It’s Almost the End of Our April Sale

Snowboarder Dave and the Gone Skiing team still have SALE on the brain. The madness started at the beginning of April and our kick-ass sale is still running but will be ending soon. That’s why we’re making sure everyone knows what’s going on. We really don’t want you to miss out on this one as you won’t find deals like this again any time soon.

Receive 50% off Some Leading Brands


By now you should be asking yourself why you’re not at our store yet.

Don’t Trust a Sale You Find Online?

It’s completely understandable not to trust just any online store, but you can trust us. If those words don’t ease you into hitting up our great deals then I’m pretty sure what I’m about to tell you will. We have a physical store that you are more than welcome to visit, check out the deals and product quality first hand. In fact, we have more than just one measly old store. Visit us on the Corner of William Nicol and Leslie Avenue, Fourways! Or drop in at our Afriski Mountain resort store while you’re there over the weekend.

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Whether you fancy a treat this weekend or you want to treat someone else? Get everything you need for your next ski trip whilst saving. And that is why…out of all the things you might have missed this week, our ultimate sale should not be one of them. Make sure to make your way down to our store, it was payday after all!

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