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Anna Gasser Earns the First Olympic Big Air Gold

Anna Gasser‘s Winter Olympics had an epic ending that any athlete would be stoked about. She wrote the first chapter on Big Air Snowboarding in the history books of the Winter Olympics. Going into the Games it was quite obvious that Gasser was one to look out for because she’s changing women’s snowboarding wherever she rides, sporting Love Distribution gear – naturally.

Anna Gasser Before Olympic Big Air Gold

Gasser’s Slopestyle Run

Unfortunately, Gasser didn’t take slopestyle gold. However, Jamie Anderson who took 1st place managed to pull off some sick runs. But giving credit where credit is due, Anderson deserves all the praise sent her way after the win. Enough about her. Let’s get back to Anna Gasser. We all felt a bit bummed out when Anna Gasser only managed 15th place in the slopestyle event, but it was clear that her new objective was to clean up at the big air event. Gasser is known for her anything-is-possible-can-do spirit and it’s quite obvious that she’s one for pushing boundaries with her daring trick attempts.

Anna Gasser performed well enough to qualify for her first run and progresses to the Olympic title. Photograph: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

First Ever Big Air Final at the Winter Olympics

Tensions were high at the first Winter Olympics big air event. Slopestyle gold medalist, Jamie Anderson also entered this category. Prior to lifting off, you could cut the tension with a knife, as all the ladies felt they’d be the one who would make history. This was the only, or the last shot, that some of these ladies had at Olympic gold. Gasser made it tougher on herself, though, when she didn’t score on her first run. In contrast, Anderson came out hot and scored a sick 90.00 on her first attempt. It was Gasser’s time to make or break in her second run and having Anderson’s impressive first run scores to aim for made it both easy and tough. It made things tougher because 90.00 isn’t an insignificant score to beat, but it was easier because Gasser pushed herself to attempt ever more daring tricks.

Gasser’s second run scored her an 89.00. This time around, she managed to score even higher than Anderson, but only moved into 3rd position, as a new contender surpassed both Gasser and Anderson. New Zealand’s Zoi Sadowski Synnott impressed the judges with her score of 92.00. This meant that Gasser and Anderson had to pull out the big guns as scores were too close for comfort. Then things got real. Anderson had some bad luck and didn’t score in her third and final round. Sadowski Synnott also didn’t score on her final run. However, Gasser had to prove her worth in gold and landed the sickest cab double cork 1080 on her final drop. This earned her an impressive 96.00, making hers the highest score awarded at this year’s Ladies’ Big Air final. Including the Big Air Ladies event at an Olympic level is a positive step for ladies snowboarding.


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