International Event

QParks Tour 2019

QParks Tour 2019

What Is the Qparks Tour?                         QParks Tour 2019 is the place you want to be if you are planning on making it big in this sport. We’re once again clearing seven destinations in Austria, Italy and Switzerland in support of our young skiing […]
Addicted 2 Adventure

Addicted 2 Adventure Final Call

Addicted 2 Adventure’s at it again and it’s easy to see where they got the name. Anyone who visits the oasis of addiction called Afriski Mountain Resort for 6 years in a row either has the sickest bucket list on earth or they are just plain gaga over the unexpected. When I say unexpected I […]
Afriski events calendar

Snow Events This Winter Season

When you live in South Africa you need to take advantage of any opportunity you have with snow and there’s no better place to look for these opportunities than the Afriski events calendar. Before this winter season ends the Afriski events calendar still has a couple of surprises in store. After missing one of the biggest […]
Winterfest 2018

Get Ready for WinterFest 2018

We’re less than two weeks away from the WinterFest 2018 season opener. I hope that, you’ve got your festival and accommodation passes secured and that you are just as amped as we are. This year’s a proud one for the Gone skiing team as we will be in the middle of it all. That’s right […]

Qparks Has Come to an End

Don’t worry this wasn’t the final year of QParks but the 2018 QParks Tour Final has taken place and that concluded the 15th instalment of this legendary tournament. It feels like it’s taken us forever to get to this point. Finally, we get to announce the 2018 QParks Tour Final winners. It’s kind of a bittersweet situation […]
World rookie snowboarding championship

World Rookie Championship Final Results 2018

A Little more on the Finals Itself During this year’s World Rookie Snowboarding Championship Final, you could literally feel the tension heating in the air. It was the finals after all so, that meant riders had one final shot to make or break. The 18th instalment of the World rookie snowboarding championship had every spectator entertained from the very […]
Final QParks Stop

Final Stop Game of Diamonds

Our Final QParks Stop Game of diamonds might sound like something straight out of a 007 movie but in reality, this will be the stop that determines it all. This year’s final stop will be the first one shaped by an all-girl crew as we’re heading to Obergurgl. This means that not a single patch of powder […]
Burton U.S. Open Finals 2018

36th Burton U.S. Open Finals 2018 Results

Burton US Open Finals 2018 Winners The Burton U.S. Open Finals 2018 was one for the record books as scores were too close to call. Luckily Burton gathered some of the best judges imaginable to score on technique and style because the inexperienced wouldn’t have the ability to catch the detail it takes to separate 1st […]