Burton U.S. Open Slopestyle Semi-Finals

The Burton U.S. Open Slopestyle Semi-Finals kicked off without a hitch on Wednesday 7 March 2018. Vail Mountain Resort had some of the sickest conditions, with decent powder and bluebird skies throughout. Having riders of this calibre meant that we were in for a treat and trust me we’ve been treated with some of the gnarliest runs imaginable. This year’s Burton U.S. Open Slopestyle Semi-Finals had so many Olympic athletes in attendance, but after the first run, the top three riders weren’t even part of that Games list.

Burton U.S. Open Slopestyle Semi-Finals

Julia Marino Slopestyle semi-finals. Photograph: BurtonUSOpen.com

Burton U.S. Open Slopestyle Semi-Finals Recap

Women’s Slopestyle Semi-Finals

Our defending U.S. Open champion Anna Gasser had a slow start to this event. Going as early in as she did make it a bit difficult to structure a game plan. Being one of the first riders mean that she didn’t have the opportunity to check out what her competition is bringing to the fight and if you want to add to the list of issues of going first, this means that she had to set the bar for other riders to raise. By the second run, Gasser knew what she had to do next. She’s no stranger to pressure and jumped to 2nd place, with a score of 80.95.

Jamie Anderson took the spot at 1st place and it’s no surprise to anyone after her run included; a sick boardslide to 270 out in the upper rail section, back-to-back 540s and an epic giant frontside 720 mute off the final jump. Anderson has quite the list of achievements under her name and that’s why she knows exactly how it’s done. She’s won 5 Burton U.S. Open slopestyle championships and 2 Olympic gold medals for slopestyle.


1 Anderson_Jamie_1.jpg JAMIE ANDERSON USA 83.75
2 Gasser_Anna_2.jpg ANNA GASSER AUT 80.95
3 Marino_Julia_1.jpg JULIA MARINO USA 75.85

Men’s Slopestyle Semi-Finals

There was no room for error during this year’s Men’s slopestyle finals, as the competition was quite stiff. Ten men who advanced to the semi-finals had to shred it out to prove that they are title-worthy. Mark McMorris is the defending U.S. Open champion and wasn’t ready to let the title go just yet. After finishing in the 6th spot during the first run, McMorris gave it his all and bumped up to the number one spot, with an ever impressive 83.85. McMorris hammered through the upper rail section with a switch boardslide 270 melon out on the third rail, followed by a massive backside triple cork 1440 Indy on the last of the trio of lower jumps and claimed his well deserved 1st place spot.

Marcus Kleveland (NOR) landed the only 1620 of the day and secured 2nd place, with a score of 82.3. Chris Corning (USA) wasn’t far behind and sealed in his place at 3rd with a still pretty impressive 82.25.


1 McMorris_Mark_1.jpg MARK MCMORRIS CAN 83.85
2 Kleveland_Marcus_1.jpg MARCUS KLEVELAND NOR 82.30
3 Corning_Chris_2.jpg CHRIS CORNING USA 82.25


Burton knows how to share the love and this time around it’s by keeping us in the loop on whats going down at the Burton U.S. Open. You can find videos and updates at the official Burton site in addition to that, they’ve provided a Live Webcast to ensure you don’t miss out on a thing. Time-zones tend to be an issue but don’t worry Burton will be your reminder, with their Live webcast’s “Remind Me” function. Burton has provided you with all the tools to follow proceedings, as a result, all excuses are out the window. You’ve only got yourself to blame if you miss anything but at least we’ll cover what you’ve missed.

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