Final QParks Stop

Final Stop Game of Diamonds

Our Final QParks Stop Game of diamonds might sound like something straight out of a 007 movie but in reality, this will be the stop that determines it all.

Final QParks Stop

Some riders can’t wait for final QParks stop to start. Photograph:

This year’s final stop will be the first one shaped by an all-girl crew as we’re heading to Obergurgl. This means that not a single patch of powder will be left unshaped as this is one thoroughly trained crew. The Diamond Girls Crew already finished polishing the setup and are quite thrilled to see what riders will get out of their contest line.

Can Anyone Enter The Final QParks Stop?

Sadly the answer would be no as registrations aren’t possible. This round is an invitational and the only riders taking part was in it from the beginning, therefore, you’ve had top rack up a score by entering in most of the previous stops. We’ll need a crowd to fill the stands. Rent a crowd isn’t the cheapest option out there at this moment.  Getting you to come to Obergurgl surely won’t be a difficult task. There will be an endless supply of sick beats in the chill area that will keep the vibe going. The lineup of talented riders will also add to the experience hence it being the final and all.

Contest Line

Expect this final to be epic as all of these competitors earned their spot. The finale will kick off on 15 April 2018 and riders will have to shred it out in a slopestyle contest. This contest’s first hit on the line will be a jib section consisting of a tube and rails. The second hit promises sick airtime, in the shape of two kickers with 10m and 14m table lengths. Jumpjunkies will see this years finale as a paradise of powder. It goes without saying that the third hit will also be a jump where you’ll see an overdose of air. Then finally the fourth hit is a jib section with lollipop and rainbow rail.

Points and Prizes

Men, women and groms earned points throughout the tour in the categories of freeski and snowboard. This event won’t be any different as they are awarding points until the very end. The only sweet part is that riders score triple this time around. This means the ending of this season is an epic one. Its still anyone’s title to win and it will only boil down to who wants it most. At this tour stop, freeskiers can also push their rankings in the ÖSV- and TSV-ranking. This is an opportunity to rack up a crazy score or maybe even to improve your overall ranking.

There will be two types of winners on the day. The winner of the Game of Diamonds will be announced as well as the winners of the QParks Tour 2018 overall ranking. QParks made it worth winning with the prizes they have lined up. Planet Sports, Pinetime Clothing, Amplifi and QParks are giving away awesome goodies. Prize money of about 7.000€ could be yours. All you have to do is make sure you’ve gathered enough points and win it.


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