The Apple Watch Series 3 and Skiing

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3

You’re probably asking yourself,”Why are you showing me the Apple Watch Series 3 when it’s got nothing to do with skiing?”. Well after you’ve read this entry you’re going to be wondering how you’ve managed to ski up until now without having this watch. Apple really raised the bar this time around by bringing you everything you could possibly need to shred out for hours on end while looking slick when doing so.

How Does the Apple Watch Series 3 Benefit Me?

If you’re a skier or snowboarder this watch is right up your alley. Features like the built-in GPS and a built-in altimeter that measures elevation nudged Apple just above any competition. This watch has some scary technology built in that can determine if you’re sitting on a lift or skiing downhill.

There Are Apps Made Just for Your Apple Watch Series 3

The app I’d recommend that works perfectly with this watch is the Snoww app. In this app, you’ll be able to track your own and fellow skiers’ skiing. It’s more of a social app than anything else but statistic accuracy is pretty important when you take your skiing seriously. Lucky for us a fellow skier who understands the needs of a skier developed this app to track his own data.

According to U.K born creator Eddy Healey, this app was developed with the goal to present riders with quick interactions and glances while out on the mountain. These updates helped in making it easy to record accurate, relevant metrics as well as create a fun and social experience for all users.

App updates for Snoww, now track new metrics on the slopes including; total vertical descent and horizontal distance. Some of the features include; Number of runs, Average and maximum speeds, Total time spent and Calories Burnt.
If you’re into earning apple activity rings then you’re in luck because these apps track your progress and with your permission load it into the Health app on iPhone.


Apple Watch Series 3 price

A sophisticated piece of equipment like this doesn’t come cheap but this watch is without a doubt worth every cent. If you’re planning on buying from the official iPhone website the August 2018 prices are between R5499 and R5999.

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