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Living off the Grid as a Snowboard Legend

You might be asking yourself “Why is living off the grid as a snowboard legend any different than your average Joe?” The answer to that question is your snowboard legend’s pad will be rigged up to the extreme with anything and everything a shred-head would need. When the legend we’re discussing is Mike Basich you are in for a treat as his crib will have any rider’s mouth watering in no time.

What’s so Cool About This Supposedly off the Grid Crib?

Firstly, let’s just start off by mentioning that Basich at a time had a yearly income of $170 000 a year that he earned competing and filming around the world. With that kind of bucks floating around you’re bound to indulge at least a little. A little is exactly what he did in the form of a teeny tiny 4,000 square-foot house. Okay straight off the bat he moved into a smaller place as it would have been pretty pricey to take a house of that size off the grid. You can locate his new tiny pad deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains away from civilizations.

off the grid
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off the grid

If you had to move in with Basich, there are a few luxuries you’ll have to give up. Two luxuries I definitely won’t be able to go without. Number one being there’s no toilet and then there’s issue number two, no electricity. That’s about as unbearable as you’re going to get. Finally, we get to the feature any snowboarder would give their two front teeth for.

I’m talking about 40-acres of private snowboarding real estate with his own chairlift system. Oh yeah, there’s also the case of the pretty slick private hot tub where he can relax and enjoy the gorgeous mountain view.

How Long Did It Take to Build?

Creating this snowboarders paradise was without a doubt no walk in the park. Basich took the honourable route with this project and decided that his blood and sweat had to go into this home. It took him a whopping 5 years to build, where he hand mixed all of his cement and had 175 tonnes of rock to lay down. To get the beauty of a chairlift system up and running took him and his mates 8 months.

Leave a comment to share with us some of the coolest snowboarding houses or decorations you are aware of. If you can’t afford a house of this calibre but would still like to help the environment, then check this article out.

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