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International Ski Federation (FIS) president Gian Franco Kasper went on-the-record denying human-caused climate change and the science that supports it. POW (Protect our winters) launched an open letter calling for his resignation...     It’s been just over a week since POW first launched this campaign, and Kasper not only remains at the helm of the FIS ship, but has also not backed down regarding his comments on climate change. Since then, however, more and more individuals and businesses have come out in support of POW's campaign. Leaders in the industry are being made aware that the snow-loving community will not tolerate those who dismiss science to remain in positions of leadership. Brave brand partners from inside and outside the snow sports industry joined to support [...]
Kelly Clark

One Final Bow for Kelly Clark

It’s said that whenever Kelly Clark straps on her board a new grom is born. If you’re part of the very small group of people who’ve never heard of Clark then surely after today you’ll fall just as in love with her as the rest of us. Why Celebrate Kelly Clark Today of All Days? […]
first big skiing trip

Essentials for Your First Big Skiing Trip

If you're planning on hitting the slopes hard the most important thing you'll need is decent gear. There are two routes that you can take when it comes to getting your gear. You could rent at the resort itself or you could go the bit pricier route and just buy it. Renting This option would be the most [...]

Sick Snowboarding Tattoo Ideas

  Getting a sick snowboarding tattoo only makes sense after you’ve dedicated your life to this sport. To some, it’s more than just a fun past time but instead, seeing snowboarding as a way of life. Since receiving a snowboarding tattoo is an item on my bucket list, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a […]
Winterfest 2018

Get Ready for WinterFest 2018

We’re less than two weeks away from the WinterFest 2018 season opener. I hope that, you’ve got your festival and accommodation passes secured and that you are just as amped as we are. This year’s a proud one for the Gone skiing team as we will be in the middle of it all. That’s right […]