Grilisodes: Season 4 Episode 4 - Colorado

Grilisodes: Season 4 Episode 4 – Colorado

  Grilisodes: Season 4 Episode 4 – Colorado Grilo: My New Year’s resolutions Did you make any resolutions for 2015? Marko Grilc did… Plus here’s the latest Grilosodes episode featuring Roope Tonteri and Mark McMorris in snowy Breckinridge, Colorado. One problem with New Year’s resolutions is we make them for ourselves, and we’re usually the last […]
grilosodes season 4 episode 2 down under

Grilosodes Season 4 | Episode 2: Down Under

  Better known for boomerangs, beaches and a huge selection of animals that want to kill you, Australia also has mountains (albeit small ones), which is exactly why Grilo takes a break from the northern hemisphere summer to get a taste of winter – Aussie style. Hooking up with his Burton team bros Zak Hale & Ethan Deiss, the three […]
grilosodes season 4: episode 1

Grilosodes Season 4: Episode 1 – Africa

  After a taste of African adventure last season, Grilo decides to take a closer look at the shred opportunities on offer in Durban and Lesotho. First stop, “crazy good” Durban, a place that’s a “mixture of California and Bali” with tons of surf and skate spots to get busy with. Along for the ride is Grilo’s […]

Grilosodes Season 4 Teaser

  Slovian Snowboard Superstar, Marko Grilc, has once again raised the bar in the Forth Season of his hit snowboarding web series Grilosodes, in association with Redbull. Grilo is back on the road, taking his fun, laid back approach to snow sliding and board riding to places few other pros ever reach. So check out Grilosodes Season […]