Snow Gear 2.0 – A Snowboard Straight out of the Future

Why Would You Even Need the Snow Gear 2.0? It's simple. You need this board or rather, high tech wearable to raise the game for both you and your mates. In the past, you had to rely on monkey see monkey do methods but not anymore. The days of copying the pros and failing for hours or days on end are a thing of the past. The slick compact SG2.0 was designed to track the riders every adjustment, move and angle at a rate of 15 times per second. Here's [...]

They’ve Quit Their Jobs for ‘The Ride Side’

Here’s a story of how a couple quit their jobs for the ride side. But, what is the ride side really, and if it’s worth quitting over where could we sign up?  Where The Ride Side A decade ago the one half of our couple; Alex Hsu made a realization that changed his future. This […]

Sondre Norheim – The Father of Modern Skiing

Sondre Norheim and His Restless, Dreaming Nature Growing up, Sondre was a bit different from his peers. As often as he could, you'd catch him putting on his pine skis, which his father had made for him. Norheim made great use of these skis as he used them for as long [...]

Winter Olympic Games 2026 Hosts Announced

Yes, the Winter Olympic Games 2026 will once again be hosted by Italy! Italy received the majority vote over competing bidder, Sweden and according to the IOC (International Olympic Committee), there were a close 47 votes in favour of the Italian bid versus 34 votes for Sweden. The fashion capital can only stand proud as […]
off the grid

Living off the Grid as a Snowboard Legend

What's so Cool About This Supposedly off the Grid Crib? Firstly, let's just start off by mentioning that Basich at a time had a yearly income of $170 000 a year that he earned competing and filming around the world. With that kind of bucks floating around you're bound to [...]
2022 olympics

China Bags Former U.S. National Skiing Champ for the 2022 Olympics

Who's Eileen Gu? Firstly, let's just cover why she's able to choose between the U.S. and China. It's simple, her father's American and her Mother Chinese. Gu was born in San Francisco and according to CGTN, she's still in tune with her Chinese heritage as she can speak fluent Mandarin with an authentic Beijing accent. Even though movies and T.V. shows make it seem so easy to just strap on some skis and go. In reality, [...]
Nicole Capper

Survivor Star, Nicole Capper, Climbing for a Cause

Survivor SA Island of Secrets participant, Nicole Capper has a number of titles to her name, with one being Mrs South Africa 2018. To name a few of her already defined titles, Nicole is a Functional Medicine pharmacist, businesswomen, model, speaker, presenter, ambassador for Rare Diseases SA and an advocate for women’s rights, but the title she holds closest to her heart would be, mom. The Climb She's conquered many climbs and even tried her luck with the ever so famous Mount Everest 2018. According to the local Cape Town Etc, Nicole had to be airlifted off Mount Everest in April 2018, after falling ill with altitude sickness. She was planning on summiting two nearby peaks at slightly higher altitudes after reaching Base [...]

Saray Khumalo Returns to South African Soil

Everesting Everest The first black woman from Africa to conquer Mount Everest returned to South African soil on Monday the 27th of May. On the morning of the 16th of May, Saray Khumalo made history when she reached the summit of Mount Everest. It was her fourth attempt to summit the mountain and this time she returned victoriously. "On the 16th of May 2019, I stood on top of Everest. I embarked on this journey to reach the seven summits in 2012, the seven highest summits in the world and so far I have done four. It was not just for a personal quest but it was something I embarked on an effort to educate the African child." - Saray Khumalo 47-year-old Saray has [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to Ski & Snowboard Lingo

If you’re that guy or gal who paid your snowboard friends a visit over the winter season and felt like they were speaking an alien language then this ski & snowboard lingo guide is just for you. So, make yourself comfy and have a quick read – guaranteed to make you more ski savvy the […]
Emission Free

Emission Free Grooming – Are We Finally in the Future?

Who's Behind This 100% Emission Free Beast of a Snow Groomer? PitsenBully has turned 50 this year and celebrated with their newborn model the 100 E. They've made the call to make this new revolutionary snow groomer public at Interalpin 2019 in Innsbruck. The leading international trade fair for alpine tech. Sustainability has been a key goal for Kässbohrer for a couple of years now with the introduction of the 600 E+ with [...]