Step up and Join the 2019 Pila Rookie Fest Action

The 2019 Pila Rookie Fest by Rock & Ride is bringing the heat and you’re officially invited to step up your game against rookies of a pretty evolved calibre. We’ve reached the stage where this is your final shot at qualifying for the 2019 World Rookie Tour Finals.

The competition will take place for the second time in the amazing Areaeffe snowpark situated in Valle d’Aosta, Italy, from the 13th to the 17th of March 2019. So, there’s still time to sign up.

2019 Pila Rookie Fest

2019 Pila Rookie Fest Prizes

With this event organizers made sure that riders rock up in their masses as anyone would die for these prizes. The sickest of all these prizes are the ones given to all the podium finishers. That is a qualifying spot at the 2019 World Rookie Finals.

Want to Be Part of the Action?

If you’re keen on entering this event, you’ll need to download the registration form. Finally, after you’ve filled it out send your form to If you do not pitch at the event without sending a 5-day notice to co-ordinators you’ll lose the full amount of your reservation.

If you feel like you need an edge don’t miss out on the welcome dinner as that’s where the fun begins. You could use this time to eye your competition or maybe even try out some intimidation tactics. So, as you can see you’ve got no reason to stay put. Be the dark horse who entered and dominated at the final event to destroy the competition at the 2019 World Rookie Finals.

Time to Get Psyched up with the 2018 Edition

If for some reason the rookies don’t tickle your fancy then check out the 2019 QParks Tour. For the full list of stops Click Here.

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