Look Where You're Going: Icy Surface

Look Where You’re Going: Once a Beginner Part 3

Look Where You’re Going!

Here is the beginner snowboarder’s next practical tip – look where you’re going. This may seem somewhat obvious, but it is the next step to bonding with your board. Say what? You’re right, we’re not discussing looking ahead and being careful of your footing here. We’re talking about the connection between your eyes and your board. My board and my eyes aren’t connected! Well … technically they are. David Miller explains it beautifully:

“Wherever you look is where you’ll go. Your eyes lead the rest of your body. You can practice this right now just by standing up as your read this. Put your feet in a shoulder-width snowboard stance. Raise your head so you’re looking forward. Relax your shoulders; let your arms dangle loosely. Now, look left and turn your head 90° to the left.

What happens to your shoulders? Do you feel a subtle weight shift in your feet? Your right shoulder should now be turned halfway between your feet. Next, keep rotating your head and shoulders to the left until your head is approximately 180° looking behind you. Notice how this is loading up weight on your heels?

Now rotate slowly and smoothly, starting with your head, looking back to the right. Rotate all the way around until you’re looking 180° over your right shoulder. As you swing back around, notice how the weight unloads from your heels and loads up onto your toes.

This is the foundation of edge control. If you practice this in your living room, visualizing how you turn back and forth from toeside to heelside, it will actually make you learn faster.”

Don’t forget to put your best foot forward. Remember it can be in a goofy or a regular stance. We’re looking forward to seeing you next week!

Source: Matador Network

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