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Get Good Gear: Once a Beginner Part 4

AfriSki Mountain Resort has recently opened its doors to the shred heads. The Gin and Jazz Festival set the tone, with some of this past weekend’s guests rocking the slopes in style. A fall in that get up though is going to hurt – rather get the right gear.

AfriSki Gin & Jazz - Get Good Gear

Skiing in Style @ AfriSki

Great Snowboarding Begins with Great Gear

It is worth getting decent gear. It needn’t be the most expensive, but it needs to keep you suitably warm. And before you go: “Yes! I can finally wear my designer cotton coat”, think again. Cotton kills – or so they say. Its inability to wick away moisture (and yes, that really is the technical term) means it’ll leave you sweat soaked and then cold. Not cool. Or rather too cool…

Gone Skiing Shopping List:

  1. Protective gear
  2. Low light googles
  3. Gloves and liners
  4. Non-cotton thermals
  5. Waterproof jacket and pants 
  6. Rent the rest until you are sure that you really want to invest in boards, bindings and boots

Watch the following video before going on your shopping spree. These ten tips are really useful.

10 Gear Tips – Overview

This list serves as a quick-glance reminder of the video’s ten tips. However, the video gives far greater detail and really is worthy of a watch.

  1. Adjust your helmet before arriving at the mountain
  2. Wear your goggles under your helmet
  3. Keep your airway clear when wearing a face mask
  4. Pull your jacket’s sleeves over your gloves or mittens
  5. Use your jacket’s powder skirt to keep snow off your back
  6. Tighten your upper and lower boot zones separately
  7. Pull the legs of your pants down over your boots to keep the snow out
  8. Adjust the high backs on your bindings
  9. Get the right snowboard size for your weight
  10. Wear extra safety gear to progress faster

See you on the slopes!

AfriSki Gin & Jazz Festival photo by Shawn van Zyl

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