Gold & Glory Recap

Gold & Glory Recap

Your Gold & Glory Recap kicks off with a bad weather report. Riders had their hopes set on having a sick day at the park, so they could nudge their league score up just a tad. Unfortunately, grey and gloomy skies crashed down on Golden Roofpark and the event couldn’t commence, but these riders found a solution.

There Were Prizes and Someone Had To Win Them

Life handed us lemons and we chose to make lemonade. Well, lemonade in the form of a Goodies 4 Tricks Session of course. We all know Axamer Lizum, WeAre, Amplifi, QParks and Pinetime Clothing as groups who always have too much to give. It was no surprise to us when sponsors announced that they have lots of goodies at hand, therefore needed some way of distributing it amongst the talented riders. Competitors made their way down to the two tubes, where the event would have started. This gave every rider at attendance the opportunity to showcase their gnarliest moves and assured that no one left Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum empty-handed.

Free Food and Some Cake Between Breaks

Keeping bellies full with some QParks grub. Photograph: Young Mountain Media

The break didn’t kill the mood of the day, as riders made sure they stay active. Some took the time to hit some obstacles and others made use of the comfy chill areas. Our hosts are dedicated shredheads themselves, as a result they know exactly what their fellow shredheads need. Our required dose of cake was met when we celebrated QPuarks’ birthday yet again.

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Once again this just proves that when snowboarders have the urge to ride, they will make a plan. Hopefully, our next stop will have bluebird conditions covered in the sickest powder imaginable. Return to our blog, to stay up to date on your latest QParks news or you could even visit the official QParks site.


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