Global warming's impact on winter sports

Global Warming and Winter Sport

Global warming’s impact on winter sports might not be a big deal to some. It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that your average powder lover wouldn’t agree. Some might argue that warmer winters mean less icy roads fewer opportunities to scrape your car and warmer winters. While all of these points seem great for an awesome winter it also means less snow. Excluding the impact of global warming on winter sport we need to take into account the endless number of wildlife and health issues that come with this epidemic.

So, What’s Global Warming’s Impact on Winter Sports Really?

Basic Needs

Climate change could have significant impacts on the production of food in some countries. It flows over to heat stress, floods and droughts in conclusion that means less food. Less food because of the shortage of drinking water and a setback in crop success. Countries like Australia and Sahel in Africa proves the seriousness of global warming as they already feel the impact.

A weather release of Australia's extreme weather on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. Image:

Economic Consequences 

Winter sports as a recreational activity forms a crucial part of the economy in numerous states. When you look at 2009-2010 you can see that skiing and snowboarding carry a lot of responsibility in the survival of households. These sports held the responsibility in creating employment for 211,900 people and added $12.2 billion in economic value to the United States. As winter temperatures heat up these winter tourism activities lessen. Meaning that people’s livelihoods are affected directly.

Global warming's impact on winter sports
Based on the ski, snowboarding and snowmobile industry. Image:

No More Snow

No more snow means no more winter sports, as a result, you’ll have to convert your board or skis to take on the sand. Hosting the Winter Olympics will cost a fortune due to the fact that man-made snow will be used as natural resources dry up. The sandboarding community might annoy some of us but these guys saw global warming coming. We should just keep in mind that these riders made the best out of a bummer situation and traded snow for sand. If that doesn’t scream shredder dedication then I’m not sure what does. I’m not rooting for sandboarding as nothing beats the thrill of snow but do yourself a favour. Read What’s the Deal with Sandboarding to decide for yourself if it could be a substitute for snow.

If you don’t see sand in your snowboarding future then take a stand against global warming and go green. Need help with going green? Visit and read 10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green.

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