. Even with all the extremely fun activities at the resort, you’ll still have a craving for some powder. Powder will definitely be out of the question but you’ll have an endless supply of mountain and downhill trails to explore. You could even try your luck and ask resort staff to activate their T-Bar ski lift in an effort to make the trip uphill easier.

Here I am going into mountainboarding detail before explaining exactly what it is. Check out this documentary and prepare yourself to get hooked.

What Does the Board Look Like?

It’s basically a jacked up hybrid of a snowboard and a skateboard. Imagine a skateboard with offroad tyres and suspension paired up with snowboard boot bindings. The material you prefer your board in will differ from person to person. You get to choose from your sturdy wood boards that provide that classic old-school look and feel. Finally, you now have the option to opt in for a lighter carbon fiber version.

The 3 Event Types of Mountainboarding

1. Freestyle

The name of this game is style and you’ll need a lot of it to rank 1st in this division. Your objective is to land the gnarliest tricks in your arsenal before you reach the bottom of the course. You are scored on both your choice in difficulty of your tricks and on how well you execute them.

2. Downhill

In this event, riders need to make their way down a downhill trail as fast as possible. The person with the fasted finishing time wins the round. It is important that you know your board front to back to use it to its full potential in this kind of event. Riders need to create their own momentum as some parts of the course has level ground and when you go over some bumps it’s important to try and stay as close to the ground as possible because sometimes big air eats at your final time.

3. BoarderX

Finally, we get to some racing. This event’s designed for the fearless scab embracing rider with a need for speed. You are almost guaranteed to at least taste some ground once during your race hence the fact that it becomes pretty physical at times. Four racers start at the top of a special downhill course where they need to make their way down before the other three. Riders pump into each other around every corner until they all make their way to the bottom.

If you’re thinking of building your own board have a look at the bindings we have on offer. At Goneskiing we might not have these slick mountainboards on offer but it’s always smart to get your protective gear from the best.

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