5 Skiing Health Benefits

If you’re keen on living a healthier lifestyle than what you currently are then these skiing health benefits might just make your day. There are two kinds of people who would probably be reading this article right now; an avid skier or someone who’s planning on making that first run into the addiction I call skiing. After you’ve taken that first leap into the world of skiing, you’ll never need a doctor to tell you to live healthier due to the simple fact that you’ll be too busy living it out on the slopes.

skiing health benefits 

1. Engages Your Core Muscles

The one thing you are guaranteed of is that your core will get tougher the more you ski or snowboard. If that isn’t the case with you then you’re surely doing something wrong. Managing to keep your body upright while on skis or a board is no easy task. Your abdomen is constantly being tested through having to stay balanced at all times while you’re weaving down a slippery slope. Skiing challenges your balance and agility and helps to prevent you from falling as much. Finally, you’ll have fewer bruises and will look better as your muscle tone improves.

2. You Burn Calories

We all know that eating and not doing exercise is a no go as the calories you consume turns to fat and usually chill out around your waist. This conclusion’s as old as time and that has given us humans enough time to figure out how to stop ourselves from getting overweight. Skiing is one of those solutions due to the fact that you can burn around 450 calories an hour. Finally, you’ll have less potential fat producing calories laying around. By not being overweight you lessen your chances of becoming obese and as a result, your chances of having a stroke reduce tremendously.

3. Strengthens Your Bones and Joints

Having messed up bones and joints is a given as you reach your golden years. You do get to decide how soon those years have to start as exercise is proven to prolong these effects by a couple of years. As you turn and move quickly downhill your knees endure a great amount of tension and weight from your body. As a result, your knees strengthen by the day as you ski as it absorbs any downward impact your body takes. The future you will be grateful as you’ve reduced chances of knee damage and osteoporosis.

4. Strengthens Lower Body Muscles

You’ve probably heard people saying in the past that you should never skip leg day. Well, it’s true but these sessions don’t have to go down in a gym. Because when you’re skiing your body is forced into a constant squat position. This stance works wonders on your inner thighs, hamstrings, quads and glutes, therefore you have leg day in the bag. Snowboarding works some extra muscles as you use your ankles and feet by engaging in helping to steer the board. While you’re on the slopes you won’t feel the strain your muscles have endured. You’re not in the clear though, hence the fact that you’ll most likely feel it the next day.

5. It Makes You Happy

The first time I made my way down a slope wasn’t because some doctor told me to lose some weight. I did it because everyone else was doing it and I wanted to be cool. All jokes aside, as this could be the most important item on the skiing health benefits list. Skiing is fun and it really helps with those days where you feel like the whole world is against you and you just need a place to escape to. Nothing beats the feeling of you and your gear becoming one as you glide through premium powder while your endorphin levels rise by the second. Endorphins? Yea, Getting outdoors and exercising promotes increased production of endorphins, which creates feelings of relief and happiness and that’s what endorphins are.

Hopefully, these 5 Skiing Health Benefits convinced you to never give up the amazing sport of skiing. If you’re new and need some premium gear, feel free to pay the Gone Skiing store a visit.

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