Basic Slope Etiquette

Basic Slope Etiquette

It’s time to get your basic slope etiquette down and dusted to assure that you are not that guy everyone loves to hate.

Every now and again you come across the inexperienced rider when you visit your favourite ski resort. Key is to stay calm and take into account that this bloke’s only here for some holiday fun. If you are that newbie and decided on giving this post a read to prevent aggravating the more experienced skier or boarder then kudos to you. Hopefully, this will help you with any uncertainty you might be facing.

1. Create Your Own Safe Line

Basic Slope Etiquette

Create Your Own Safe Line. Photograph: Doug Lindley / Idaho State Journal – Basic Slope Etiquette

It’s important to always be aware of the skiers around you especially the ones in front of you. Any skier in front of you have the right of way, so it’s up to you to assure that no collision takes place. You can avoid colliding with other skiers by just skiing a safe distance next to them in your own line. The reason that you have all the responsibility to avoid skiers in front of you is that they are looking down the slopes and can’t see you speeding up from behind them.

2. Go Before You Go

Go Before You Go. Photograph: – Basic Slope Etiquette

It might sound like a simple thing to remember but I think it’s pretty safe to say that no rider wants to wipe out in your pee. Yip, this actually happens a lot, where skiers make it to the top of the hill just to feel like it’s the perfect spot to relieve themselves. That’s just gross and a no-no. If you really need to take a leak in nature and there’s no restroom nearby. Make sure you go as far away from the slopes as possible and finish your business clear from any other riders. Plan B would then be to just hold it in and make a run for it as soon as you reach the bottom of the slopes. Just save yourself the hassle and go before you make your long journey up the ramp.

3. No Cutsies

No Cutsies. Photograph: – Basic Slope Etiquette

No matter where you are in life this should always be a rule to follow. There’s nothing more aggravating than waiting your turn and seeing someone else cut the line in front of you. No-one cares that you arranged to meet your friends at the top, cause that was your arrangement, not ours. If that had to be the case then rather have your friends allow everyone behind them to go in front of them till you reach their position in line. That’s how you make it to your friends with all your teeth still intact. Some people might be polite and allow you skip the line, but secretly you’ve made a new enemy.

4. The Lift Is No Place for a Diss

The Lift Is No Place for a Diss. Photograph: – Basic Slope Etiquette

It’s not considered as being polite when you yell insults to other skiers. When you’re on the lifts you’ll most likely see some inexperienced riders fall down. Don’t discourage them by shouting out how bad they are, rather take the time to educate a newbie. This could prevent future injuries to themselves. Riders don’t have time to hear your rude remarks and concentrate on the powder in front of them at the same time. Always keep in mind that there was a time where you would have appreciated the assistance of someone a bit more skilled than yourself.

5. Assist in a Yard Sale

Assist in a Yard Sale. Photograph: – Basic Slope Etiquette

This doesn’t mean that you have to buy other skier’s second-hand gear. A yard sale is when another skier bails and lose both their skis and poles or any gear. It is then your role as a model skier to collect his gear as you make your way down. Finally, ask them if they are okay and then continue to the bottom. If they are not okay it then becomes your duty to contact the ski patrol.

That concludes our list of Basic Slope Etiquette you always need to keep in mind. If you’ve got more to add that you feel has importance to new riders, then include them in our comment section. If you’re a rookie and need to know more you should definitely read Five Tips for Rookies.

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