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Emission Free Grooming – Are We Finally in the Future?

Living an emission free lifestyle is certainly a standard worth trying to upkeep and recently PistenBully stepped up their game, but is a 100% emission free groomer even possible to create? The answer we’ve received was a “YES” in the form of a PistenBully 100 E.

Who’s Behind This 100% Emission Free Beast of a Snow Groomer?

PitsenBully has turned 50 this year and celebrated with their newborn model the 100 E. They’ve made the call to make this new revolutionary snow groomer public at Interalpin 2019 in Innsbruck. The leading international trade fair for alpine tech. Sustainability has been a key goal for Kässbohrer for a couple of years now with the introduction of the 600 E+ with diesel-electric drive in 2012.

I Present to You the Mighty 600 E+

A Few Years Later…

A seven-year wait is a bit longer than a few, but trust me it was worth the wait. The German made PistenBully 100 E was the answer we’ve all been waiting for. Kässbohrer engineers finally made the impossible possible. Finally, we have the option of going 100% emission free and with completely clean groomed slopes.

The first PistenBully 100 E’s battery energy capacity 126kWh with a rated voltage of 400V. The charging times are even more impressive. To complete a full charge it takes a measly 6.5 hours. Meaning, while you sleep the night away your new toy can charge away. A single complete charge will give you an average driving time of 2.5 to 3 hours. That means 2-3 hours of pure PistenBully with all the power you’d expect from their earlier models.

If you are interested in going even more green check this out. A budget way to get around while keeping it emission free.

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