Lockdown with #SnowboarderDave – Home workouts for riders

Our main man, Snowboarder Dave has put together some of his favourite home workouts for snowboarders and skiers to do during the lockdown.

The best thing to do during this lockdown is to prepare your muscles for when you get on the slopes to avoid missing even a minute of fun skiing and snowboarding because you’re in too much pain from overworked muscles.

Ready to get absolutely shredded?

Focus on the muscles you’ll be using

Skiing and snowboarding require strong glutes, knees, and a strong and supportive core.

Focus on strengthening your quads, glutes, and hamstrings:


You can take the burn out of descents by strengthening your glutes and quads—and the best way to do that is with squats, squats, and more squats.

Lunges and balance:

This fires the glutes and gets your abdominal muscles engaged.

Squat jumps:

Elevate the heart rate and get a little air time. Builds explosive power and cardiovascular fitness to get you ready when you are on the slope.

Focus on strengthening your upper body, chest, and back:


This can be done on either a wall or buddy, push-ups on your knees, or the real deal pushups.


This helps with getting up from your board. This fires the glutes and gets your abdominal muscles engaged.


This helps with a high-intensity push to get your heart rate up.

Focus on strengthening your lower abdominals :

Isolation bicycle:

This is great for strengthening the core and stability.


45-second plank which helps with strengthening the full body.

Berch back extensions:

This is fantastic for strengthening your back.

Ready to get absolutely shredded? Get your workout clothes on, a towel, a water bottle, and some space, these awesome guys will guide you through the rest.

Home Workout For Snowboarders

Brought to you by Burton Snowboards and The Swimming Hole – a non-profit fitness center located in Stowe, VT.

Get ready to work with a mat, a water bottle, and space to move around.

Yoga for Snowboarders

Burton Snowboards brings you a 45-minute yoga practice, get you mat and post up as if you were in your favorite studio.

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