Guinness Winter World Records

Guinness Winter World Records?

When you have a look at the current Olympic records it’s kind of easy to get discouraged. If that’s the case, then why not give the Guinness winter world records a shot? It might not seem as prestigious but in reality, it’s still kind of a huge deal. Just like your everyday Olympian, there are still people devoting their lives to breaking at least one Guinness world record. At first glance, you might think that this book is filled with pages of ridiculous pointless records, hence the hardest kick to the groin entry. Just take some time and work your way through the record book and you’ll quickly find some gnarly ones in the mix.

1. Fastest Snowboard on a Bobsleigh Run – 2015

You’re probably thinking ” what’s the big deal?” and in response, my question would be, have you ever felt the surface of a bobsleigh track? It’s easily one of the slickest surfaces I’ve ever experienced in my life and I certainly wouldn’t have the guts to attempt it myself. Hats off to the man who set the milestone only a few of us would actually dare to attempt. Reto Lamm (Switzerland) reached a terrifying speed of 80km/h when he made his way down the bobsleigh track.

2. Longest Rail Grind on Skis – 2016

The next Guinness Winter World Records entry is a bit more entertaining. The camerawork puts you right in the middle of it all. Shooting his attempt through a point of view shot, you get to share the experience with Tom Wallisch (USA). I’ve never been the master of ski grind and that made this record video that much more satisfying to watch. Wallisch managed to grind for 128.656 m and if there had to be a longer rail then I’m pretty sure he would have covered it with ease. From the get-go, it was clear that he had this record in the bag.

3. Fastest Speed for a Snowboard Towed by a Vehicle – 2018

Probably the most recent entry on our list goes to our fastest snowboarder towed by a vehicle and watching Jamie Barrow (UK) attempt this record, had me on the edge of my seat. When watching this video it’s easy to think that it’s nothing more than a Maserati Levante advert but in all fairness, Maserati earned credit as well. It was clear that it was a team effort that paid off. Having one of the fastest car brands on the planet as the vehicle of choice was surely a no-brainer, hence them holding the new world record of 149.65 km/h.

4. Fastest Towed Speed on Skis – 2017

It seems more like a battle between vehicle brands and after this record attempt, the best driver on snow is Jaguar. We once again have a commercial on our hands but these brands deserve the credit for accomplishing these amazing feats. Graham Bell (UK) and Jaguar went even faster than our snowboarding record after reaching speeds of 189.07 km/h. Their nerve-wracking run earned them a well-deserved place on our list of Guinness winter world records.

5. Most People on a Single Pair of Skis – 2016

I really couldn’t resist and just had to hit you with at least one ridiculous record entry. It’s one of those records anyone could probably break or match at least. Okay, probably not really anyone. You’ll at least need to be someone with a lot of friends and a contact willing to build you a ridiculously long pair of skis. ST1 (Finland) gathered 130 skiers to complete this challenge and that meant that they had to travel at least 120 metres while wearing the skis to qualify for the record.

After you’ve seen that not all Guinness winter world records are on the weird side, it’s clear that you’ve got nothing to lose. Visit the Guinness world record official site to find the record you might be able to break. If you need some sick gear to accomplish this kind lifelong goal, you’ll need only the best. You can’t go wrong with visiting the Gone Skiing online store.

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