Qparks Has Come to an End

Don’t worry this wasn’t the final year of QParks but the 2018 QParks Tour Final has taken place and that concluded the 15th instalment of this legendary tournament.

It feels like it’s taken us forever to get to this point. Finally, we get to announce the 2018 QParks Tour Final winners. It’s kind of a bittersweet situation we find ourselves in, as I get to share who topped the log while with the same breath announce the end of an epic season of snowboarding.

It’s Time to Announce the 2018 Qparks Tour Final Winners

Overall Tour Winners

Snowboarding Men

2018 QParks Tour Final

Photograph: www.qparks.com

I wish I could say that it was a close call but it was an easy one with 189 points separating 1st from 2nd place. Felix Widnig made it clear that this was his year to dominate the rankings with a final score of 536 points. Till Strohmeyer earned the 2nd spot on the podium with a still pretty impressive score of 347 points. Our 3rd place rider is Gabe Adams with an overall score of 295 points. Felix Widnig didn’t just win the 2018 title of highest-ranking rider but he was also crowned the Best Trick Award. Widnig shared his special recipe for success and that is that the most important thing in snowboarding is that you need to have fun.

Snowboarding Women

Photograph: www.qparks.com

The score this time around is a bit tighter with 70 points separating 1st from 2nd place. Federica Sola outscored competition with a final score of 550 points. She even outscored the men’s 2nd and 3rd place winners. Emma Lantos also had an impressive final score of 480 points and took her well-deserved spot on the podium at 2nd place. Amber Fennell earned the 3rd spot and to top that she’s only 11 years of age. She racked up a remarkable score of 305 points.

Snowboarding Groms Men

Photograph: www.qparks.com

The Groms were fighting till the very end hence that 1st, 2nd and 3rd only had a 5 point difference. Gabe Adams secured his spot at number one with a final score of 400 points. Ožbe Kuhar and Lukas Frischhut both finished with a point score of 395 each. The groms will have a huge crowd next year to see these three battle it out once again after having the closest finish of this tour.


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