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Winter Olympic Games 2026 Hosts Announced

Yes, the Winter Olympic Games 2026 will once again be hosted by Italy! Italy received the majority vote over competing bidder, Sweden and according to the IOC (International Olympic Committee), there were a close 47 votes in favour of the Italian bid versus 34 votes for Sweden. The fashion capital can only stand proud as […]
Winterfest 2019

Your all in one info session on Winterfest 2019

Winterfest 2019 promises to be better than ever before. With the medical scheme for adventure seekers as Title Sponsor and South Africa’s biggest independent radio station as Media Partner, we're pretty sure you won't be left disappointed. Yup, you guessed right. It's the one and only CompCare and Jacaranda FM. Not too familiar with the name, CompCare? Well, don't take our word for the epic awesomeness coming your way. Director of Marketing at CompCare had this to say, "CompCare Wellness is one of the few medical schemes in South Africa that caters for all the adventure seekers out there. We’re big on life and on living life to the fullest. We share your taste for adventure, no matter what your [...]
Qparks Tour 2019

Qparks Tour 2019 Final Stop – The End Is Near

First More on the Qparks Tour 2019 Shred Poker On the 16th of March 2019, Shred Heads from all over had to compete once again with the goal of collecting as many chips as they could possibly carry. This year's top chip collector was freeskier Gottfried “Goffi” Gram. He managed to stack up an astounding 32  poker chips that ended up securing him the €500 prize money everyone's been eyeing. But not a [...]
QParks Tour 2019 Ranking

QParks Tour 2019 Ranking Leaders

But First, The Final Stop Our QParks Tour 2019 Final Stop will once again be held at Game of Diamonds in beautiful Obergurgl. After shredding up six stops across the Alps, 31 March will mark a momentous day. The day we finally see who the 2019 QParks winners are. At this stage of the battle, you should have qualified to compete in the final stop as Game of Diamonds is reserved only for the best of the best or the most devoted tour riders. When you're the best of the best it goes without saying that there are a few perks that [...]

Shred Poker Schöneben 2019

Shred Poker Schöneben 2019 Competition Info On the 16th of March 2019, Shred Heads from all over will compete once again with the goal of collecting as many chips as they can possibly carry. This competition puts the power back in the hands of our riders as their winnings are determined by themselves. Riders need to try and pull off the sickest, gnarliest jib runs of their lives to bag a whole lot of valuable chips.     Here's where things get interesting. You have 2 options of what you would like to do with your chips. Some might argue [...]
QParks Tour 2019

QParks Tour 2019

What Is the Qparks Tour?                         QParks Tour 2019 is the place you want to be if you are planning on making it big in this sport. We’re once again clearing seven destinations in Austria, Italy and Switzerland in support of our young skiing […]
Addicted 2 Adventure

Addicted 2 Adventure Final Call

Addicted 2 Adventure’s at it again and it’s easy to see where they got the name. Anyone who visits the oasis of addiction called Afriski Mountain Resort for 6 years in a row either has the sickest bucket list on earth or they are just plain gaga over the unexpected. When I say unexpected I […]